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What You Need to Know About Easy Care Houseplants that Purify the Air

Houseplants are wonderful additions to the home that add life, color and purify the air in living spaces.

Green up a space and it instantly feels more alive.

And my motto is the more plants the merrier.

How Do Houseplants Purify the Air?

Houseplants clean the air through a process called photosynthesis.

They remove toxins from the air by converting exhaled carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen.

Years ago, NASA researched how houseplants purify the air by diffusing toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzane, and trichloroethylene and filter the air we breathe.

It’s a pretty cool landmark study – you can read it here.

When I first started gardening, I was more of an outdoor gardener than an indoor gardener.

Over the years, I’ve been increasingly adding more plants to my home and the result is pretty amazing: we are sick less often.

Now I’m not suggesting or guaranteeing that you’ll never get sick but we have experienced far less colds and viruses through the years since adding more houseplants to our home.

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Easy Care Plants that Purify the Air

The Benefits of Adding Houseplants that Purify the Air

By adding a few plants, we have the ability to improve indoor air quality.

Do you get sick a lot or have bad indoor allergies?

Houseplants that purify the air - How to Care for Plants in Winter

Indoor air pollution directly impacts our health and comes from a variety of sources that include benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene.

In addition to purifying the air, houseplants add life and character to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

They boost our mood and breathe life into otherwise empty spaces.

Houseplants and Amaryllis on Plant Shelf

Low Maintenance Houseplants that Purify the Air

For best practices, you’ll need about two plants per 100 square feet.

But since I’m giving you an easy-care, hard to kill list of plants, having more plants around will be pretty simple.

Oh, and if you want to know how to care for these houseplants, follow these tips for success.

And here are some tips to help you learn how to care for plants in winter.

Houseplants in the Shower

Snake Plant

Snake plants are one of my favorite houseplants.

They are super low maintenance, hardy succulent that thrives on neglect.

Sounds pretty easy right?

They can handle almost any light conditions.

Put them in a room with at least one window and don’t over-water them.

Easy Care Plants that Purify the Air
Sansevieria – Snake Plant Photo Credit to the Sill.

To give you a frame of reference, when mine is indoors, I water them maybe once a month.

They are so cool because they thrive on very little water and light as well as add lots of drama and life to living spaces.

My husband thought I was nuts for keeping this one at the cabin because there are times when we aren’t there for several weeks to possibly months, but it can go a long time without care.

If you are new to gardening or think you kill everything, try caring for a snake plant. You’ll find the most success with this one.

Easy Care Plants that Purify the Air
I’ve had my snake plant for several years. It’s one of my favorite houseplants. I split this one last summer and got about 7 new plants from it!

Aloe Vera

Aloe plants are another succulent plant that are super easy to care for.

They love a bright sunny spot and do not overwater because they prefer dry conditions.

Much like the snake plant, I probably water these like once a month.

I started with one Aloe plant and it’s been sprouting lots of babies.

Learn how to propagate aloe plants here.

Aloe is an Easy Care Houseplant that Purifies the Air

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is a great starter plant for beginning gardeners because it tolerates low light and drought, but also loves humidity.

Bathrooms are a great spot for them.

If kept in a less humid room, mist the leaves occasionally to keep them from browning.

Also, if it gets enough sunlight, it may produce a bloom.

I haven’t seen one yet on mine, but I’ll let you know when it happens!

Chinese Evergreen is an Easy Care Plant that Purifies the Air

Flamingo Lily

Flamingo Lily’s are gorgeous flowering houseplants that can bloom year-round but need indirect sunlight, humid temperatures, and water to thrive.

They do not like wet feet though, so check the soil before watering to be sure it is dry.

My daughter is a new plant mom and chose this one to start with.

Don’t you love those pretty flowers?

Flamingo Lily is an Easy Care Plant that Purifies the Air

Peace Lily

Peace Lily symbolizes sympathy.

They work grow well in partial sunlight, humid climates, and produce blooms.

If you have a pet, peace lily’s can be toxic to them. Be sure to keep out of their reach.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are resilient houseplants that grow well in bright, indirect sunlight with lots of water.

They are very easy to propagate when mature because they produce these little spiderettes that can be removed and rooted in water or soil.

Easy Care Houseplants that Purify the AIr

Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

Pothos is one of my favorite houseplants because it looks great on a shelf and vines down.

This plant loves indirect sunlight and only needs to be watered when dry.

If you are a self-proclaimed plant killer, try pothos because it’s nearly impossible to kill.

And it is so easy to propagate pothos too.


There are so many varieties of philodendrons.

I have a split leave philodendron that I picked up from Lowe’s several years ago.

When I purchased it in a small pot, it had only five leaves.

After one summer on my deck, it grew exponentially and gives off a tropical vibe.

Philodendrons thrive on very little care but they do need a good amount of light, so when indoors keep them near a bright sunny window.

Easy Care Houseplants that Purify the Air

This is my split-leaf philodendron and it LOVES to be outside! It requires such little care throughout the year and it so easy to grow.

If you are new to gardening or feel like you kill everything, start with one plant from this list and follow my tips on houseplant care.

You’ll be amazed at how good of a plant parent you actually are!

Easy Care Houseplants that Purity the Air

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Easy Care Plants that Purify the Air

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  1. MISinformation on the NASA plant/clean air study. Often quoted, but incorrectly. Sure, plants clean the air. But to get that benefit, u would have to literally live in a greenhouse situation! That’s right. 5 or 6 isn’t gonna do much of anything. Hardly anyone gets this right. The clarification came out last year.

    1. If you read what I wrote, I didn’t misquote anything. I mentioned the study and provided my personal experience with adding houseplants to my home – which I stand by. My house is not a greenhouse, but I do care for several plants. Since I started accumulating them, we have been sick less often. I attribute this to my plants. It’s my opinion. After reading your comment, I researched for an actual study by NASA clarifying it’s position and found nothing. It is correct that a certain amount of plants per square foot are needed to benefit. I have not measured that out in my home. I just enjoy caring for my houseplants and hope others find that same joy. The point of the blog is, there are easy care plants that purify the air and that anyone can grow these plants because they are very low-maintenance. Enjoy your day.

  2. My spider plants have sooo many babies, should I leave them or cut them off they are on upside down tomato cages for plant stands and the babies are dragging the floor! Thanks for your help!! Love your new house

    1. Oftentimes, I cut them off and replant them in some potting soil or give them away! I know they get out of control right? I was just looking at mine yesterday!