Looking for decorating ideas for a Mothers Day luncheon? Wait until you see these gorgeous table decor and centerpiece ideas for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the special woman in your life than by hosting a lovely luncheon in her honor?

While there are many ways to make the day special, the right table decor and centerpiece can really set the tone and make the occasion feel truly festive.

In this post, I’m sharing some of the best ideas and inspiration for creating beautiful table decor and centerpieces that will make your Mother’s Day luncheon a truly memorable event.

And if you are short on time, I’ve got some tips that will help make your table beautiful while taking some of the stress out of decorating it.

Whether you’re looking for something classic and elegant or more modern and whimsical, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of creative and beautiful ideas to choose from.

So let’s get started and make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

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Supper Club

We’ve been having a great time with our supper club over the last few years. Have you been following along?

This month we are celebrating Mother’s Day with a beautiful luncheon. So today, we are sharing lots of beautiful table centerpieces and decorating ideas.

If you are coming from Kate’s at Southern Home Hospitality, welcome to my home. I’m thrilled you dropped by.

In case you are new here, I’m Stacy, a self-taught master gardener who lives and gardens in northern New Jersey, zone 6a.

We recently moved to a beautiful 1850 Farmhouse with 10 acres of gardens, sculptures and statues.

I’ve been gardening for over 20 years and enjoy helping beginner gardeners find their inner green thumb, as well as discover a love for all things plants and flowers. I love to bring the outdoors inside my home too.

I hope you enjoy visiting my home today and hope you come back so we can grow stuff and create beautiful spaces together.

Close up of mothers day luncheon table decorated with fresh sunflowers, eucalyptus, candles gold chargers, lenox with gorgeous crystal chandelier and black china cabinet and hutch

How to Decorate a Table for Mother’s Day

Decorating a table for Mother’s Day can be a lovely way to make your mom feel special and loved. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Choose a color scheme
  • Set the table
  • Add a centerpiece
  • Personalize each place setting
  • Add some finishing touches

Remember, the most important thing is to make your mom feel loved and appreciated on her special day. With a little bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can create a beautiful and memorable table setting that will make her feel truly special.

close up of table settings for mother's day with black china cabinet and hutch with lenox and gold flatware and vintage gold goblets

5 Simple Tips for Decorating a Table When You Are Short on Time

When you’re hosting a party, you may not have a lot of time to spend on table decor, but you still want it to look inviting and festive.

Here are some tips for decorating a table quickly for a party.

Keep It Simple

When you’re short on time, it’s best to keep your decor simple. Use a few key pieces that can make a big impact, such as a colorful tablecloth or a statement centerpiece.

Make a Simple Centerpiece

If you don’t have the time or budget to create an elaborate centerpiece, pick up a bunch of grocery store flowers and drop them in a vase.

Follow these tips to help keep your fresh flowers look amazing for longer.

Choose a Color Palette

A beautiful color palette can help you quickly pull together a cohesive look for your table. Neutral table decor that includes linens, candles and accessories can help create a classic look. When you want to add more color you can play up the florals or use more colorful linens.

Add Ambiance

Candles or string lights can add a festive touch to your table decor. Use battery-operated lights if you don’t have an outlet nearby.

Food as Decor

Open up the fridge and grab some colorful fruits or vegetables as part of the centerpiece or table runner. This will add another layer of texture and dimension to your table.

But really, the most important thing is to enjoy the party with your guests, so don’t stress too much about the table decor. Keep it simple and make things easier for yourself.

close up of mother's day luncheon table with organic table decor, sunflower bouquet in vintage crock, crystal chandelier and lots of pretty plants

The Best Table Decor Ideas for a Mothers Day Luncheon

Get ready to be inspired by some of the most stunning and creative table decor and centerpiece ideas for a Mother’s Day luncheon.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, these ideas are sure to impress and make your special day one to remember.

From classic and elegant designs to more modern and playful arrangements, my supper club curated a selection of the best ideas and inspiration to help you create a beautiful and memorable event for the special woman in your life.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be dazzled by these stunning Mother’s Day table decor and centerpiece ideas!

close up of mothers day luncheon table settings with cedarbranch placemats, gold flatware in cuterly pouches, lenox, birdsnests, gold vintage goblets, and fresh flowers in vintage crock on table covered with linen and black china cabinet and hutch with white dinnerware

My Mothers Day Luncheon Tablescape

Welcome to my Mother’s Day luncheon tablescape, where we’ll be embracing the charming and romantic style of cottagecore.

For this special occasion, I’ve chosen to feature a vintage crock bouquet with sunflowers as the centerpiece, which adds a rustic and natural touch to the table.

To complete the look, I’ve brought out my finest china and vintage tableware, which adds an elegant and sophisticated element to the setting.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a larger celebration, this tablescape is sure to impress and make your Mother’s Day celebration a truly memorable event.

So come along and join me as we indulge in the beauty and warmth of cottagecore style.

close up of table decorations for mother's day with fresh sunflowers centerpiece idea for the dining table in a vintage crock on a table covered with linen tablecloth, lenox, gold chargers, cedarbranch placemats, crystal chandelier and more cottagecore decor for the table

The Bouquet with Sunflowers Centerpiece

Whenever I decorate the table, I draw my inspiration from my centerpiece.

For this centerpiece idea, I decided to use the freshest flowers I had on hand, my vintage crock that is filled with a bouquet of sunflowers.

I usually gravitate to pinks and neutrals, but today, I’m feeling bold and cheerful. So I am vibing with these gorgeous blooms.

And I love how those sunflowers pick up the gold in my crystal chandelier like this one.

Most markets and florists have them ready for purchase, so sunflowers are pretty easy to find, even this time of year. I received mine as part of my last flower subscription bouquet for the year.

Now you’re probably wondering why a flower gardener needs a flower subscription and the answer is…I don’t when my gardens are blooming.

I purchased this subscription during the winter months to keep my home feeling fresh, cozy, and beautiful. So this is the last one of the year.

I usually make my own flower arrangements, but since I had this one on hand, it works! And so far, this bouquet has lasted two weeks now and still looks pretty amazing.

As an aside, this is what I do to keep my flowers looking fresher for longer.

But I digress. The sunflowers are the inspiration for the table and this is how I pulled the rest of this look together.

mother's day luncheon table with bouquet with sunflowers in vintage crock as centerpiece for the dining table, crystal chandelier, black china cabinet and hutch, linen tablecoth, cottagecore table decor, vintage gold gobelets, gold flatware, lenox and battery operated candles.

How to Decorate a Table in Minutes

Aside from the centerpiece flowers, I had everything else on hand, so this table decor idea came together in minutes.

If you want to create a gorgeous table in a snap, it’s important to buy the right supplies that you will use over and over and over again.

And when you buy them, think through how you can use them with different types of seasons, holidays, and events. The more neutral you go, the easier it will be to use repeatedly.

Here are some table decorations that I have and use on repeat. But the tables always look a little different!

close up of table setting idea for mothers day brunch with gold flatware, cedar branch placemat, gold charger, lenox dinnerware, birds nest, vintage gold goblet and vintage crock with bouquet of sunflowers

Table Decor Idea for Mother’s Day Luncheon

For our Mother’s Day luncheon, I covered the table with a beautiful neutral linen tablecloth with pretty ruffles. And then added the sunflower centerpiece to get the aesthetic going.

Since I didn’t use a table runner, I added a cozy layer down the center of the table with a eucalyptus garland like this one. And then tucked in some vintage candlestick holders with these battery-operated taper candles.

Although we don’t need candles necessarily for a luncheon, the candlesticks add a little extra bling to the table and we can turn the candles on if we want to.

For each place setting, I started with these beautiful cedar branch placemats as the base layer. If you can’t find them, you can always use a small boxwood wreath or, if you are crafty, DIY the placemat with these faux cedar branches.

Then I added a simple gold charger on top of the greens. And then added my Lenox dinnerware. If you don’t have Lenox, use what you have.

To soften the look of the plates, I added a folded linen napkin in between. And then topped each table setting with a cute little faux birds nest to add a little more texture to the table.

Because I love those cheerful sunflowers, I played up that color with my vintage gold goblets. As an aside, glassware is fun to mix and match. So don’t feel like you have to have everything all coordinate from the same brand or look.

Since I am accenting with gold, I used my grandmother’s gold flatware in these pretty cutlery pouches.

To add a little more bling to the table, I incorporated these adorable mini gold lanterns and votive candles.

close up of mother's day luncheon table with vintage crock centerpiece with sunflower bouquet, crystal chandelier, black china cabinet and hutch, vintage gold candlestick holders, linen tablecloth, gold goblets, flatware, lenox, and cedar branch placemats with gold chargers

More Table Decorating Inspiration for Mother’s Day

What is your favorite table decorating ideas for spring? Do you have any spring or Mother’s Day table decor ideas you’d like to share? I would love to know more in the comments below.

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Next up in our supper club is my good friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs.

afternoon tea party idea for mothers day brunch

Shop for More Table Decor

If you want to level up your tables for entertaining, it’s important to stock up on the things you can use over and over again.

From table linens and glassware to dinnerware and table accessories, I curated a list of items that will add cozy layers of beauty for any event.

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Click here to chop for my favorite table decor with close up of fresh flower dining table centerpiece

Wait Until You See These Mother’s Day Table Decorating Ideas from My Supper Club

One of the best parts about supper club is seeing all the great inspiration my friends come up with and tasting some of their amazing dishes.

Wait until you see these gorgeous decorating ideas for the table.

Looking for More Supper Club Ideas?

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And click here if you want to learn how to organize and host your own supper club. They are so fun to do and provide a great reason to gather regularly with family and friends.

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