Looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift this year? Wait until you see these gorgeous flower subscription Valentine’s Day ideas!

One of the best gifts we gave our kids over the last few years while they were at school was a subscription for flowers once a month to arrive at their dorm.

While they aren’t into flowers as much as I am, they GREATLY appreciated receiving bright, cheerful flowers once a month until they came home.

Wait until you see how beautiful some of these bouquets are. It’s the perfect gift to show someone you love you’re thinking about them for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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Why We Purchased a Flower Subscription for Valentine’s Day for Our Kids

It always seemed like the second half of the school year was longer for our kids and a little more dreary.

Maybe it was the long cold winters. The blandness of their dorm rooms. Or the exhaustion of classes and their social lives.

But it seemed like every winter, they were ready for a break. Missing home a little more than they did the first semester.

Because flowers bring me a lot of joy, Chris and I decided we’d like to send them flowers for Valentines Day instead of chocolates or other small gifts that they don’t need.

But we decided to go beyond that. We wanted to send them flowers for the next few months while they were at school until they came for the summer.

We tried to individually reach out to local florists in their locality but not everyone would do this. Believe it or not, it actually was a bit of a challenge to set up.

And then I found a website recently where you can set up a flower subscription anywhere with ease. The bouquets are beautiful, the flowers are amazing, and they will bring joy to anyone who receives them.

While you don’t have to set up a subscription with bouqs.com, I love the idea of a flower subscription because it goes beyond Valentine’s Day.

So fresh flowers will be delivered on auto-pilot without you even thinking about it!

last bouquet of flowers from the cutting garden in 2022
Fresh Cut Flowers From My Garden

Flower Subscriptions Are Great Valentine’s Day Ideas

Because there are so many options to choose from, a flower subscription is a great Valentine’s Day idea for anyone who’s special in your life.

I know not everyone is as into flowers as I am, but even those that aren’t will appreciate fresh flowers in their indoor living space when they arrive. Because flowers just make us feel happier. And in the doldrums of winter, they are needed!

You know I have extensive flower gardens in the warmer months, but I’m like craving blooms during the winter. Sometimes when I’m out shopping, I pick up a bouquet of grocery store flowers to brighten up our home. But since finding bouqs.com, we set up a subscription for flowers to arrive during the winter.

Cause I need my fresh flowers!

Instead of buying an expensive bouquet once, why not buy a flower subscription for a few months or years to show the special people in your life you are thinking about them?

It’s kind of like love on auto-pilot, am I right?

My girls love getting their monthly subscription for flowers. And you can stop, start, and pause it at any time. So it was a no-brainer to bring joy and breathe life into their dorms.

I am excited to get mine next week. And we’ll pause it as my garden blooms emerge in spring.

Right now, Bouqs is offering 30% off a bouquet with code BOUQSDAY.

Fresh cut flowers from the cut flower garden on a thift store find end table with vintage shutters
Fresh Cut Flowers From My Garden

Wait Until You See These Flower Bouquets

With only one week left for Valentine’s Day, it’s a good idea to shop now so you don’t have to think about it. Here are some of my favorite bouquets.

And you can click on the images below, you can shop more of my favorites.

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hand bouquets of fresh flowers
Click here to Shop my Spring decor favorites with view of sunroom with white accent chairs, throw pillows, pilea plant, kalanchoe and snake plants

More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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vintage thrift store find shutters with milk glass vase and fresh cut flowers from the garden
Fresh Cut Flower Arrangement From My Garden

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Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling
Home and Garden Blogger Stacy Ling cutting zinnia flowers in her cottage garden with wood picket fence in front of garden shed

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  1. What a great idea!! Don’t think Brendan would appreciate them as much as your girls…but he does like plants so at least there is that!!