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Casually Elegant Spring Centerpiece and Table Decorations Ideas

Looking for ways to decorate your table for spring? Wait until you see these casually elegant spring centerpiece and table decorations ideas for your next brunch or dinner party!

I love everything about spring, don’t you?

The temperatures get a little warmer.

Easter and Mother’s Day are on the horizon.

Spring sports have begun.

The end of the school year is in sight.

And the landscape is starting to green up and bloom.

So there are lots of reasons to gather and celebrate.

Even if it’s just a casual dinner party.

Let’s make these gatherings more special and set the table with some gorgeous centerpieces and table decorations ideas for spring!

And the best part?

You don’t have to go crazy either buying expensive table decor to decorate either.

Just walk outside!

Wait until you see these casually elegant spring centerpieces and table decor ideas.

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Today, I’m joining some friends for a spring tablescape blog hop, so be sure to check out all of the spring table inspiration at the end of this post.

And if you are coming from my good friend Kristin at White Arrows Home, Kim at Shiplap and Shells, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

What is Casual Elegance Decor?

A casually elegant decorating style is sophisticated and beautiful, yet approachable and comfortable.

It’s a savvy mix of casual with an upscale decorating style that is simple and relaxed.

How to achieve the look depends on the mix of formal with informal in just the right way.

casually elegant spring centerpiece and table decorations ideas

How to Create a Casually Elegant Table

To design a table that is elegant, yet casual:

  • Find the right mix of woods, whites and neutrals with lots of beautiful textures
  • Add mood lighting
  • Create cozy layers with linens and dinnerware.
casually elegant spring table setting idea using Lenox and daffodils in mason jars

Fresh Flowers Spring Centerpiece Idea

Whenever I set a table, it starts with a gorgeous centerpiece that is inspired by what’s happening outdoors.

And since we are decorating the dining table for spring?

We need lots of fresh spring flowers so I walked out my door to forage for flowers and spring branches.

daffodils for a centerpiece idea
narcissus planted en masse

If you don’t have enough flowers in your yard, stop by the grocery store to pick up a few bunches of blooms like tulips.

Of course you can purchase a fresh flower centerpiece from the local florist or market too, but it’s much less expensive and more unique to make yourself.

Plus, it’s not hard to do either.

Wait until you see how to make this simple beautiful spring centerpiece idea for the dining table.

Supplies Needed

  • Sharp garden snips, pruners or scissors
  • Garden flowers or branches
  • Vase or container
  • Mason jars, bowl or glass vase
forsythia that I'm cutting for a simple casually elegant centerpiece idea

How to Make This Casually Elegant Centerpiece

In my gardens today, there are TONS of daffodil and forsythia blooms, so they are the inspiration for this centerpiece and table decorations idea.

  • Gather the supplies needed
  • Cut flowers in the early morning or early evening to get the best vase life out of them.
  • When making cuts, cut at the base of the flower or branch.
Gardener Stacy Ling cutting daffodils to make a fresh flower arrangement
  • Drop fresh cut flowers in water while working to keep them hydrated. Tip: keep like flowers in one container while you are working in case they need to be conditioned before mixing with other flowers.
  • Choose a vase or other container vessel then add water and fresh flower food.
  • Remove any flowers or foliage that will sit close to the water line.
  • In general, cut stems roughly 1x the height of the vase.
  • Add more water.

For best tips on keeping fresh flowers longer, CLICK HERE.

Sidenote: some flowers release a toxin and need to be conditioned before mixing with other flowers. Daffodils is one of them. Before mixing daffodils with other flowers, drop in cold water for at least 30 minutes before adding to mixed arrangements so the toxins leech out. If you want to avoid this process, simply keep flowers like daffodils in their own bouquet.

spring centerpiece idea using forsythia and this Anthropologie vase

To keep this centerpiece super simple, I used THIS vase for the forsythia branches. Because it is so large and heavy as it is, I added a glass vase inside to hold the forsythia branches.

Originally, I wanted to use daffodils as part of the centerpiece but decided to create smaller bouquets with them in mason jars for each individual table setting.

And instead, made a smaller bouquet of daffodils on my table in the foreground using a small urn, glass bowl, floral foam (to hold the flowers in place), and daffodils.

If you want to make a mixed flower arrangement, CLICK HERE for my best design tips.

spring centerpiece idea using forsythia

Casually Elegant Spring Table Decorations Ideas

With a simple, casual centerpiece designed, it’s time to move on to the dinner table.

I started with a simple white table cloth and gorgeous sheer table runner that looks so pretty and elegant in my dining room.

Then added my fresh flower centerpiece back to the table and flanked it with my vintage crystal candlesticks.

spring centerpiece and table decorations ideas using daffodils and forsythia

The table looked a little plain, so I added more texture and interest with some faux white kalanchoe plants in terra cotta pots and small votive candles.

To add some casual elegance, I used THESE gold chargers as the base layer for my Lenox dinnerware.

As an aside, I am a huge proponent of using your special dinnerware for any occasion.

Life is too short – use the dishes!

spring centerpiece and table decorations ideas

For a little extra bling, I also used my Lenox gold rimmed stemware for water and wine. But feel free to mix this up if you have some vintage glasses you want to use.

I then added THESE folded linen napkins. Don’t you love the pretty lace details on the edge? It adds some texture to the table.

To gather my gold flatware, I used these adorable pouches from Cutlery Couture. I used these in so many of my tablescapes because it adds just the right amount of texture to the table and organizes the flatware so well.

Cutlery Couture is celebrating 10 years in business and offering: 10% OFF THRU 4/10/22 WITH THE COUPON CODE: 10for10 TO CELEBRATE!

spring centerpiece and table decorations ideas

And finally, I gave each guest a small bouquet to bring home in THESE mason jars.

We have SO many daffodils here that are blooming and flopping over on the ground, I just cut them, cleaned them up, and created these small bouquets for guests to take home.

spring centerpiece and table decorations ideas that are casually elegant

And that’s it!

I hope you are inspired to create your own casually elegant table decorations and centerpiece for your next dinner party or brunch.

Next up in this spring tablescape blog hop, is my good friend Kim at Shiplap and Shells, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Thank you Ann! I’ve never had this many daffodils before it is so fun seeing them and enjoying them indoors!

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  4. Stacy,
    This might be my favorite so far. I loved the mason jar vases combined with elegant crystal stemware. The chandelier combined with the rustic vase of forsythia. The perfect combination of rustic with elegant. You nailed it.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love the daffodil boutique on each plate. Absolutely stunning! Happy Spring, my friend.

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  7. What a beautiful table setting, Stacy! I had no idea about the Daffodils and toxins. Thanks for that tip…and BTW, that centerpiece vase is amazing!

  8. Incredible that you plant for such abundance and to cut for arrangements. Such a fresh table. That vase! Cute silverware pockets. Reminds me of a bar-b-q I set up at church one time, all western themed so using pinking shears I cut off the back pockets of a bazillion pairs of jeans to fill with the silverware and the napkins were bandannas.

    1. This table is stunning. Forsythia and daffodils look beautiful together.

      Mason jars are great aren’t they?

  9. I’m loving the whole tablescape especially the forsythia branches. Thank you for the information on the daffodils…I learn something new everyday!
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