Looking for ways to brighten up a room? Wait until you see my beautiful vintage crock bouquet with sunflowers in the family room.

A few months ago, I shared that I bought a flower bouquet subscription for the winter months so that I could have fresh flowers in the house while my gardens are dormant.

Since I purchase bouquets from the market anyway, I thought this was an easier way to enjoy live flowers without having to shop for them.

The last bouquet arrived the other day and looks so cheerful in my family room. So I wanted to share how pretty it looks in a vintage crock I found while thrifting last year.

As an aside, I love this crock because it’s the perfect size to hold a few bunches of flowers and is neutral enough to go with any style of decor.

So when you are out shopping for bargains at the thrift store, flea market, or even Facebook Marketplace, keep your eyes open for vintage crocks because they are really pretty vessels for holding flower bouquets.

Wait until you see how pretty my last flower bouquet looks in the family room!

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Fresh Flowers Make People Feel Happy

A bouquet of fresh flowers has the power to instantly elevate the ambiance of any home, filling it with fragrance, color, and natural beauty.

The sight of a well-arranged bouquet can brighten up a room, bringing a sense of joy, freshness, and vitality to the space.

Whether it’s a simple arrangement of daisies on the dining table or a lush bouquet of roses on the mantel, the presence of fresh flowers can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, making a house feel like a home.

My Flower Subscription

For those that are unfamiliar with what a flower subscription is, it is a monthly delivery of a flower bouquet.

You can choose the flowers you want, or the service can choose them for you.

I just went with whatever Bouq’s was sending for the month. The bouquets are always so beautiful and it’s been a fun pick-me-up while my gardens have been sleeping.

I have to say, the flowers they send are pretty spectacular and last for about two weeks. So to me, the service was worth it. Plus you can adjust the size of your bouquet to make it easier on the wallet.

The arrival of a fresh flower arrangement sparks a lot of joy because it’s so fun to receive pretty blooms at home.

For my last bouquet until next winter, they sent me a gorgeous bouquet with sunflowers, eryngium, eucalyptus, and alstroemeria.

The flowers are a striking combination of yellow, fuschia, and a deep blueish purple that I LOVE.

close up of my flower subscription from bouq's with bouquet wth sunflowers, eryngium, and eucalyptus

The Perfect Vessel

Because I got the biggest bouquet I could get, I needed a larger vessel to hold my bouquet of flowers.

I love using my vintage crock for this very purpose. It’s beautiful, looks great with any type of flower, and goes with any room in my home, so it’s easy to move around.

As an aside, thrift stores are a great place to shop for the garden. There are so many different things you can use as planters, vessels for flower bouquets, and other types of garden decor.

If you aren’t sure what to look out for while you are thrifting, you should NEVER leave the thrift store without these garden treasures.

vintage crock pot with beautiful flower bouquet with sunflowers, eucalyptus and eryngium on round coffee table with wire cloche lantern and small faux plant

My Bouquet With Sunflowers in the Family Room

I love the pops of yellow with pink, purple, and green in this bouquet and thought it would look especially pretty in the family room.

For spring, I decorated this space with lots of cozy neutrals but thought it would be fun to add this pop of color for a few weeks.

And I love how it looks, don’t you?

It brings just the right amount of cheer to my family room and looks so pretty with all of my houseplants.

vintage crock from the thrift store filled with bouquet of flowers with sunflowers, eryngium, and eucalyptus on a round coffee table with wire cloche lantern in family room with houseplants and cozy throw pillows on sectional sofa

We are in this room All. The. Time. So it’s nice to change things up every now and again with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

When my gardens are blooming, I cut flowers to enjoy in this room often.

Because we use the family room all the time, it is almost impossible to keep it looking neat for more than 5 seconds with my dogs, kids, and husband around.

But here are some photos of my pretty bouquet with sunflowers for the 5 seconds this room was actually clean. hahaha.

close up of bouquet with sunflowers on round coffee table with wire cloche lantern, battery operated candle and small faux boxwood plant.
vintage farmhouse family room with round coffee table, wall of windows, neutral textured throw pillows and bouquet of flowers with sunflowers on round coffee table

And I have to say, I really love the vintage crock with my round coffee table. Until now, I haven’t used it in this room.

But it’s really striking with the sunflower bouquet together with the texture and color variations of the mango wood table.

The flower bouquet brightens up the space and looks so pretty with my arched butterfly wall decor. It picks up the colors in the art beautifully.

I bought this one and this one last year and really love them. The wood frame looks really old and I love the butterfly prints on the linen.

But really, the showstopper in this room is my monstera plant! I just love that foliage, don’t you? It gets me every time!

Since I’m often asked about the wire cloche lanterns, they come two in a pack in different sizes, have a wood base, and look so pretty, don’t they?

I use a battery-operated candle in each of them so the lighting is set-and-forget cozy. As an aside, I love these candles because the flicker looks so real. The only time I touch them is to change the batteries.

To shop more of this room, click here.

my vintage farmhouse family room with flower bouquet with sunflowers on round mango wood table with charcoal sectional sofa and large oversized windows overlooking the backyard garden

More About Bouquets of Flowers

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vintage decor with fresh flower bouquet with sunflowers on round coffee table with wire cloche lantern in family room
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  1. Your Mostera…I’m going to go show the picture to mine and tell it to step up its game!! That’s such a cozy space and the flowers look perfect on your pretty table.

    1. Thank you so much. That monstera is MY FAVORITE! Just don’t tell all the other plants. LOL Thank you! xoxoxo

  2. What a treat to get fresh flowers all winter long! Definitely helps the morale! Old crocks are vintage essentials, for sure. Perfect for flowers, kitchen utensils, anything. Great thrift store find, indeed! I just love your round table; gorgeous, organic texture:)

  3. Bringing flowers indoors is such a mood booster, and yours are gorgeous, Stacy. I love them in your vintage crock on your coffee table. And that monster plant is incredible. I have one that has just started on my kitchen windowsill. It would be my second houseplant in the house. I’m so proud!