Looking for ways to host Easter this year? Host an Easter Brunch they’ll never forget with these simple tips. And if you are attending but not hosting? Check out the Easter brunch menu ideas you can bring at the bottom of this post.

Spring has sprung and Easter is hopping around the corner! This post is your one-stop shop for creating an Easter brunch that’ll be the talk of the table.

I’m sharing some stunning table-setting ideas, easy hosting tips, and mouthwatering recipes to make your brunch a delicious and memorable occasion. I love entertaining and dressing up the dining room table for guests.

Wait until you see the beautiful Easter brunch inspiration!

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Hosting an Unforgettable Easter Brunch

While I love to host most holidays, Easter is on my high list of favorites. There’s not as much pressure as Thanksgiving or Christmas. And almost anything goes for the menu. Almost.

Of course, there are traditional dishes, like ham. But you can have fun with an Easter brunch menu in my opinion.

Not to mention, Easter arrives around the same time as spring so we start adding lots of pretty pastels, flowers, and greenery around the house.

If you are hosting Easter this year like me, here are a few tips to throw the best Easter brunch your friends and family will never forget.

fresh flower centerpiece for the dining table

Choose a Spring Color Palette for Easter Brunch

First, we’ve got to decide on the decor and choose a color palette that represents the season and the reason for the gathering. When choosing a color palette for my table decor, I’m often inspired by what’s happening in my gardens.

Even if you don’t have expansive gardens like me, look to nature and pull colors that speak to you. It’s amazing how the colors outside can inspire what we do inside. Since it’s spring, I’m going with pretty pink pastels to mirror the soft color of the season.  

And because we are still pretty early in the season here, there isn’t much blooming in my garden just yet, so I went to my local grocery store to pick up some pretty pink and white flowers.

There were lots of options to choose from but I restrained myself and limited it to shades of pink and white. My dining room is very neutral with woods and whites, so this spring color palette will stand out for Easter brunch. 

beautiful pink hellebores aka lenten rose
how to arrange flowers from the market - grocery store flower bouquets
Grocery store flowers

Bring the Outdoors in For the Prettiest Spring Table

Nothing says spring quite like flowers. Setting a table that reflects the season includes bringing those outdoor elements to the table. Look around your landscape and see what you can add from the outdoors.

From tulips to peonies, roses to hydrangeas, there is much to bring inside from nature. And the best part?

It doesn’t cost a dime! So start foraging!

close up of tulip pink perennial in the garden at sunset by stone wall

Make a Centerpiece for the Dining Table

And speaking of bringing the outdoors in, what better way than to incorporate those elements in a gorgeous centerpiece?

You guys know how much I love my centerpieces, right? Lately, I’ve been decorating this vintage toolbox with beautiful faux flowers and changing them through the seasons in my home.

For this tabescape though?

centerpiece idea for the dining table with fresh flowers

I’m going with a fresh flower centerpiece that I arranged myself for $45. You can save so much money on an arrangement if you make it yourself. (CLICK HERE to see how I arranged this centerpiece as well as my best flower-arranging tips.)

As an aside, it doesn’t matter if you go with real or faux flowers in a centerpiece. Use what you love and what works for you in your tablescape design.

You got this!

East brunch table decor ideas

Break Out Those Special Occasion Dishes

Do you know that fine china you were gifted at your wedding or was passed down from a relative? Or maybe you found it at the thrift store.

It’s time to break them out of storage and use them!

What’s the point of having pretty things that we keep in storage and never use? I try to use my Lenox as often as possible when we entertain.

The dinnerware is beautiful and it goes with ANYTHING! To me, it’s casually elegant because you can dress it up or down.

My Lenox on my Easter brunch Table
Teapot on my Easter Brunch Table
easter brunch tablescape idea

The only limits we have are ones we place on ourselves keeping us from using them because we think they are too special and don’t want to risk damaging them.

So let’s change that mindset. Since every day is special use the dishes!

For brunches, I love to add some pieces for tea in addition to offering coffee. Our family is really into tea parties, so I like to tuck a few pretty teapots, cups, and saucers on the table as well.

And yes, you can totally mix vintage tea pieces with your fine china or other dinnerware. Mixing things up adds more interest to the table.

tea at Easter brunch

Add Some Pretty Table Linens for Easter Brunch

I know it’s sometimes easier to use paper napkins, but break out those linens. There are so many beautiful and inexpensive options out there. They are eco-friendly.

And using fabric table linens ups your tablescaping game. They add softness, texture, and dimension, particularly if they have a laced edge like THESE.

Table linens and Lenox on my Easter Brunch table

Host an Easter Egg Hunt

One of the best memories I have with our family on Easter is the egg hunt! The kids love it. And the adults love it just as much.

To watch the excitement of our kids dashing around to pick up as many eggs as possible was always so much fun.

So if you are hosting Easter this year, set up an egg hunt! Even if the littles aren’t so little anymore.

Award chocolate prizes for different categories such as who finds the most eggs or the most yellow eggs, etc. Or make a golden egg that gets hidden in a very tough spot so EVERYONE can look for it. However, you decided to run your egg hunt, make it fun!

Easter Egg hunt
Easter morning egg hunt with just my kids

Make an Easter Brunch Menu

I know we are focusing on the Easter brunch table and decor, but a great menu is just as important! Choose dishes that include flavors of the season that are light bites like finger sandwiches, quiches, and pastries.

Refreshing Cucumber Sandwich with Cream Cheese
Refreshing Cucumber Sandwiches
best bellini recipe
The Best Bellini Recipe

Here are a few dishes you might enjoy too.

The Best Bruschetta Tomatoes Recipe
The Best Bruschetta Tomatoes Recipe
Refreshing Strawberry Lemonade
Refreshing Strawberry Lemonade

Oh and Don’t Forget the Candles!

And last but not least, add lots of mood lighting. Although it’s early in the day, nothing says cozy more than some dimly lit candles both on the table and around the room.

Tuck some votives around the table like THESE and add a few candlesticks like THESE to vary the height and add more interest to the table. And that’s it!!!

Happy Easter!

Easter Brunch Table

More About Hosting an Easter Brunch

How do you like to host Easter brunch? Do you have any tips or ideas you’d like to share? I would love to know more in the comments below.

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Supper Club Easter Brunch Theme

It’s that time of the month when my friends and I get together to share our favorite decorating, menu, and entertaining ideas. This month we are sharing lots of Easter brunch inspiration. Wait until you see how gorgeous these brunch tables are!

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No matter how big or small the event is, I enjoy designing a beautiful centerpiece and setting a gorgeous table that coordinates with it. As part of my monthly supper club, we are celebrating Easter with a cozy brunch. So today, I’m sharing how to host an Easter brunch together with some table decor and menu ideas.

If you are coming from Rachel’s from The Ponds Farmhouse, welcome to my home and our cozy Easter brunch! Next up in our virtual dinner club is my good friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs.

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  3. Stacy, I LOVE your centerpiece. The flowers are stunning and the gold planter is such a pretty focal point. And the throwback Easter egg hunt photos are so fun. Reminds me of when we used to have egg hunts at my aunt’s farm when we were little.

  4. That floral arrangement is stunning. The gold container is perfect for the pretty spring colors. You’re super talented my friend!!

  5. My son Lucas and I were just talking about Easter egg hunts when they were little today!! They were epic…I miss them being little!! Your girls were cuties!!

    1. Those were the days! I miss my kids being that little but I’ll tell you we do events for the adults too and it’s so fun!

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  8. Those flowers on the table are just stunning! Can I come to this brunch!! Everything looks fantastic!

  9. Hi Stacy. I read your post but only saw 2 photos. Not sure what’s going on but thought I’d mention it. The first photo was gorgeous and for sure memorable! Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  10. Your guests will definitely remember the Easter brunch you host, Stacy. I love this post and all your incredible inspiration. Those flowers are beyond stunning my friend.

  11. Hi Stacy! Boy would I love to live near you and gleen some ideas on how to deal with this Texas weather each year!! I’ve killed more plants but in the seventh year, I finally figured out the watering schedule that seems to work. 🙂 And I, too, have gardened for 37 years. California grows everything so easily and it’s just tougher here in Texas.

    I absolutely love the table you’ve set for Easter! And where did you find that fabulous chandelier?? I love Rachel Ashwell’s lovely chandy but spending it’s just never in my budget. I’m excited to read more of your blog and happy to meet you!

    Happy Easter to you and your family,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thank you Barb!!!! I’m glad to hear you kept at it and did not give up! The chandelier was here when we moved in – it’s one of my favorite pieces in this house! Happy Easter to you as well!