Short on time but need some table decorating inspiration for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration? Get lucky with these 5 clever green and white table decor ideas.

Looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a touch of elegance? My supper club and I are celebrating with all things green and white for Saint Patrick’s Day and preparing an incredible St Patty’s Day menu.

This classic color combination brings a fresh spring vibe to your table while still embracing the festive spirit. Get ready to impress your guests with these quick and easy-to-achieve decor ideas that will have them feeling truly charmed by the Emerald Isle.

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10-Minute Quick Green and White Table Decor Idea for Saint Patrick’s Day

I love entertaining and dressing up the dining room table for guests. No matter how big or small the event is, I enjoy designing a beautiful centerpiece and setting a gorgeous table that coordinates with it.

Just because we are busy bees doesn’t mean we can’t still set a fun and beautiful table that sets the tone for a fun evening.

For supper club, I wanted to create a casual, rustic feel with beautiful green and white table decorations. Here’s how to pull this look together in less than 10 minutes!

Green and White Table Decor for Saint Patrick's Day

Quick and Easy Green and White Dining Table Centerpiece

Every table starts with a gorgeous centerpiece. They can be designed with live or faux plants. If you want a centerpiece that will last for a season without the care, I suggest going with faux. There are some amazingly realistic-looking faux plants out there. And if you want to decorate with faux, start collecting seasonal faux greens and flowers using these tips.

When making a centerpiece, start with a vessel that inspires you. For my green and white table centerpiece, I chose a galvanized metal urn. It’s big and beautiful – isn’t it so cool?

I stuffed it with faux fern bunches and these GORGEOUS white faux peonies. Don’t they look so real? Faux flowers are great to use in a pinch if you want something long-term or don’t get a chance to run to the market for fresh. I shared some great tips for making your faux flowers look real here.

For this centerpiece, I started with three faux green bunches. And then tucked in several faux peony bunches. It took me all of about 5 minutes to do.

Now that we’ve got our quick and easy Saint Patrick’s Day centerpiece designed, let’s decorate the dining room table!

Green and White Table Decor Ideas for Saint Patrick's Day
Green and White Table for Saint Patrick's Day

Green and White Table Setting Idea for Saint Patty’s Day

Those gorgeous faux peonies and textured, organic neutrals are the inspiration for this beautiful rustic tablescape.

To decorate the table, I started with a jute table runner and then set my galvanized metal urn centerpiece on top. I love using jute because it has a beautiful neutral texture that adds another dimension to the table.

To me, nothing says welcome and cozy without layered place settings. When you go with just your dinnerware, the table looks a bit flat. So try to layer your table settings to create a beautiful aesthetic.

So for each tablesetting idea, I used a cedar branch placemat, a dark rattan charger, and my everyday dishes. To top each table setting, I added a gorgeous green napkin and these cute utensil pouches.

For some sparkle, I used these copper mugs. Doesn’t it look so pretty?

To add some Irish charm, be sure to include lots of Irish soda bread, Guinness, and other organic elements that bring a neutral color palette like grapes and berries.

Green and White Table Decor Ideas for Saint Patrick's Day
Green and White Table Decor Ideas for Saint Patrick's Day

Embrace Nature’s Charm: Organic Ideas for Your St. Patrick’s Table

For an eco-friendly and visually stunning tablescape, consider incorporating nature’s bounty into your St. Patrick’s Day decor. Here are some ways to weave green and white elements using organic materials:

  • Fresh Greenery: The star of the show! Fill a rustic wooden bowl, galvanized container, or ceramic pitcher with a variety of green branches like eucalyptus, rosemary, or olive. Another option is to fill it with fresh white roses and carnation flowers with delicate ferns.
  • Moss Magic: Create a lush table runner using sheet moss! Simply lay a sheet of plastic wrap down the center of your table, then arrange sheet moss on top, pressing it down gently. Dot white candles or small bunches of white grapes along the moss for a charming display.
  • Citrus Centerpiece: A cluster of vibrant green limes and crisp lemons makes a refreshing centerpiece. Arrange them in a woven basket or wooden bowl, adding a few sprigs of fresh mint for a touch of green.
  • Corky Charm: Arrange wine corks on a white plate or cake stand, topping each with a small white votive candle and tuck in some bits of moss. This unique centerpiece adds a natural touch and a warm glow.
  • Greenery Garland: Create a beautiful garland using ivy vines or willow branches. Weave white fairy lights throughout the garland for a magical touch. Drape it across the center of the table or along the length for a festive touch.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a little creativity and a trip to your local park or farmer’s market, you can create a stunning and sustainable St. Patrick’s Day tablescape that celebrates the beauty of nature.

Green and White Table Decor Ideas for Saint Patrick's Day

More About Green and White Table Decor Ideas

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Stacy Ling with her green and white table decor idea for saint patricks day

Shop This Look for Saint Patrick’s Day

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