5 Easy Ways to Planting for Fall Garden Design

Looking for ways to enjoy your garden for fall? Follow these planting for fall garden design tips for that is full of flowers and foliage.

For this month’s garden tour, I thought we could chat about planting for fall gardens that will bring more flowers and colorful foliage to your gardens.

In my gardening zone 6a in northwest New Jersey, we are just starting to see the foliage change.

The leaves have been falling.

And the fall garden flowers have those autumnal hues.

It’s so pretty here right now, but the fall season is just getting underway.

Wait until you see how pretty everything looks while we talk about ways to plant for fall garden color.

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5 Ways to Planting for a Fall Garden

To plant a garden that’s always in bloom, it’s important to consider a few things so we get lots of color throughout the growing season.

Whether we get that color through blooms or foliage, the gardens look full and beautiful all the time because something is always happening in the beds.

And if you want to get that cottage garden vibe too, check out THESE tips.

planting for fall garden beauty
The backyard cottage garden

Fall Bloom Time

For starters, it’s important to look at when flowers bloom when planting for a fall garden.

Look for the best fall garden flowers that will be in bloom from August-ish through October if possible.

Dahlias are gorgeous late summer and fall garden flowers. Dahlia ‘Penhill Watermelon’

HERE’s a great list of plants to start with.

Planting for fall garden beauty with dahlias
My dahlia ‘Cafe Au Laits’ finally bloomed! Better late than never.
19 Easy-to-Find plants for fall garden containers

Types of Fall Flowers

In addition to looking at bloom time, choose flowers that have different shapes, color and sizes.

Different flower types with various shapes and sizes will add lots of texture and dimension in the gardens.

plants for fall garden

Plant in Groupings

Depending on the size of your garden and plant varieties, plant in odd numbers.

Looking back at how I designed and planted my gardens, I would plant more of the same perennials in larger groupings.

Planting for Fall Garden Beauty

Since my landscape is half an acre and I wanted to work with a bunch of different varieties of plants, I squeezed smaller groupings in.

It looks pretty, but as I’m moving through my gardening years, I’m leaning towards larger drifts of plants that provide a greater impact in the garden.

So depending on what you want and how large your gardening area is, consider the size of your groupings.

Planting for fall garden beauty

Foliage Color

In addition to the blooms, look at plant foliage color, texture and dimension.

Even if a plant does not bloom or produces insignificant blooms, the foliage can have a huge impact in the garden.

How to Build a Birdhouse

Look for different types of foliage that compliment each other.

And, consider how that foliage changes in fall.

Because even when those flowers fade, that foliage adds a huge impact to the overall garden design.

garden nj shade garden

Some plants get amazing fall foliage color just before the leaves fall and they are worth adding to your landscape.

Limelight Hydrangeas are the best fall flowers

Plan Ahead When Planting for Fall Garden

While this is one of my money-saving gardening tips, it is worth planning ahead to the fall garden when planting spring annuals.

If you choose plants with colors and textures that will look amazing in both spring and autumn, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money when you start planting for the fall garden.

Plants for fall garden
The bright yellow marigolds (need to be deadheaded LOL) but look so festive for fall with sedum autumn joy and these gorgeous asters.

In spring, I tend to gravitate to marigolds, euphorbias, petunias, and nasturtiums to keep the garden going throughout fall.

But there are so many other options out there to choose from.

So see what’s available in at your garden nursery and keep that in mind when purchasing plants in spring.

planting for fall garden beauty

Perennials vs. Annuals? What Should You Plant

When planting for the fall garden, I’m often asked what’s better to plant, annuals vs. perennials.

And the answer is…

It really depends on how much work you want to do and your gardening budget.

I prefer to have more perennials in my gardens than annuals because they are easier and come back every year.

BUT, I tuck in annuals to get that seasonal color that just won’t quit while the perennials grow and change during the season.

planting for fall garden beauty
Dahlia ‘Jowey Winnie’

So it’s really all a matter of preference.

To learn more about how to choose what’s best for you and your garden style, CLICK HERE.

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Want to See the Full Fall Garden Tour?

Click on the video below and walk the beds with me!

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