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What a week it was!

The weather has been so wonderful here this week that my daffodils, crocuses, and hellebores are all blooming! And it’s still early March!

I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life and I’ve not seen this…ever. And I’m not mad about it. But it’s got me thinking about spring. So I started my new garden this week.

daffodils with yellow flowers and blue spruce

Remember when I told you about the cottage and how I was creating a new cottage garden there? Well, we started removing all that liriope and pachysandra. It was so overgrown and boring that it was time to go.

I’ll relocate to other areas in my yard, but for now, it is coming out. My assistant gardener has been really great at helping me remove it all. Because let me tell you, it is a lot of work!

As we were cleaning things out, we uncovered a whole bunch of drain pipes that were totally clogged and not helping the property drain well. Because our property slopes down to a brook, the ground can really hold moisture.

drainage pipes by the cottage

The former homeowners installed drainage pipes all over the property. Over the last year, we’ve noticed an increase in drainage issues so we’ve been trying to locate and find where all these pipes begin and flow out.

The cottage houses both my planting and garden garages together with my decor storage. Over the last year, my planting garage has seen an increase in moisture getting inside. I figured once we started removing the liriope and pachysandra we’d find some pipes but never expected to have several in one spot.

And let me tell you, it is the hot mess express here right now looking at it! But we will have it cleaned out and fixed this week. Good thing I was all in on removing all these plants so we could get to and repair it all.

pink hyacinths, spring flowers and pottery in the garden

While it was a week focused on spring gardening, I also shopped around for odds and ends for our home here and the cabin in Vermont. Here’s what I shopped for this week!

For the Home:

  • Our toaster oven in the VT cabin was on the fritz. It was old and had needed replacing for a while. So I bought this toaster oven/air fryer combination and cannot wait to use it!
  • We also needed a new electric griddle for the cabin, so I bought this one.
  • Love love love this microwave splatter cover. It saves the mess in my microwave when reheating. You need this!
  • And I bought this slow cooker for the cabin too. What we had was a garage sale find that just didn’t work well.

For the Garden:

  • I bought some wire cloches for the garden. Every time I start sunflowers in the ground the chipmunks or a rabbit get to them. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I’m covering them with these wire cloches.
  • To organize my seeds a little better, I bought this organization box.
  • I started stocking up on slug bait – my hostas will break ground soon so I want to ready when it fully leafs out.
  • I also bought a few bottles of this deer repellent. I’m starting to hit my tulips while they break ground and hydrangeas as they start to leaf out. Since this repellent is systemic, you want to apply it early while the plant is growing and filling out.

It was a fun week on the blog!

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daffodil garden in early spring

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stacy ling cutting dahlias in her garden

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