(This post was written in collaboration with the Christmas Tree Shops but all thoughts and opinions are my own). Looking for ways to get ready for spring in your home and garden? Check out my favorite spring garden and home decor finds from the Christmas Tree Shops.

With the end of February in sight, I am so ready for spring, are you?

We have been getting snowstorm after snowstorm. And as much as I love it, I need warmer days with bright sunshine and pretty garden flowers.

Since we’ve got a ways to go with winter, I started decorating my home for spring and getting my supplies together for the 2021 gardening season.

I stopped by The Christmas Tree Shops the other day for some spring inspiration and found some great stuff!

They had a really great selection of spring garden and cozy home decor ideas with so much more. 

The Christmas Tree Shops has an ever-changing assortment of items that are affordable, stylish and goes well beyond seasonal decor.

And did you know the Christmas Tree Shops sells a lot of garden inspired home decor and supplies? 

I cannot believe how much they had! 

Wait until you see what I found! 

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My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

My Favorite Spring Garden Finds 

While looking through all the great garden stuff at the Christmas Tree Shops, I found lots of supplies that I need for the next growing season.

Let me show you what I bought!

Spring Garden Tools 

Every spring, I pick up a few extra garden tools because I have a tendency to misplace them.

Do you do that too?

I use them, put them down and then can’t recall where I put them, so having a few extras on hand is really helpful.

Hand pruners are one of those items for me. You can never have too many pruners in my opinion. 

And since these were such a great price, I picked up a few.

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

In addition to grabbing some pruners, I picked up a new hand trowel. I love the sharp tip on this one to help dig through rocky soil. 

I was pleasantly surprised they had pruning shears! I actually need a new one, so these were quickly added to my shopping cart too.

Spring Garden Accessories 

I also picked up some kneeling pads. They are great for keeping your knees clean and comfortable while working in the beds. 

Since the knee pads were really budget-friendly, I bought a few in different colors. 

Oh but my favorite find? A collapsible garden bin. 

Although I have one already, I accumulate so much garden debris while working outside, that I could use a few more. 

And the price on these were just too good to pass up!

I also found some coco liners for my window boxes. These were also super inexpensive so I’d rather get them here. 

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

Since I’m starting a bunch of seeds indoors this year, I picked up these biodegradable seed starting pots. They are the perfect size for starting my sweet peas. 

And my most favorite garden find of all? 

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

This pretty wind spinner. It was SO inexpensive and I love to see them tucked in among my flower gardens.

With all the snow on the ground, I can’t do much with it right now, but can’t wait to get it in the gardens when everything greens up and blooms!

My Favorite Spring Home Decor Finds and More

While I’m decorating and shopping for seasonal decor, I love to bring the outdoors in. 

So I always look for earthy, organic decor to add to my garden-inspired modern farmhouse style.

And let me tell you that the Christmas Tree Shops had lots of great stuff for spring and more! 

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

Outdoor Mat

We go through front door mats often. My front porch is not covered, so they get worn out and gross quickly.  

This simple and pretty welcome mat is perfect to greet guests. Although it doesn’t scream spring, it looks festive when layered over a buffalo check mat with some flowers.

I love that I can find everyday decor at the Christmas Tree Shops and mix it in with other seasonal items to get the spring feels.

flowers in pots on window ledge

Faux Spring Florals

When decorating for any season, I tuck lots of faux greens and florals throughout my home to add a fun pop of color, texture and personality. 

I love these faux hyacinth bulbs that I used on my mantel when I started transitioning to spring a few weeks ago. They look very authentic. And because they are faux, they’ll always look fresh and beautiful. 

Plant Styling Tips

But these pretty pink geraniums really caught my eye in the store. 

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love that shade of pink as well as the pattern on these farmhouse style containers. 

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

Garden Inspired Signs

I also love to decorate with signs. Some I keep up year round and others are more seasonal by nature.

The quote on this sign is one of my favorites, so I had to have this sign! 

I’ll likely move it outside to one of my gardens. But for now, I love how it looks in my laundry room with those pretty pink geraniums. 

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

Decorative Containers

While looking through the large selection of plant containers at the Christmas Tree Shops, I found this beautiful galvanized metal urn that I thought would make a great centerpiece.

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

For now, I stuffed it with some faux ferns and peonies. But when my cut flower garden starts blooming, it will be perfect to display fresh florals.

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

I also picked up some decorative ceramic containers for my houseplants like this one that I’m using in the bathroom.

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds
My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

And check out these three gorgeous containers that look amazing with my kalanchoe plants.

Plant Styling Tips

Throw Pillows

I also can’t believe the pillow variety I find when I shop at the Christmas Tree Shops. When I was there a few weeks ago, I picked up these beautiful pillows that look amazing with my new spring decor.

Aren’t the pale greenish-blue ones so pretty?

But my favorite are those off-white ruffled pillows. 


Because the ruffles are nice and stiff so they stay in place instead of flopping over like most other ruffled pillows. After about a month of owning them, they are still in great shape and don’t flop over! 

And how cute is that dotted, textured pillow? It helps add a little more dimension to my dark leather sofas. 

My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds


While I was checking out, I saw this lantern near the check-out line and squeezed it into my cart. I knew it would be perfect in my bay window with my houseplants. 

And that’s it! 

Didn’t the Christmas Tree Shops have a lot of great spring garden and home decor ideas? 

I am loving how they look and can’t wait to use my new garden supplies and accessories in the garden this year!

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My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds
My Favorite Spring Garden and Home Decor Finds

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    1. Love so many pieces you found. The Geraniums are pretty colors. Tge galvanized piece on your table us a perfect centerpiece.

      I’m ready for spring. I have been crafting and decorating. I’m ignoring the snow outside the window.


      1. Aren’t those striking? I love that pink! I am so ready – Now if only all this snow would melt! Maybe this week – I saw maybe we’ll hit the 50s!

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  2. You have so many great finds from The Christmas Tree Shop that I just had to check it out online!! I was disappointed that they don’t do online ordering and shipping! We don’t have any of their stores even close to Iowa! But our snow has melted a lot in the past week! Come on Spring!