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Flowers That Bloom in Midsummer

As much as I love summer, I really enjoy watching the garden transition from summer to fall. Midsummer blooms abound with lots of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

If like me, you want to have a succession of blooms in your garden, it’s really important to pay attention to bloom times.

When I shop at the nursery, I always look at the tag to see what the bloom time is.

In addition to that, I look at what’s blooming in other people’s gardens throughout the growing season.

So while we tour the garden this week, take note of the flowers in bloom this month so you can plant them in your garden this fall.

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Tour My Gardens to See What’s Blooming Today!

Welcome to my August Garden Tour!

Everything still looks gorgeous full and lush.

I had a big problem with scale that subsided after assaulting them with ladybugs and THIS.

Flowers that bloom midsummer
Flowers that bloom in midsummer

Midsummer Blooms in the Front Yard Garden

This border makes me so happy every time I walk by.

The pollinators are thoroughly enjoying it as well.

Monarchs and swallowtails, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and bumblebees seem so peaceful and content zipping from flower to flower to grab some nectar.

Flowers that bloom in midsummer

Bee Balm, Echinacea, Black Eyed Susans, Globe Thistle, and Balloon Flower are in full bloom.

Sedum Autumn Joy is starting to change and producing their flower heads.

As the chartreuse flower heads bloom and deepen in color, the garden will slowly transition to fall.

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

I just love how the front walkway garden looks in summer.

There are so many coneflowers!

They do so well here, but I need to thin these out in fall.

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

I would love to plant some new flowers next year.

If I don’t thin the coneflowers out, there won’t be anywhere to fit them!

When I thin them out, I’ll transplant them to another area of my yard.

Isn’t that the best?

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

I’m also loving that wreath I have on the front door.

It’s from Hobby Lobby.

I love how bright and colorful it is.

If you are looking for a new front door wreath, check THESE out.

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

Midsummer Flowers in the Mailbox Garden

The mailbox garden struggled a little bit this year from that deep freeze we had in spring.

While it still bloomed, the flowers were much smaller than in prior years.

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

Right now, my jackmanii clematis, marigolds, calibrocas and euphorbias are blooming.

The daylillies didn’t do so well in this bed, but sedum autumn joy is starting to take over the show.

Mailbox Garden in Midsummer

Isn’t that clematis something?

It has been here for so many years!

Little tip about clematis is the roots want to be shaded.

So keep something planted in front of it so keep the roots cool.

There is a tiny garden that sits on the other side of my driveway.

This sedum autumn joy has been here since we moved in 22 years ago!

Last year, I added some pumpkins to my fall decor here and just left them through winter.

Check out the happy accident growing in the street!

Sedum Autumn Joy

I love happy gardening accidents, don’t you?

I leave them to enjoy.

Now let’s hope the squirrels don’t hollow them out on me!

Midsummer Flowers Garden Tour

Midsummer Flowers in the Side Yard Garden

The woodland garden in the side yard is looking very lush right now.

My oakleaf hydrangea just finished blooming and joe pye weed is starting to flower.

Notice the foliage of my cranesbill – it’s already starting to transition to fall color!

Midsummer flowers in the woodland garden

Midsummer Flowers in the Backyard Garden

I have a lot of sedum autum joy and joy pye weed in the backyard borders.

The fall vibe is getting stronger in the backyard while these midsummer flowers bloom and take over the borders.

Although the sedum hasn’t bloomed yet, those chartreuse flower heads are adding some serious autumnal texture.

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

And joe pye weed has become quite the butterfly magnet since it started blooming.

Each plant gets about 5-6 butterflies per day!

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

I grow a succession of flowers that keep the butterflies happy.

You can get a list of what to plant HERE.

And if you want to grow a garden for butterflies, CLICK HERE.

Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

I love how pretty all this shade garden foliage looks, don’t you?

If you focus on foliage as well as blooms, you’ll always have lots of colors in the garden.


My hydrangeas are doing so much better this year than they did last.

If you recall, my hydrangeas did not bloom.

But not this year.

This year they are doing fabulous.

Hydrangea on garden path

To learn all about hydrangeas, their care and their flowers, CLICK HERE.

A friend of mine gave me this pretty Japanese anemone a few years back.

Isn’t it so pretty?

Japanese Anemone

I love the dainty pink blooms.

They grow really well here in my New Jersey garden too.

Do you grow anemones?

Fresh Tomatoes from the Garden
Tomato season is the best season here in New Jersey.

We had a great harvest of tomatoes this year in the vegetable garden.

There is nothing better than fresh homegrown tomatoes.

They are the best, aren’t they?

Outdoor Living Spaces in Midsummer

We just love hanging outside during the warmer months don’t you?

It’s so important to have a casual and comfortable place to hang.

Outdoor Dining Space on the Deck
The outdoor dining space is my favorite place to hang out!

The outdoor dining space on our upper deck is our favorite place for dining and entertaining.

It feels like we are a country club!

And the gazebo helps keep us cool from the hot summer sun.

I made a quick wildflower-inspired arrangement from some blooms that were falling over after a summer storm.

This arrangement contains black eyed susans, tall phlox, echinacea, hostas and ferns.

This is our lower deck area that will get a major facelift next year.

While I still love it, we’ve had this outdoor furniture for about 18 years and it’s time to refresh the space.

Shop for Outdoor Living Space Ideas

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Kim’s Cottage Garden in the PNW. Photo by Shiplapandshells.

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Flowers that Bloom in Midsummer

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