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Random Things Happening Behind the Scenes at Bricks ‘n Blooms

What a week it was!

A Nice Surprise

The early copies of my book, The Bricks ‘n Blooms Guide to a Beautiful and Easy Care Flower Garden, arrived! My publisher surprised me with my first copy this week and it is surreal holding it in my hands!

I was working on my blog from the family room sofa when I heard the Fed Ex Delivery person arrive. Of course, I started shopping for Christmas decor and gifts already so I had assumed it was just that.

When I grabbed the package, I quickly realized it was from the publisher! They sent a beautiful handwritten note along with a few copies of my cover and the first copy of my book.

And wow, let me tell you, it turned out so good! The pictures look amazing, the overall book is meaty and chock full of great information, and I feel very proud of all the hard work that went into it.

A fall cottage garden

To give you my why for writing this, through the years, I can’t tell you how many friends, family, and neighbors would tell me they couldn’t grow things. Or they didn’t have the time to grow flowers and plants. Yadda yadda yadda.

And one of the reasons I started this blog was to help them and those like them learn the joys of gardening. Because, even if you are short on time, there are ways to do it without having it suck up every waking minute of your life when you’d rather be golfing. LOL!

But this book isn’t just for gardener newbies. I also wrote this book for those of you who want to delve a little deeper into design and learn how to bring more flowers into your life in a very manageable way.

From experience, I’ll tell you that when my children were young and I was running around with them, I had very little time to devote to my gardens but still wanted to grow things. And I found a way to strike that balance. So my approach to flower gardening has become easy. It has to be easy for me and my lifestyle.

Now you’re probably thinking, what???? She has massive gardens now so that can’t even be true. But alas, it is. Hear me out.

potager garden in late october with hydrangea flowers, vintage bicycle and outdoor dining table

What I can manage with my time now is vastly different from what I could manage 10-15 years ago running around with three active girls, working for my husband, and managing the household. I had very little time to spend weeding, deadheading, etc. I always had time to plant, but not the rest of what went along with it.

Through the years, I’ve learned what plants need more time and energy than others and how to effectively use them in garden design.

Does this sound of interest to you? Then you will love my book.

I realize this is an odd time because the book is only available for preorder right now, but those preorders make a huge difference for authors with publishing houses and retailers. Because those preorders tell them that this is going to be a great book and they should order more.

cottage garden in late fall with rudbeckia, gomphrena, pumpkins, sedum autumn joy and gorgeous foliage.

And because there is a demand during preorders, retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. will push it out into their algorithms and start ranking them. Yes…my book is already starting to rank on retail sites!

It’s so exciting to see!

So it really helps when people preorder. And when you preorder, you shouldn’t get charged for the book until it is actually released.

Therefore, if you are planning to get the book anyway, it would really help me get my work out there if you preordered.

Thank you in advance if you already have. And I thank you all for supporting my work!

The best cutting flowers for fall! A hand bouquet of dahlias, zinnia flowers, celosia, and allium seed heads in a fall cottage garden

Weekend Fun

Chris’ brother from San Diego came for a visit so the family gathered here in our home for a few days. I made my Sunday sauce with sausages and meatballs that were baked in the oven.

It’s one of my favorite dishes to make when a crowd comes over because I can make it earlier in the day and we make subs later on.

We spent some time touring the property with some wine, enjoyed some time by the fire pit and overall had a great time reconnecting.

This week, my kids will all be back home under one roof. I cannot wait to regroup!

Christmas Decorating and Houseplants

With the end of the growing season outdoors, I’m turning my attention to my indoor plants and Christmas decorating.

While I know I’ve been sharing a ton of Christmas content lately, I have barely started decorating yet. I used to not decorate before Thanksgiving, but now, I like to get a jump start on the holidays just before.

Now I don’t go all in or anything on the red and green glitz and glam. But I do like to get a few things out so it’s a little less stressful and I get to enjoy them for a bit before I take it all down fo the season.

Plus, getting started early allows me time to pull looks together so I can share them with you before you begin your holiday decorating.

In no way should you feel like you have to get started before you are ready and my posts are not intended to make you feel pressured. I’m just sharing ideas and things I enjoy as I get started in my own home.

black labrador retriever with rustic christmas centerpiece DIY

What I’m Shopping For This Week

Oh, it was a big shopping week as I’m really drilling down on Christmas! Mostly decor but a few other things you might be interested in too!

What’s Happening at Bricks ‘n Blooms

It was another fun but busy week on the blog!

With things wrapping up in the gardens, I shared 11 important gardening tasks to do to prepare your gardens for winter.

As a passionate gardener who adores the beauty of nature, I always strive to bring the outdoors in, especially during the holiday season. So I shared a DIY Christmas centerpiece that combines fresh or faux winter greens to achieve a rustic-elegant style that’s sure to impress your guests at the holiday table this year.

rustic christmas tablescape with centerpiece, candles, dinnerware, and more in the potager garden
Bricks ‘n Blooms

And it was supper club week! My friends and I shared a ton of inspiration for a rustic Christmas theme with lots of beautiful table decor and menu ideas. Check out these posts!

As we inch our way to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the rest of all the holiday things, I am going to save you lots of time this year finding gifts for all the special people in your life. Because I have been shopping around and curating my finds into one shoppable guide!

So if you are wondering what to get friends, family, and others in your life this year, I got you! This 25-page free downloadable shoppable gift guide has lots of great ideas for him, for her, teen boys and girls, kids, teachers, gardeners, pet lovers, and lots lots more!

My hope is that this guide will help you knock this part of the hustle and bustle off your list so you can sit back and savor the season a bit more.

Grab your free guide here.

The ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

Amazing Inspiration from Around the Web

I love finding cool inspiration from around the web and wanted to share some of what I’m loving right now.

If you enjoy these posts, you can find past Bricks ‘n Blooms Weekly posts here.

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Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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