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Random Things Happening Behind the Scenes at Bricks ‘n Blooms

What a week it was!

After a fun weekend in Columbus, Ohio visiting our daughter Shana, we got right back into the swing of things here.

The weather is still pretty hot but much cooler than it was last week. So I was able to get out in the gardens and get a few things done!

I harvested the rest of the potatoes, pulled a few plants that have seen better days, and even planted a few new hydrangeas.

potager garden with bicycle from flea market and hydrangea paniculata

Because we’ve been traveling so much and the weather has been so hot, I also had A LOT of cutting to do in the potager garden.

So the house has been filled with fresh flowers both inside and out on the porches.

Some of my dahlia flowers were getting really top-heavy and leaning over after some of the storms we had, so I also spent some time staking them up a little better.

When I plant these gardens next year, I’m going to do two layers of trellis netting instead of just one on heavier-duty, secured stakes in the raised garden beds.

With each passing day, the gardens are looking more and more like fall. It’s such a beautiful transition to watch and one of the reasons I love living in New Jersey.

asters in the cottage garden with rudbeckia and ruby snow hydrangeas

What I’m Shopping For This Week

I am getting ready to make wreaths this fall and winter! So I snagged a bunch of wreath-making supplies plus a few other gardening and home odds and ends.

Here’s what I’m shopping for this week.

Wreath Making Supplies

DIY Fall garden wreath with sunflowers, celosia, zinnias and ivy
I love this fall garden wreath DIY with the ivy

Garden Supplies and Tools

Other Random Stuff I’m Shopping For

  • I was totally influenced by @erikataylor to buy this pink powder.
  • These patches are for depuffing under the eyes.
  • Just bought these sneakers for everyday wear.

What’s Happening at Bricks ‘n Blooms

It was a fun week on the blog!

I shared my FREE Fall Gardening Guide Ebook which is chock full of everything you need to grow a stunning autumn garden, filled with vibrant colors and lush foliage.

In this guide, I share my handpicked selection of must-have gardening tools, supplies, and all the other things that will make your garden life easier.

Get the guide here.

gomphrena rudbeckia and sedum autumn joy by front porch in fall

This week, we are diving into fall flowers. So we chatted about how to grow and care for pansies flowers.

If you are new to gardening and want to get started, pansies flowers are a great option to start with. T

hey are easy to grow, and do well in both container gardens and small spaces. Learn how to care for them with these simple tips.

close up of purple pansies and violas

I also shared about how to grow pumpkins. Have you ever grown them before?

If you’ve never tried growing them before and want to try, you’ll want to save this post or share it on your favorite Pinterest board so you remember it later.

Because pumpkins are so fun to grow!

If you are already growing them, I shared some great tips for harvesting the fruit, saving the seeds and more in this informative post.

fall porch wreaths with planters and pumpkins on at the front entry

As we head into fall and I’m getting ready to plant some container gardens, I shared 25 of the prettiest autumn flowers and plants together with design recipes.

We also chatted about ways to set a cozy and beautiful fall harvest table for your next dinner party. Learn how to set a stunning tablescape for friends and family with these simple tips.

And finally, I also shared 11 effortless ways to cozy up an outdoor living space for fall. Follow these tips so you can create a beautiful space you’ll enjoy all season long.

Front porch swing in fall with heuchera, chinese evergreen, zzz plant, fall throw pillows and area rug in fall

Amazing Inspiration from Around the Web

I love finding cool inspiration from around the web and wanted to share some of what I’m loving right now.

This adorable DIY sunflower centerpiece idea.

These tips for decorating with second-hand finds.

This fall home tour.

And these decorating tips for the dining room.

If you enjoy these posts, you can find past Bricks ‘n Blooms Weekly posts here.

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Close-up of peach-colored snapdragons with soft yellow accents, the ruffled petals providing a delicate texture against the greenery of the garden

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Two women stand side by side, smiling in front of a colorful puzzle-piece mural with various illustrations. The left woman wears a denim jacket and a light pink dress, while the right woman wears a dark green blouse and a black skirt.

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Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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close up of pink coreopsis flowers
Home and Garden Blogger Stacy Ling cutting zinnia flowers in her cottage garden with wood picket fence in front of garden shed
The bricks \'n Blooms guide to a beautiful and easy-care flower garden book by stacy ling
The Bricks ‘n Blooms Guide to a Beautiful and Easy Care Flower Garden
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  • Have you dug around in the dirt with nothing to show for it except a sunburn and a sore back?
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Then the Bricks ‘n Blooms Guide is for YOU

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