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Christmas Decor Indoor Ideas for 2022

Are you looking to freshen up your holiday decor? Here are some quick ways to spruce up your Christmas decor indoor ideas for 2022.

With the temps cooling down to I need a jacket level, the leaves are almost done falling, and it’s time to start thinking Christmas and get in the holiday spirit!!!!

Cause the Christmas season doesn’t have to only be a few short weeks.

We can prepare before Thanksgiving.

An easy way to enjoy the Christmas vibe for longer is to shop or make Christmas gifts earlier, get your Christmas cards ready to go, and get those creative juices flowing so the festive season isn’t such a blur.

But before we grab some red ribbon, pretty Christmas balls, and some Christmas lights, let’s chat about the best ways to spruce up your home for the holidays this year a little earlier.

That way, we’ll have more time to savor the season instead of feeling like the holidays flew by without getting to truly enjoy them.

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Looking Back to Christmas Past

A great way to plan and execute this year’s indoor Christmas decor ideas, we should look back to what we did in years past.

What did you love? What did you not love? And how can you make things different this year?

Last Christmas, I decorated with holiday-neutral indoor decorations with pops of red in our former home just before we moved.

It was really beautiful and kind of sad to be decorating there for the last time.

We moved just before the holidays, so while I didn’t do a whole lot of decorating here at the new house, I dedicated myself to at least one room so it felt more like Christmas.

family room decorated for Christmas with cozy ski lodge look in my modern farmhouse
Christmas in the Family Room

With a new home, I’m starting to sift through what we already have before I purchase new holiday decor.

I may do some rooms with beautiful holiday neutrals and timeless winter decor. But I still love that pop of red, don’t you?

Before I get started decorating, I’m shopping my home first to see what I already have that will fit my Christmas aesthetic.

Here are some quick ways to spruce up your Christmas decor!

King of Christmas tree decorated with vintage christmas ornaments near sunny window with red poinsettias in modern farmhouse decorated for Christmas

Sprucing Up Your Christmas Decor Indoor Ideas for 2022

We don’t have to spend tons of money to spruce up our Christmas decor every year.

Keep in mind that not every inch of your home needs to be decked out with Christmas crafts, candy canes, and Christmas trees.

Because sometimes less is more.

If you plan to shop for holiday decor, look around to find the best deals. Because you can save a lot of money, shopping for a Christmas look for less.

close up of king of christmas 7.5' royal fir christmas tree with oversized lanterns from decor steals in vintage farmhouse - LIving room Christmas 2022

When shopping around too, look for things that are a bit understated so you can decorate with them a little earlier or keep them out a little longer as part of your winter decor.

And if you are not shopping for new festive holiday decorations?

There are things we can do to spice things up so our existing Christmas decor feels fresh and new. And it doesn’t mean you have to do all of them.

Even the smallest of changes can make your holiday home feel fresh and new for the upcoming season.

Here are 5 simple ways to update your Christmas decor for 2022.

cozy twinkle lights in my farmhouse christmas kitchen with white cabinets -Rustic Farmhouse Christmas

Swap Out Throw Pillows

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to change out my throw pillows. Oftentimes, I just buy new pillow covers because they are easier to store than actual pillows.

There are so many different colors, patterns, and different sizes to choose from. And they add such a Christmas vibe when it comes to seasonal home decor.

So consider changing them out to freshen up your home. And the seasons I tend to focus on are:

  • Christmas
  • Winter
  • Spring/Summer
  • Fall
Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas in the living room with dark leather sofa, throw pillows and faux winter greens in neutral home

As I am shopping around for new throw pillows, I am totally getting THESE evergreen tree pillows for my living room. Aren’t they so cool?

They are beautiful, understated, and will look amazing beyond the holiday season.

But I also love:

  • THIS festive and cozy pillow
  • THIS cozy neutral winter pillow
  • And I love THIS soft and cozy plaid pillow for the holidays
  • But THIS cozy neutral plaid would look great from the holidays well into winter.
cozy textured neutral decor in the living room decorating for Christmas 2022 in modern farmhouse with dark leather sofas and christmas greenery
Living Room in Winter

Shop for More Throw Pillows

Change Your Area Rug

Another easy idea to spruce up your holiday home is to change your area rug.

Way back when, I probably wouldn’t suggest this as a change, but there are SO many great affordable area rugs out there that make it so easy to change it up for the season.

I really want to get THIS one.

But I don’t know, I love THIS one too.

Aren’t they so festive?

I may get an 8×10 for the library to create a festive vibe and then decorate with what I already have from there.

Which one do you like better?

flocked christmas tree in vintage farmhouse with painted inlay wood floors decorated with a neutral color palette with ribbon, ornaments, and a garden style touch
Flocked Christmas Tree in Foyer
modern farmhouse living room with textured neutrals and King of Christmas 7.5 foot royal fir tree with pops of red and rustic natural neutral christmas decor
Christmas in the Living room

Add Cozy Christmas Linens

An easy way to add a festive touch is to swap out your bedding, add some cozy chunky knit throws, and change bath and kitchen towels, or linens for the dining room, to decorate for the holidays without busting the budget.

Depending on the vibe I’m going for, even a small holiday-inspired towel or napkins for place settings can make a big impact in a small space.

Whenever I’m shopping around, I try to consider the bigger picture of how I’ll use things. Can I use it for more than just Christmas?

As much as I love festive reds, they don’t translate as well into winter, so sometimes I gravitate to greens, neutrals, or winter plaids.

Right now, I am loving THIS color for my bedroom.

It’s simple, it’s understated, and would look amazing for longer than just the holidays.

Swap out some seasonal throw pillows and a throw blanket and it’s a solid decor staple for my home.

Rustic farmhouse Christmas Decorating in the Living Room with roaring fire, tv over fireplace, mantel decorated for the holidays with faux greens and white christmas stockings, and poinsettias with mini trees and fairy lights

Shop for Cozy Winter and Holiday Linens

Christmas Decor Indoor Ideas: Winter Greens and Decor

I’m a huge fan of plants and flowers, both real and faux.

They make spaces feel more alive, provide lots of character and help boost the mood.

A festive way to add indoor Christmas decorations ideas is to tuck some faux evergreen sprigs on a shelf or add a wreath to your front door and you’ve got a gorgeous winter vibe.

Add an artificial Christmas tree this year so you can decorate earlier and skip the needle drop.

Classic christmas in our new to us vintage farmhouse in the formal living room with fireplace, tv over mantel and christmas tree with vintage toolbox filled with greenery and christmas decor -First Christmas in Our Home Tour

Or tuck in some mini trees throughout your home to add an understated look for the holidays.

Christmas centerpieces for the dinner table are a great way to spruce up the dining area for the holidays.

I always say, a great centerpiece can decorate the whole room. So consider making one with faux greens that will last throughout the season.

There are a few sources that I love to purchase faux winter greens and flowers from.

modern farmhouse christmas decor in the family room with cozy ski lodge style with round mango wood birch lane coffee table, monstera plant and poinsettias
Christmas in the famil room

Here are my faves that sold out SUPER QUICK last year so if you want them, I’d order them now:

  • THIS garland
  • THESE branches for fillers
  • THIS wreath
  • THESE make great fillers for small arrangements or tucking in on shelves.
  • THESE are great for crocks, vases, baskets, vintage crates and toolboxes.
  • THIS adds a lot of texture and dimension in arrangements.
  • I don’t have THIS one but I’ve got it in my shopping cart for the new house.
  • But I’m also loving THIS one.
  • How gorgeous is THIS wreath?
  • And THESE look great in anything!

Much like plants and florals, it’s essential to add natural materials like pine cones, ornaments, white or red berries, and other organic elements to spruce up the 2022 Christmas decor.

CLICK HERE to see more.

christmas in the front entry hall with thrift store cabinet, sansevieria snake plant, christmas trees, stair garland with neutral christmas decor
Front Entry Hall at Christmas

Shop for Faux Winter Greens and Florals

Scented Candles and Mood Lighting are Must-Haves

But the perfect way to add more indoor Christmas decoration ideas? Add some warm, glowing winter-scented candles and fairy lights

Do you have a favorite scented candle for the holidays?

I love anything cranberry. But the scent of pine is also lovely this year too.

I’m also a huge fan of battery-operated flameless candles and string lights. Have you tried them yet?

close up of battery operated taper candles on mango wood round coffee table with dough bowl filled with greens and potpourri

Tip: Look for ones with timers or remotes – it makes it SO much easier to turn several on at one time without having to think about it.

THIS is the pre-lit garland I have in my kitchen on my window and on top of the cabinets.

You definitely want this one – I added mine to my wintergreen garlands and it looks AMAZING.

It’s a little pricey but I haven’t found anything like it anywhere else so to me, it’s worth it.

Rustic farmhouse kitchen decorated with fairy lights and garland around the window with prelit mini trees - how many more months until christmas?
Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas in the kitchen with prelit mini trees, faux winter greens, chalk painted cabinets in old white by annie sloan and granite countertops

Plus, It looks so much better than plain string lights.

And THESE are the pretty lit cones too.

I couldn’t find them last year, but they are selling them again this year, so don’t wait to buy them if you want them!

Rustic Farmhouse christmas tree with DIY paperbag snowflakes in farmhouse living roomHow to Make Snowflakes with Paper Bags

My Favorite Christmas Decor Finds for 2021

Looking For More Christmas Decorating Ideas?

Wait until you see these holiday decorating, entertaining, and food ideas to create a cozy home for Christmas.

hanging planter for Christmas on the front porch

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Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas on the stair raiilng in the front entry hall with ribbon, greens and twinkle lights
Cozy Christmas Decorating in the Living Room Reading nook with cozy blanket, faux winter greens and poinsettias in my rustic farmhouse
Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas for the dining table with vintage toolbox filled with faux winter greens, pinecone and christmas ornaments on farmhouse table with black china cabinet and hutch
5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Christmas Decor

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  1. Great tips Stacy! I use neutral Christmas decor.

    Except some ornaments I have collected over the years.

    I always make new crafts. I can’t help myself

  2. I am looking at Pinterest and came across your Christmas decor from 2022. I have a brown leather couch like the one in the Christmas picture only I have 2 chairs instead of a loveseat to go with. The chairs are shot and my husband wants to replace them with 2 lazy boys. The problem is what color? I have a open house with tan walls in the living room and with denim blue in the kitchen. I have decor accents in blue. What color of leather lazyboys would you pick. We are trying to decide on a dark blue or a medium tan.

    1. I’d def go with a lighter fabric or shade of chairs. I have two chairs in the room that are beige and off-white with a neutral plaid pattern that work well with the leather.