Looking for ways to make a beautiful do-it-yourself wreath for fall? Wait until you see how easy it is to make this simple hydrangea wreath for free!

If you love fall wreaths as much as I do, they can get pretty expensive if you aren’t the DIY type.

But WAIT! You can totally make a hydrangea wreath for FREE using the things you probably already have on hand.

Seriously this may be the easiest DIY you’ll ever do and it looks AMAZING when it’s finished.

Wait until you see how beautiful and EASY this hydrangea wreath is to make!

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Why Make Your Own Wreath

Making your own wreath instead of buying a pre-made one offers several compelling advantages that can enhance your creative experience and the final result.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to use what you already have! Here are a few reasons why making your own wreath can be a rewarding choice.

  • Customization: When you make your own wreath, you have full control over the design, materials, and colors used. This level of customization allows you to create a wreath that perfectly matches your personal style and complements your home decor.
  • Creativity and Expression: Crafting your own wreath is a wonderful outlet for creativity and self-expression. You can experiment with different elements, textures, and arrangements to make a truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Cost-Effective: DIY wreaths can often be more budget-friendly than buying a pre-made one. Foraging materials from nature, reusing items you already have, or purchasing inexpensive supplies in bulk can significantly reduce the cost.
  • Personal Touch: Handcrafting a wreath adds a personal touch to your home decor which makes it more intentional and meaningful.
  • Therapeutic and Relaxing: It allows you to unwind, focus on the present moment, and experience a sense of accomplishment when you see the finished product.
  • Connection with Nature: Foraging for materials like dried flowers, foliage, or pinecones can connect you with nature and the changing seasons.
  • Bonding Activity: Making wreaths can be a fun and bonding activity for friends and family.
  • Sustainable Choice: Making your own wreath often allows you to upcycle and reuse materials, reducing waste and making a more environmentally conscious choice.
  • Learning and Skill Development: DIY wreath-making can be a learning experience, helping you acquire new skills and techniques that you can use in other crafts and projects.
  • Holiday Traditions: Making wreaths can become a cherished holiday tradition for you and your family, fostering a sense of togetherness and joy.

While buying a pre-made wreath can be convenient, making your own wreath brings much more joy, creativity, and personalization to the process.

It’s an opportunity to create something special and truly reflect your personality and style, making your home decor all the more meaningful and delightful.

Hydrangea Wreath DIY FAQs

Because this wreath is so easy to make, I always get a ton of questions about it. So I’m addressing them here and then sharing how to make the wreath below.

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Wreath?

Yes! It is 100 percent more budget-friendly to make your own wreath.

Why spend $100 or more on one from the store, when you can make a better one yourself? Of course, not all DIY wreaths are inexpensive if you need to purchase a bunch of supplies.

So before making one, take inventory of what you already have that can be used to make your wreath more affordable.

Close up of hydrangea flowers when it starts to fade -How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath for Free
Hydrangea Limelight Flowers

What Can I Use For the Base of the Wreath?

Any styrofoam, grapevine, or wire wreath form can work to make your own wreath.

But keep in mind that if you use styrofoam for a wreath that will be outdoors, it will need some weight to it to keep it down as it’s pretty light.

I prefer to work with grapevine or wire wreath forms when making wreaths that will be outdoors.

White and blue hydrangea flowers in the garden

Why Hydrangea Flowers Work Well in Fall DIY Wreaths

As I was walking the gardens this week, I noticed my endless summer hydrangeas flowers have that gorgeous fall vintage color.

And you know what that means right?

It means they are perfect for drying!

Hydrangeas work exceptionally well on fall wreaths for several reasons, making them a popular choice for autumn-themed decorations.

  • Rich Fall Colors: During the fall, hydrangea blooms undergo a beautiful transformation, showcasing rich and warm hues that perfectly complement the autumn color palette.
  • Dried and Preserved Appearance: As the summer ends, hydrangea blooms naturally dry out on the plant. These dried blooms retain their color and shape, making them ideal for crafting wreaths and other home decor.
  • Abundant Blooms: Hydrangeas produce clusters of flowers on a single stem, resulting in lush and full blooms.
  • Textural Variety: Hydrangea blooms offer an appealing mix of textures.
  • Versatile Design Options: Whether you prefer a monochromatic look with blooms of a single color or a more eclectic mix of various hues, hydrangeas can be used as the main focus of the wreath or paired with other fall elements for added interest.
  • Easy to Forage: Hydrangea bushes are commonly found in gardens, public parks, and other outdoor spaces making the blooms easy to use.
  • Timeless Elegance: Hydrangeas have a classic and timeless appeal, which translates well into fall decor. They evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth, making them a popular choice for those looking to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere during the autumn season.

I prefer the simplicity of just dried hydrangea flowers in the wreath, but you can also combine these beautiful blooms with other fall-themed elements like pinecones, berries, acorns, or fall foliage to enhance the overall seasonal look.

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath for Free
Before this grapevine wreath looked like a hot mess!

How Long Does a Hydrangea Wreath Last?

The lifespan of a hydrangea wreath can vary depending on several factors, including how the wreath was made, the condition of the hydrangea blooms used, and how the wreath is displayed and cared for.

On average, a well-crafted hydrangea wreath can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Here are some key factors that can influence the longevity of a hydrangea wreath.

  • Drying Stage: Hydrangea blooms used in wreaths should be fully matured and starting to dry on the plant. Blooms that are picked too early may wilt quickly, reducing the wreath’s lifespan.
  • Quality of Hydrangea Blooms: Opt for healthy, fresh blooms without any signs of wilting or damage. Choosing the best quality hydrangea blooms will help your wreath last longer.
  • Weather and Environment: Extreme heat, direct sunlight, or exposure to moisture can impact the condition of the wreath. It’s best to display the wreath in a sheltered location away from direct sunlight and rain.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Display: Indoor wreaths generally last longer since they are protected from the elements. Outdoor wreaths are more exposed to weather conditions, which can shorten their lifespan.
  • Humidity Levels: High humidity can cause the hydrangea blooms to wilt faster. If you live in a humid climate, consider displaying the wreath in a well-ventilated area.
  • Handling: Avoid excessive handling of the wreath, as this can cause the dried hydrangea blooms to become more fragile and prone to breakage.
  • Preservation Techniques: If you want to extend the life of your hydrangea wreath, you can apply a clear floral sealant or hairspray to the blooms. This helps preserve their color and texture.
  • Natural Fading: Over time, the colors of dried hydrangea blooms may naturally fade, but the wreath can still maintain its charm with muted tones.

To get the most out of your hydrangea wreath, consider displaying it indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area, away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity.

With proper care and preservation, you can enjoy your hydrangea wreath’s beauty for an extended period during the fall season and beyond.

white hydrangea flowers

Could I Make a Hydrangea Wreath Using Faux Flowers?

Absolutely! Choose your faux hydrangea blooms and simply tuck them in the grapevine wreath.

Easy peasy.

CLICK HERE for where to buy the best faux and foliage flowers for fall.

Cut hydrangeas for drying in farmhouse kitchen hydrangea care
How to Keep Fresh Cut Hydrangeas from Drooping

How Do You Preserve a Hydrangea Wreath?

Preserving a hydrangea wreath involves taking steps to maintain the appearance and condition of the dried hydrangea blooms.

With proper care, you can extend the life of your wreath and keep it looking beautiful for an extended period. Here are 7 simple tips for preserving a hydrangea wreath.

  • Apply a Clear Sealant or Hairspray: One of the simplest methods to preserve dried hydrangea blooms is to apply a clear floral sealant or hairspray. Hold the sealant or hairspray can about 12 inches away from the wreath and spray a light, even coat over the blooms. This will help protect the flowers from dust, humidity, and natural fading.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Display the wreath in a location away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the dried blooms to fade and lose their color more quickly.
  • Keep Away from Moisture: Hydrangea blooms are sensitive to moisture, so keep the wreath away from areas with high humidity or moisture sources. Avoid hanging the wreath in bathrooms or near kitchen sinks.
  • Handle with Care: Dried hydrangea blooms can be delicate, so handle the wreath with care. Minimize touching and avoid squeezing or pressing the flowers to prevent breakage.
  • Indoor Display: If possible, display the wreath indoors where it is protected from the elements. Indoor environments generally have more stable conditions, which can help preserve the wreath.
  • Use Silica Gel: If you have the option, you can use silica gel to dry and preserve the hydrangea blooms before making the wreath. Silica gel absorbs moisture and helps maintain the flowers’ shape and color.
  • Store Properly: When the fall season is over, if you want to keep the wreath for future use, store it in a cool, dry place. You can wrap the wreath in tissue paper or a plastic bag to protect it from dust.
  • Regularly Dust: Dust the wreath gently with a soft brush or a feather duster to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Keep in mind that even with the best preservation techniques, dried hydrangea blooms will naturally age and change color over time.

blue and white hydrangea flowers in the backyard garden in my early summer garden tour in new jersey

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath DIY For Free

For this wreath, I had everything needed on hand, so it cost me zero dollars to make.

You know those old wreaths that you kept because you told yourself you’d make something out of it?

Those old wreath forms are perfect for this do-it-yourself project.

Now you can dry them ahead of time using THIS easy method. But it’s even easier to dry them directly on the wreath. Here’s how to do it!

annabelle hydrangea flowers

Supplies Needed to Make a Hydrangea Wreath

I love a DIY where not much is needed to make it don’t you?

The less supplies to gather the better.

And the best part is you can use an old wreath form that you have laying around.

How to Make a Hydrangea Wreath for Free

If you are anything like me, I have quite a few wreaths hanging around that have seen better days.

Instead of tossing them, repurpose them!

This grapevine wreath has been on my hit list for a while. The fall berries are totally faded, so it doesn’t look good in my decor anymore.

But the grapevine wreath itself is in PERFECT condition!

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath for Free

And what I love about using a grapevine wreath for this DIY is you can tuck the stems directly into the grapevine without using floral wire. #winning

So it’s totally worth taking off all the old stuff and tucking in flowers from the garden.

Since this wreath is made with hydrangeas, I’m cutting flowers from my endless summer hydrangea.

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath for Free

If you don’t have hydrangeas in your yard, ask a friend or a neighbor if you can cut some from theirs and make wreaths together.

This is such a fun project to do and looks so gorgeous when it’s done.

And the best part?

The hydrangea flowers dry right on the wreath. I mean how easy is that???

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath

Directions to Make a Hydrangea Wreath DIY

If using an old wreath form, clean it up and remove all the old stuff before making this hydrangea wreath.

Then head out to the garden and cut some hydrangea flowers that are roughly 8-10″ long.

You’ll cut those down as you work with them, but give yourself enough room to make the wreath.

Collect flowers in a container or basket. However, if you plan to make the wreath later, you’ll want to use a bucket of water to keep the blooms fresher until you are ready to work.

Next, remove all of the leaves from the stem.

Cut the stem down to about 4-6″ in length and then add them to the wreath inserting them left and right.

Since I’m using a grapevine wreath, the stems are easy to secure without wire.

However, if you are using a wire wreath form, you will likely need floral wire to secure the flowers.

Keep adding hydrangea flowers working left to right until the wreath form is filled.

I returned to the garden a few times because I did not have enough flowers to work with.

close up of panicle hydrangea

More About Making Hydrangea Wreaths

Have you ever made this kind of hydrangea wreath before? What would you do differently? I would love to know more in the comments below.

Want to Make a Fall Wreath Using Other Garden Flowers?

Last year, I made the prettiest fall wreath for my front door after harvesting sunflowers in my garden.

Wait until you see how easy this one is to make! And look how pretty it looks!

DIY Fall garden wreath with sunflowers, celosia, zinnias and ivy
I love this fall garden wreath DIY with the ivy

More About Hydrangeas

close up of hydrangea wreath diy supplies on wood table

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling
hydrangea wreath and grapevine wreath base

hydrangea wreath and grapevine wreath base
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