Looking for easy ways to decorate your home this fall? Wait until you see these easy fall diy projects that you can make in a day.

As summer comes to a close, the leaves start to change colors for fall, and the air feels a bit more crisp which means it’s almost time to embrace the beauty of fall and bring those warm autumn vibes into your home.

If you are looking for ways to refresh your space, I’ve got a bunch of fall do-it-yourself projects and home decorating ideas to try.

Some of which, you can do on a dime.

One of the best ways I love to decorate for fall is by using things I already have on hand like old wreath forms, thrifted planters, and cut flowers from my garden.

So if you have stuff like that laying around, you can do several of these craft ideas with ease and for next to nothing.

Wait until you see these easy fall DIY projects and home decorating ideas!

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When Is the Best Time to Decorate for Fall?

The best time to start decorating for fall depends on your personal preference and regional climate. Generally, many people begin decorating for fall in late August through early October. Which is usually around the time when kids start heading back to school.

This timing allows you to capture the essence of the season as the leaves start to change color and the weather becomes crisper. However, if you’re eager to embrace the fall spirit, you can start decorating whenever you want!

Keep in mind that fall decorations can vary from simple touches like adding seasonal throw pillows and wreaths to more elaborate setups with pumpkins, gourds, and other autumn-themed decor.

If you plan to incorporate outdoor elements like pumpkins and mums, be mindful of when they are readily available in your area. Because especially where chrystanthemums are concerned, hold off decorating with them until the temperatures become more seasonable as they do not love the summer heat.

Ultimately, the best time to decorate for fall is when you feel the change in the air and are excited to bring that cozy and warm ambiance into your home. Whether you prefer a gradual transition or an early immersion into fall decor, the choice is yours!

formal living room decorated for spring with mix and match neutral pillows, loloi area rug, and pops of green with pretty houseplants

Quick Tips for a Slow Transition From Summer to Fall Home Decor

If you are like me and want to hang on to summer for a bit longer, there are lots of ways to slowly transition your home from summer to fall without going all in on autumn.

How quickly you move into fall home decor is entirely up to you. Here’s my slow-roll approach to ease your way into fall.

  • Switch Out Textiles: Swap lightweight and bright-colored summer textiles like throw blankets, cushions, and curtains for softer, warmer, and richer autumn tones. Think deep reds, oranges, browns, and cozy earthy neutrals.
  • Introduce Warm Lighting: Replace bright and cool lighting with warm and soft lighting. Use table lamps, fairy lights , and battery-operated candles in vintage gold candlestick holders to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Add Seasonal Wreaths: Hang a fall-themed wreath on your front door or indoors to instantly set the tone for the season.
  • Embrace Natural Elements: Bring nature indoors with items like pinecones, acorns, dried branches, and fall foliage. Place them in vases, bowls, or as part of table centerpieces.
  • Decorate with Pumpkins and Gourds: Place pumpkins and gourds in varying sizes and colors around your home.
  • Switch to Cozy Fabrics: Swap out light summer linens and fabrics for heavier materials like wool, flannel, and faux fur. Drape cozy blankets over couches and chairs.
  • Use Scented Candles: Invest in fall-scented candles like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or warm vanilla. The scents will instantly make your home feel like fall.
  • Display Fall Art and Prints: Change out your artwork for pieces that reflect the fall season. Look for paintings, prints, or photographs featuring autumn landscapes or colors.
  • Create a Seasonal Centerpiece: Craft a simple fall centerpiece using elements like pumpkins, candles, flowers, and foliage. Arrange them on your dining or coffee table.
  • Update Table Settings: Swap out bright and summery tableware for warmer-hued plates, bowls, and tablecloths.
  • Dress Up Your Entryway: Add a cozy fall welcome mat, potted mums, and a decorative pumpkin or two to your front porch or entryway.
  • Incorporate Plaid Patterns: Plaid is a classic fall pattern that adds warmth and charm to your decor. Consider using plaid tablecloths, table runners, throw pillows, or blankets.
  • Hang Seasonal Artwork: Decorate your walls with fall-themed artwork, such as autumn landscapes, leaves, and other natural elements.
  • Use Seasonal Rugs: Switch out light summer rugs for thicker, warmer rugs in fall colors or patterns that complement your decor.

The key is to gradually layer in these autumn-inspired elements to create a smooth and inviting transition from the bright and airy vibe of summer to the cozy and warm atmosphere of fall.

Boston fern in the farmhouse living room with dark leather sofas, area rug, coffee table, throw pillows, area rug and fall decor

Easy Fall DIY Projects and Cottagecore Home Decor Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m almost ready to start decorating for fall. Almost.

Maybe I won’t go all in on the pumpkins just yet, but I love to embrace the season’s cozy vibes with a warm autumn color palette as the gardens start to transition to fall.

If you are ready to start getting your fall on too, here are some simple and budget-friendly diy projects and home decorating ideas for fall that you can do in less than a day.

From home and table decor ideas to cozying up your front entry, there’s lots of beautiful inspiration that will cozy up your house with cottagecore style.

DIY Fall garden wreath with sunflowers, celosia, zinnias and ivy

DIY Front Door Wreath for Fall With Fresh Garden Flowers

Want to elevate your front entry with a gorgeous wreath made with flowers from your garden? Wait until you see how easy it is to make a beautiful wreath on a budget that will jazz up your front entry using flowers from the garden and a wreath form.

DIY Simple Hydrangea Wreath using what you have on hand and cutting flowers from the garden

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath for FREE

Looking for ways to decorate your home for fall on a budget? Welcome guests with this stunning hydrangea wreath for your front door made with an old wreath form and hydrangea flowers from your garden. Learn how to make it with these simple tips

the ponds farmhouse no sew fabric pillow cover for fall home decor

No Sew Scrap Pumpkin Fabric Pillow Cover

Give your throw pillows a fall makeover without breaking out the sewing machine. My good friend Rachel from the Ponds Farmhouse shared her best tips with this budget-friendly, sustainable fall pillow project. If you like unique one-of-a-kind home decor, you will love this cute pumpkin pillow made from scrap fabrics. This no-sew project is so easy anyone can do it.

cottage on bunker hill pottery barn terra cotta pumpkin dupe

Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin Dupe

Love the rustic charm of Pottery Barn’s fall decor but not the hefty price tag? No worries! Create your own version of the viral Pottery Barn terra cotta pumpkins for a fraction of the price! Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make this popular Fall decoration for your home with tips from my good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill.

cottage in the mitten easy pumpkin planter with garden mums

Easy Mum Pumpkin Planter

Are you looking for a new way to display your fall mums? Planting a mum in a real pumpkin is a fun and easy way to add a touch of fall to your home. Add a burst of autumn color to your porch with a mum pumpkin planter. With little care, your mum will thrive all season long with these tips from my good friend Kim from Cottage in the Mitten.

wm design house centerpiece with dollar tree pumpkins and candles

Fall Centerpiece with Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath

Create a beautiful fall centerpiece using a Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath, some cinnamon, floral foam, moss, faux magnolias and fresh leaves with tips from my good friend Wendy from WM Design House. It’s a great way to add some autumnal charm to your home for a fraction of the cost of store-bought decorations.

amy sadler designs fall tiered tray with pumpkins

Making a Tiered Tray with Pumpkins

Tiered trays are all the rage in home decor, and they’re perfect for showcasing your fall treasures. Put a new spin on an old favorite, using pumpkins to make a beautiful tiered tray with tips from my good friend Amy from Amy Sadler Designs. Display it on your kitchen counter or coffee table for an instant autumn touch.

DIY floating votive candles in a faux pumpkin by the tattered pew

DIY Faux Pumpkin with Floating Votives

Looking for a quick and thrifty Fall craft project? This DIY faux pumpkin with floating votives is an easy and inexpensive way to spice up your indoor our outdoor spaces this fall. Learn how to make it with tips from my good friend Kelly from the Tattered Pew.

gorgeous hanging fall door basket by simply 2 moms

Gorgeous Hanging Door Basket for Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year to get creative and spruce up your home with seasonal decor. Dress up your front door with a stunning hanging basket filled with fall goodness. Follow these simple steps to assemble a beautiful autumn-inspired door basket with my good friends Anne and AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms.

how to decoupage pumpkins with decorative napkins for fall by eleanor rose home

How to Decoupage Pumpkins with Paper Napkins

Put a creative spin on pumpkin decorating with decoupage. Transform plain pumpkins into vibrant fall masterpieces using the art of decoupage with this step-by-step guide to decoupage pumpkins with paper napkins for stunning, personalized autumn decor from my good friend Heidi at Eleanor Rose Home.

stacked pumpkin topiary on the porch by midwest life and style

How to Make a Stacked Pumpkin Topiary

Are you looking for an easy idea to dress up your front porch this fall? Elevate your front porch decor with a stacked pumpkin topiary shared by my good friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style. These DIY pumpkin topiaries are simple to make and fall craft that will last for years to come.

How to Dry a Hydrangea the Easy Way with hydrangea flowers in mason jars in farmhouse kitchen on granite countertop

How to Dry a Hydrangea the Easy Way

Looking for easy, budget-friendly ways to decorate your home this fall? Drying hydrangeas is a fantastic way to preserve their beauty and enjoy them for months to come. And guess what? It’s easier than you might think! Learn how to dry hydrangea flowers the way with these simple tips.

fresh flowers and heirloom pumpkin centerpiece idea for the dining table with zinnias, dahlias, sedum autumn joy, ivy, celosia and boxwood

Flowers and Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea for the Dining Table

Looking for ways to decorate a table for fall, Friendsgiving, or Thanksgiving gatherings? Wait until you see how to make this GORGEOUS flowers and pumpkin centerpiece idea! But the best part? There's no carving involved!

Simple Centerpiece Idea for Your Thanksgiving Aesthetic

Simple Centerpiece Idea For Your Thanksgiving Aesthetic

Looking for centerpiece ideas for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving table? Try this super simple centerpiece idea to complete your Thanksgiving aesthetic. I just love a beautiful centerpiece, don’t you? It makes a table feel special. No matter how elaborate or simple a centerpiece is, it is a necessary component of any dining table. Whether you

Supplies need to dry flowers - How to dry flowers - supplies

How to Dry Flowers in a Few Easy Steps

Looking for ways to preserve a special bouquet or flowers from your garden? Drying flowers is a fantastic way to preserve their beauty and enjoy them for months to come. And guess what? It’s easier than you might think! Learn how to dry flowers in a few easy steps. 

Fall farmhouse table setting idea using vintage toolbox with faux pumpkins, rosehips and gourds on a farmhouse table with black china cabinet and hutch in a farmhouse dining room -Easy Fall Table Decor Ideas

Rustic Fall Centerpiece Idea for the Dining Table

Looking for fall or Thanksgiving dining table centerpiece idea? No matter how big or small the party is, having a gorgeous fall centerpiece is a must. Wait until you see this rustic fall centerpiece idea for the dining table! Create a beautiful fall centerpiece using these tips and tricks. You’ll be amazed by what you

More Fall DIY Projects for Your Home

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Looking For More DIY Projects and Decorating Ideas?

I am always on the hunt for new ways to decorate my home on a budget.

Whether fixing up something you already own or repurposing something to make it fresh and new again, I hope you find some more inspiration from these do it yourself posts.

Wait until you see these easy DIY decorating ideas for your home.

A collection of the best fall DIY project ideas
Close up of hydrangea wreath
white front porch rockers in fall with zinnias and alliums

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