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Random Things Happening Behind the Scenes at Bricks ‘n Blooms

Now that all of my Christmas decor is down, I’m decorating my home with winter greens and other organic elements.

Today I’m working on restyling my hutch.

And while I was there, I started cleaning out the cabinet and found some cool stuff I didn’t even know I had!

Dining Room Hutch

I found some cool farm animal napkin rings that I bought like 22 years ago when we first moved here.

And a candle snuffer.

Had no idea I even owned one and don’t know where I got it from? But I will put it to good use.

When I was done going through and cleaning it, I put everything away and reorganized it so I could store more of my table decor.

I can’t wait to show you how good the hutch looks now!

Gardening for Hummingbirds
Gardening for Hummingbirds – June Garden Tour

This week, I focused on lots of garden related stuff.

For starters, I recapped the year and looked back at how I tweaked the gardens this year. Reviewing the prior growing season is a great way to plan for next year.

I thought about all the projects I want to do, what I want to tweak and what new flowers I want to grow.

We are pretty built out here, so I will need to plan where more flowers will even go!

Because, did you hear? I am planning to grow flowers from seed this year in my basement.

And I just ordered my seeds!

Next on the list is figuring out my grow light set-up so I’m ready to go when it’s planting time.

My husband wants to build something. But I’m leaning towards buying one so we get set up quickly. Not that he takes long to build things, because he doesn’t. But it is ski season and we go to Vermont a lot.

So…it’s a toss up. We’ll see what happens!

Christmas Cactus Photo by Plants.com
Photo by Plants.com


In addition to planning my seed starts, I shared lots of cool stuff about Christmas Cactus on the blog this week. It is one of my favorite houseplants.

If you don’t have one or aren’t familiar with this awesome houseplant, you should check it out. Christmas Cactus care is super easy AND you can encourage the plant to rebloom a few times during the year.

And who doesn’t want a houseplant that blooms a few times per year? Am I right?

Speaking of blooming indoor plants, my amaryllis are all flowering now. It’s so fun to see these blooms indoors in the middle of winter! If you aren’t growing them, then put them on your list for next year.

Amaryllis Blooms
Snapped a quick pic of my houseplant shelf. Don’t the amaryllis look so happy there?

Since putting away the Christmas tree, I did a little houseplant shuffle and relocated a few. While I had them in motion, I decided to cleam them off and give them a thorough watering in my kitchen sink and new bathroom shower. I say both locations because I don’t have room to fit them in just one!

I seriously need a sun room…or a greenhouse. Maybe both for these guys stat!

Watering Day for Houseplants

Amazing Inspiration from Around the Web

I love finding cool inspiration from around the web and wanted to share some of what I’m loving right now.

My favorite thing about blogging is the great friends I’ve made around the globe.

And I want to share some of them with you this week because they are really inspiring me.

I am loving how my friends are styling their homes for winter! Here is some inspiration for you as you take down your winter decor.

Jen from Midwest Life and Style

Bricks n Blooms weekly
Photo by Jen at Midwest Life and Style

Shawna from Willow Bloom Home Blog

Bricks n blooms weekly
Photo by Shawna at Willow Bloom Home Blog

Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse

bricks n blooms weekly
Photo by Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse

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I really appreciate all of your sweet comments and feedback.

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  1. Stacy,
    Thanks so much for sharing my post. I love seeing all your indoor plant tips. I struggle with anything indoors so I’m saving all your tips!

  2. HA – I love finding fun things in the back of the cupboard! Can’t wait to see how you’ve styled your hutch. It’s a beautiful piece. Thanks for all the inspiration, and Happy Sunday!