Are you looking for ways to spruce up your home for spring 2022? Here are seven simple ways to decorate your home this spring.

With the arrival of spring and the new house comes a different decorating style for me.

While my former home had more of a rustic farmhouse feel to it, our “new” 1850 farmhouse has a casual, elegant feel to it.

So I’m planning to decorate with lots of earthy, rustic neutrals, woods, and organic textures with lots of pretty plants and flowers.

I’m still using much of what I have but in different ways.

Maybe I’ll refinish some furniture we already have.

I’m rediscovering things that were stored away before we moved.

And we’ve been thrifting a lot to find some really unique pieces.

Yes we are still renovating rooms to update them from heavy faux finishes to lighter and brighter living spaces.

But I’m also looking for ways to decorate for spring.

Here are 7 simple ways to decorate your home for spring 2022.

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7 Simple Ways to Decorate for Spring 2022

Before decorating for spring, remove all of your winter decor and start with a neutral, clean space.

It’s much easier to stand back and see what you really need once your living space is uncluttered.

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Shop Your Home

After paring down the winter decor, see what you already have for spring.

Check the attic and basement storage bins.

Search for things that can be used for spring 2022.

For years, I’ve been collecting items and forget what I already have.

Moving really opened my eyes to just how much we’ve tucked away.

Looking through those bins first help us stay focused on things we actually need to decorate for spring.

decorating the dining room for spring with faux tulips

Swap Out Throw Pillows for 2022

I swear, this year I am on a throw pillow tear!

Because I am all about them.

Now that I’ve discovered the GORGEOUS options like THESE you can get on Etsy, I might be addicted to throw pillows.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to change them out seasonally.

Spuce up your spring decor for 2022 with throw pillows

It refreshes my living spaces and makes it feel new again.

Not to mention, I have dogs who love to lay on them too!

Oftentimes, I just buy new pillow covers because they are easier to store than actual pillows.

Throw pillows add such a vibe when it comes to seasonal home decor.

So consider changing them out seasonally to freshen up your home.

Shop for Throw Pillows

Change Your Area Rug

Way back when, I probably wouldn’t suggest this as a change, but there are SO many great affordable area rugs out there that make it so easy to change it up for the season.

I recently bought THIS one for my formal living room.

And I’m currently on the hunt for a new one like THIS for the dining room.

If you want to change up the look of a living space, consider swapping out the area rug.

area rugs are a great way to decorate for spring 2022

Add Cozy Spring Linens

Swap out your bedding, add some light knit throws like THESE, and change bath and kitchen towels.

Depending on the vibe I’m going for, even a small spring-inspired towel can make a big impact in a small space.

bath towels for spring 2022

Don’t Forget the Spring Florals

I’m a huge fan of plants and flowers, both real and faux.

They make spaces feel more alive, provide lots of character and help boost the mood.

Tuck some faux flowers like THESE, you’ve got the spring feels.

As an aside, the faux tulips are awesome.

They look so real in person and it’s like instant spring when you tuck them in around the house.

I have several bunches in this gold ice bucket on my dining table.

faux tulips on the dining table

And Add Some Spring Decor

I love to use old toolboxes or wood crates for my florals.

But baskets like THESE with lots of detail and texture also make great vessels for holding florals, pillows and throws.

Cozy Italian Dinner Party Table Decorations

Scented Candles and Mood Lighting are Must Haves

Nothing feels like fall more than some warm, glowing spring-scented candles.

I’m also a huge fan of battery-operated flameless candles and string lights.

Tip: Look for ones with timers or remotes – it makes it SO much easier to turn several on.

My Favorite Spring Decor Finds for 2022

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