Looking for ways to spruce up your home on a budget? Wait until you see these 7 easy DIY makeover projects that you can do in less than a day.

I love a good makeover project that you can do quickly and completely change a space.

It can have a huge impact and cost very little if you repurpose something you already have.

I can’t tell you how many pictures, frames, decor, and other items we have in storage that we are not using and taking up much-needed storage space.

Like I bought them several years ago, changed my decor and now, don’t know what to do with them.

Do you have stuff like that too?

Let’s get them out of storage, grab some paint, and give them a quick makeover.

Here are 7 easy ways to spruce up your home with an idea and some paint!

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7 Easy DIYs to Spruce Up Your Home in Less Than a Day

I love a good before and after don’t you?

A short while ago, I shared some before and after total makeover projects.

But today?

I’m sharing some quick and easy DIY ideas of ways you can makeover those items you have laying around that you don’t know what to do with anymore.

Instead of tossing or re-homing these items, give them a quick facelift to coordinate better in your home.

And the best part?

These projects are easy to do and can be accomplished in less than a day.

So let’s get started!

Vintage Botanical Print Gallery Wall

This was one of my favorite projects because I used old picture frames that I had laying around from a gallery wall that I was no longer using.

And let me tell you, it was a big gallery wall, so I had a lot of frames to work with!

This do-it-yourself project was easy to do and very budget friendly because I had everything except the botanical prints on hand.

BTW you can purchase your own downloadable prints HERE if you want to do something similar.

The cool thing is you can print them in any size you want!

CLICK HERE to see how to make this vintage botanical print gallery wall.

vintage botanical print gallery wall

Painting the Piano

Have you ever painted a piano before?

Me neither, but I did it and it turned out amazing!

Before, it was very dark, the finish was pretty banged up and it really weighed down the room.

But now?

It’s light, bright and beautiful.

This project took a few hours to finish but it was totally worth it!

CLICK HERE to learn how to paint a piano.

rustic farmhouse fall home tour 2021

Painting Upholstery Fabric

One of my all time FAVORITE DIY makeover projects was THIS antique bench.

I painted the fabric years ago, and it still looks incredible today!

In fact, I loved how it turned out so much, I also painted THIS chair and THIS chair!

So I’ve done it a few times now and really love the result.

CLICK HERE to learn the FAQ’s of painting fabric upholstery.

spring forward with my rustic farmhouse spring home tour
Painting Chair Upholstery Fabric

Coffee Table Makeover Project

Do you have an end or coffee table that you still love but doesn’t go with your home decor anymore?

Yup me too.

So I stripped the finish off it and refinished it.

CLICK HERE to learn how to spruce up a wood coffee table.

rustic farmhouse living room fall home tour 2021

How to Update a Framed Print with Stencil

Another quick and easy update that took less than an hour to do was this framed print.

I loved the texture of the frame, but it no longer worked with my decorating style.

So I painted it and used a stencil to update picture and it turned out amazing!

CLICK HERE to see how to update a framed print with a stencil and some chalk paint.

Laundry Room Ideas

How to Upcycle a Frame to Make a Vintage Chalkboard

I bought this not so pretty painting from Facebook Marketplace for a song.

While I loved the frame, the painting was a bit dark and dingy.

After pouring over Pinterest for ideas, I found lots of chalk art designs that I thought were cool, so I upcyled my painting into a vintage chalkboard

And it turned out SO cool!

CLICK HERE to see how I made it!

Upcycled Vintage Chalkboard Frame

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath for Free!

If you’ve got a lot of old wreath forms laying around like I do, you can make this hydrangea wreath in under and hour.

The blooms dry right on the wreath and it looks gorgeous!

CLICK HERE to learn how to make this hydrangea wreath for FREE!

Or you can watch the video HERE!

How to Make a Simple Hydrangea Wreath for Free

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Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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