Looking for Thanksgiving tablescape ideas? Wait until you see this bountiful harvest table decor idea.

As a hostess, I love to surprise guests with a festive table because it adds to the flavor and ambiance of the meal.

I never design it the same, so every year my guests come in and the first things they do is head to the table to see what awaits.

I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving for twenty years, and each year, I find something that inspires me, and run with it before the big event.

Our family loves a good sit down, traditional Thanksgiving dinner where we can gather with family, eat delicious food and discuss our blessings of the year.

This year, we are expecting a larger number of guests than my twelve person table can accommodate, which means we will need to add folding tables.

I’m so not a fan of folding tables too because they are never the same height or size, am I right?

Wait until you see how we solved the problem and decorated this table for Thanksgiving.

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How to Make a Dining Table Bigger for Extra Seating

When adding folding tables to existing dining tables, many people love to set one big long table, but I prefer a square or larger rectangular shape so everyone can look at one another.

My dining room is a good width so when we set up a square or larger rectangular tablesetting, we can accommodate sixteen guests at the table and everyone is able to face and chat with one another.

I’m not a fan of the varying heights of tables, so I like to design a centerpiece and tablescape that will camouflage the varying heights.

To fix this problem, my husband built a tabletop that we laid on our existing table so we could fit more at the dinner table.

And it worked out amazing!

How I Designed This Thanksgiving Tablescape

I wanted to use a harvest garland as the centerpiece because it sits low on the table and guests will be able to see each other from across the table.

However, they can be pretty pricey!

And I wanted to make my own version of the look.

Since my dining room is a deep hue of cinnamon red, I selected beautiful faux flowers and other organic decor with some fresh fruits tucked in.

Stacy Ling setting the thanksgiving table

I set the table the day before Thanksgiving so I had time to play with my table settings and garland concept.

As much as I love my wood dining table, I needed a white backdrop to make the garland pop, so I used a white tablecloth as my base.

I set up the floral pics and apples, added some large pine cones, faux leafy stems, dried peegee hydrangea heads from my garden and some fresh lemons and limes to add a little more color.

While I loved how it was looking, it needed another layer to add more depth, so I decided to add live flowers.

thanksgiving tablescape with apples and mums centerpiece and black china cabinet and hutch

Adding the Finishing Touches

Since I did not include floral foam in the base of my garland, I needed flowers that could withstand not being in water for a few hours and decided I would hit the floral shop later that day.

Before heading out, I finished setting the table with dark rattan chargers, my china, simple white napkin and topped each plate off with a real honeycrisp apple and simple name tag.

I wanted to keep the place settings very basic so it would not detract away from the garland.

I also decided to forego stemware for the first time because washing it is a lot of work and since we are hosting fourteen at the table, mason jars would be less work.

They are simple, easy to wash and added a casual touch to the table.

After completing the table settings and having a general idea of the look I was going for, I headed to the floral section of the local grocery store to find flowers to complete the look.

Looking through the stock, I was drawn to baby’s breath (because the small whispy flowers would be a light filler to the garland) and mums were the lucky winners.

I quickly got them home and put them in water to keep them fresh.

A few hours before guests arrived, I took each bunch of flowers, trimmed the stems to manageable sizes, took small bunches of each, and tucked them in the holes of the garland.

When finished, the garland looked so beautiful, so fresh and so harvest.

I love how it turned out and it was a nice surprise for our guests.

close up of thanksgiving centerpiece with apples, mums, and votive candles

What Do You Think?

Are you hosting Thanksgiving or any dinner parties this fall?

I hope this Thanksgiving tablescape idea inspires you to create something special for your guests.

For other fall tablescape ideas, check out this neutral fall tablescape or this rustic fall tablescape ideas.

How do you like to set your tables?

Simple Centerpiece Idea for Your Thanksgiving Aesthetic with fresh pumpkins and garden mums in farmhouse dining room with vintage light and black china cabinet and hutch

Looking for More Thanksgiving Ideas?

Since Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday, I’ve got a lot to say on the subject.

If you are looking for decorating, hosting tips and tricks, recipes, and more, check out the posts below.

Gorgeous vintage toolbox centerpiece decorated for fall with faux flowers in farmhouse dining room with black china cabinet and hutch with farmhouse table -Simple Fall Table Decor and Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Thank you so much for following along and I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday! xo

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