To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow….Audrey Hepburn. Given the state of the world today, no truer statement can be made. Start a garden today and believe in tomorrow.

Start a Garden

Finding Joy

While my daughter was on spring break last week at home, we learned we needed to go back to pack her up and move her out because all classes were going online for the rest of the semester. Since we are also under construction here still with our bathroom, that meant completely re-organizing some of the chaos to accommodate her dorm stuff. In the meantime, our local schools closed and are moving to online classes this week. So everyone is now safely home under one roof.

I feel very unsettled with the changes, as I know my kids and everyone else do as well. But keeping it in perspective and I know that part is difficult, we must try to stay positive and focus on the small things that bring joy and believe in tomorrow. We will get through this.

Start a Garden
Start a Garden

Start a Garden This Spring

With the warm spring temps arriving and extended time at home…it is a good time to start a garden. Gardening is a therapeutic activity that reduces stress, boosts the mood, brings joy and makes the world a more beautiful place. The emotional benefits of getting outside and digging in the dirt are significant. And we all need our mood boosted right about now.

Start a Garden

Whether you grow flowers, food or both, now is a great time to begin the journey. To learn how to start a garden, click here.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some additonal tips, tricks and basic things you can do to get started and grow a gorgeous, plentiful garden.

So let’s make the best of it, stay healthy and find joy in the small things. Much love to you all!

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It's a Good Time to Start a Garden

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It's a Good Time to Start a Garden

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