It’s Amazon Prime Big Deal Days and everything in my home and garden is on sale! Wait until you see how great the deals are right now!

Today and tomorrow are Amazon Prime Big Deal Days – one of the biggest shopping events of the year!

Don’t miss out on some of my favorite amazing deals!

I chat about a lot of these items often and there are deals to be had right now.

This year, Prime members can save money on a huge selection of items, from electronics to home goods, apparel, and lots of other great things.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest deals of the year is to be prepared and know what to look out for.

Wait until you see the deals on some of my favorite home and garden items!

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Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

I am all about finding the best discounts online and am a huge fan of shopping on Amazon Prime Big Deal Days for discounts and have learned a thing or two.

Have you ever shopped on Amazon Prime Days before?

It can be a little overwhelming, so that’s why I’m here. I’ve previewed everything and created a curated list here of the great deals available right now.

Here’s what you need to know!

front porch in early fall with flowers and porch rockers with my cottage garden

What Is Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

The Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale kicked off today and runs through tomorrow. During this time period, you can find AMAZING deals on lots of things you need for your home and garden.

Not to mention, you could easily get a jump start on your holiday shopping and save a few dollars along the way.

I mean, why not knock a few of those presents off your list now that you’ll be shopping for soon anyway?

Can I Get Free Shipping?

Yes, but there’s a catch.

Amazon Prime members get free shipping on all purchases whereas non-Prime members can receive free shipping on orders over $25 or more.

To become an Amazon Prime member, click here.

potager garden with vintage bike, hydrangeas and pumpkins in the potager garden

My Best Tips for Shopping Amazon Prime Days

If you are a professional Prime Big Deal Days shopper, skip over this section because you could teach me a thing or two.

And if you are not sure what “Prime” is and how you can save money, here are my best tips for maximizing your budget today and tomorrow:

  • There are a lot of deals to be had, so it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed as you shop on Amazon. Make a good shopping gift list and then search these categories.
  • To get Free Shipping on any order and other deals only open to Prime members you’ve got to be a member. So if you aren’t a Prime Member, it’s worth it. And there’s a really good hack to it because you can test it out for FREE for 30 days with a trial.
  • Get your Amazon Prime FREE trial here.
  • And if you have a student who’s heading off to college in 2023, you definitely want the Student Prime membership because it’s a free six-month trial plus 50% off the membership. Get the details here.
  • I’m sharing their best deals in my Amazon Shop HERE so you can follow this shortcut to get a headstart on the deals. And I’m going to be monitoring them and updating the folders on Amazon as deals come and go. So you may want to follow along on my Facebook page and my Instagram stories over the weekend through Monday.
  • Shop ahead. To prepare, I made my lists for my entire family so I know what I’m shopping for. especially if you are shopping for tech, televisions, or other electronics.
  • If you miss a deal that’s posted— click the “waitlist” button in case someone cancels or has it in their cart and doesn’t make a purchase. If a deal opens up or it goes on sale again you’ll get a notification.
  • If you aren’t in a rush with shipping, you can click no-rush shipping and Amazon will give you credits to your Amazon account. It’s a great way to get more savings. savings.

For example, you can order a TV and extend the shipping time if you don’t need it right away, and receive a few dollars credit back.

That might not seem like a lot but when you do it frequently over time, it all adds up.

front porch cottage garden with rudbeckia, sunflowers and gomphrena

My Favorite Home and Garden Finds On Sale

So right now, my favorite area rugs are on serious sale. So if you are looking to change things up in your home, I got you.

Plus, I’ve got some other top sellers that are on markdown today so I’m sharing them all here in one place.

If you just want to shop my curated collection though, click here.

Garden Kneeler

One of the toughest parts about weeding is muddy knees and pain, am I right? This garden kneeler is the best. I use it all the time.

Keeps your knees clean and makes it much more comfortable to work. You can even flip it over so it’s a little seat.

stacy ling weeding the front yard cottage garden using her garden kneeler

My Living Room Area Rug

The area rug in my living room is one of my favorite finds. I love the earth tones with olives, charcoals, and terracotta tones that go well with any decorating style.

But I think it looks great with my leather sofas, tables, and vintage decor.

If you need a neutral area rug that looks good with anything, this is the one. It’s on the thin side, so you’ll want to get a rug pad too.

My area rug is a 9’x12′, but there are so many different sizes available that would work well for any space.

formal living room in fall with throw pillows, faux pumpkins, wicker end table and mosntera plant and pilea plant

My Dining Room Area Rug

Another big seller is my dining room area rug which is another neutral but a little softer than my living room area rug.

And it truly is a neutral rug with more sandy beige tones.

When I was shopping around for rugs, I was looking for one that would be light enough to balance out the dark wood tones and black hutch while not competing with the travertine tile floor pattern.

And this one was the perfect fit! I love how it looks, love how it feels underfoot, and it’s held up great with my dogs!

I have the 7’x9′ area rug in my dining room, but there are lots of other sizes available that would fit any space.

front entry fall french doors that lead to the dining room with beautiful crystal chandelier

Vegetable Chopper

This vegetable chopper is a new product for me, but has been a top seller in my Amazon Storefront. Why?

Because it makes your life so much easier in the kitchen! It chops with ease in half the time so your prep time is cut in at least half, maybe more.

But it also helps you chop things with consistency so they are the same size. I love it and it’s been a game-changer in the kitchen for me.


One of the many pruners I have stashed around the gardens is this one.

While I have a few different types of pruners, I love these because they are a good price, work really well, and feel great when I use them.

Cutting hydrangea to propagate - The Complete Guide to Hydrangea Care
hydrangea paniculata in the fall

Bissell Little Green Wet Vac

Ok if you’ve got kids, dogs, or cats, this carpet cleaner is a must-have. It’s small, easy to store, easy to carry around, and helps on the go with all the accidental messes that happen on the fly.

I can’t believe some of the messes this thing has cleaned up and is worth every single penny.

If you’ve been questioning whether to get this, I highly recommend it.

two black labs in bedroom on vintage floral carpet

My Front Entry Hall Area Rug

I shopped around for an area rug that would look good in my front entry hall, and this was it!

It’s another neutral area rug with peachy undertones that brightens up the foyer without competing with the painted wood floor inlays. It is a thin area rug, so it definitely needs a rug pad underneath to keep it from sleeping and feel more plush.

I may relocate this one to the library as there are some grays in it too, but for now, I love where it is in the front entry hall. My area rug is 8’4×11’6.

Front entry hall decorated for fall with houseplants, vintage frames and dried gourds

Loreal Revitalift Hyaluronic Eye Treatment

Ok, this one isn’t so much a home and garden item, but it’s in my home, I use it all the time, and it’s a top seller so I’m sharing it because it’s on sale.

And it works!

I’ve been getting lots of compliments about my skin lately, and it’s all of the work I’m putting into my nighttime routine. (Keep in mind, I’m almost 52, so I’m really trying to focus more in keeping my skin hydrated.)

And this hyaluronic eye serum is one of them because of the price. There are lots of good ones out there, but you can’t beat the price of Loreal.

stacy ling, the ponds farmhouse and southern home and hospitality with picking daisies media
Kate from Southern Home Hospitality, Stacy Ling, and Rachel from the Ponds Farmhouse at the Achieve Conference with Picking Daisies Media

Deer Repellent

While I don’t use this deer repellent often, it works well and is in my arsenal of products that help keep deer from eating my garden plants.

I’m recommending it today because it’s on sale and works. Use it on your plants like hostas and tulips, other flowers, and evergreens like yews, azaleas, and rhododendrons to keep deer browsing at bay.

close up of hostas

More Prime Big Deals

What are you shopping for during Prime Big Deal Days? I would love to know more in the comments below.

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close up of farmhouse front porch with cottage garden in fall
A vibrant garden filled with various dahlias and zinnias stretches out in the foreground. In the background, partially obscured by the flowers and trees, stands a charming house with a rustic, cottage-like appearance.

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