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What a week it was! It was kind of quiet here – JUST KIDDING!!! It totally was not!

LIVE with Kelly & Mark

I’m sure you want to hear all about my time with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos so I’ll share how it all went!

First, I want to say how lovely they are both on and off-camera. They are truly a class act and it was wonderful to work with them. The production crew and everyone associated with the show were also amazing and welcoming. They acclimated me and taught me the ropes of doing this type of program. I learned so much and really, they have a great show!

I filmed on Wednesday in NYC but the show was airing on Friday. Because I’m a country mouse, my city mouse husband drove me in.

We had a VERY early day as I needed to be there by 7:15 AM so we left here around 5:15 AM. It only takes about 50 minutes to get into the city from where I live but you never know with traffic and I did not want to be late!!!

Stacy Ling in the green room at LIVE with Kelly & Mark
Stacy Ling in the green room at LIVE with Kelly & Mark

I’m not sure how much you know about LIVE with Kelly & Mark, but they film both live and taped shows. On Wednesday, they did the live show for that day and then we taped the Friday show. So I was there for both.

And if you saw the Wednesday show, you may have seen us sitting in the studio audience at som point which was a lot of fun! It was also a really great experience for me to see how the show is behind the scenes before I did my segment. It helped get some of the nerves out because I knew more about what to expect.

Stacy Ling discussing the Live with Kelly & Mark segment with Michael Gelman

Anyway, I went through hair and makeup and waited in the green room until it was my time for my segment. As an aside, I may have walked ten miles while waiting in the green room burning off some of those nerves. LOL!

One of the producers I had been working with walked me backstage a few minutes before my segment, I took a big deep breath, and walked out onto the set. It was exhilarating and amazing, and I was totally in the zone!

We did the segment, it went well, and it aired on Friday of this past week. And if you missed it, now worries – you can watch it here.

Professional gardener stacy ling, kelly ripa, and mark consuelos at LIVE with Kelly & Mark

In the Garden

And if that wasn’t enough of a week, I received about 150 perennials from Proven Winners this week and got them all in the ground!!! Woohoo!

Because there were so many, I had a little help in the gardens to get it done. But they look so good! I’ll show you more next week.

We had some seriously chilly nights this week so I’ve been covering my seedlings and bringing my annuals in and out. I ordered a bunch of plants from Proven Winners and they all arrived this week! But it was too cold at night to plant them so I’ve been protecting them until nighttime temps are more reasonable. Which looks to be this week!

The trees are all blooming here and look AMAZING!!! The daffodils are wrapping things up for the season – still going, but it’s their swan song now.

But truly, the shining star in my gardens are the tulips. Oh wow, are they incredible! I planted 100 pink Darwin hybrids and I will be adding hundreds more for next year. They look incredible with the green garden fence.

I am kicking myself for not removing the pachysandra in the garden outside the potager last year because it is screaming for a full bed of tulips. In the fall, I am going to fill this bed with them for next year. This garden looks so beautiful with the flowering crabapple trees in the background and potager.

Here are a few photos from the garden that I took at sunset this week!

tulips outside the potager garden in zone 6b flower garden
tulip garden at sunset in spring with tree sculpture
Pink tulips in spring flower garden - Tulip 'Aveyron'
Front pond garden with fountain and fire pit patio
front yard gardenview from pond bridge with potager, tree sculptures, and vintage farmhouse
bridge over koi pond in picturesque new jersey garden zone 6b in the spring
formal garden in spring at sunset
gardenview of vintage farmhouse in spring

In preparation for planting season, this week has been all about garden shopping! Here’s what I bought this week.

  • I stocked up on more of these grow-through garden supports for my peonies, dahlias, and other plants with top-heavy blooms. They work really well and keep the blooms upright. And I’m going to be adding a bunch of top-heavy flowers in the new cottage garden this year. So I need to be ready!
  • I also stocked up on more of this organic fertilizer for my roses because the blooms are more prolific and it’s organic. They will need to be fed again soon.
  • And I also stocked up on more of this organic fertilizer for my summer vegetables and herbs.
  • Since we are in planting season now, I stocked up on my favorite set-and-forget slow-release fertilizer for houseplants, annuals, and container gardens. I am going through it and need more!
spring flowers in new jersey zone 6b garden

It was a fun week on the blog!

Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners

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tulip garden with vintage farmhouse in New Jersey zone 6b

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several different varieties of tulips in a flower garden
Tulip garden

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vibrant zinnia flowers in a hand bouquet

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zinnia flowers in the cottage garden
Zinnia flowers in the cottage garden

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Winning Kentucky derby tablescape idea with red roses and gorgeous crystal chandelier

I love finding cool inspiration from around the web and wanted to share some of what I’m loving right now.

If you enjoy these posts, you can find past Bricks ‘n Blooms Weekly posts here.

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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    1. We planted some great ones from Proven Winners – Firefly Peach Sky Achillea, Empress Wu Hostas, Shadowland Echo of the Sun Hostas, Pink Lemonade Baptisia, Wizard of Ahhs Speedwell, Lavender Sweet Romance, and so many more. I can’t wait to show you how they look!

  1. Stacy, you are a superstar! I watched the show and what a natural. Great info and I hope your book sales go through the roof! Loved seeing you on the big screen! Bravo!

  2. I can’t tell you how excited I am for you! I watched Live with Kelly and Mark and was so impressed. You knocked it out of the park, Stacy! Congratulations! Your gardens are looking amazing. Thank you for sharing my gardening post. I really appreciate it.