(This post was written in collaboration with Breck’s Gifts but all thoughts and opinions are my own.) Not sure what to buy that special someone for the holidays in 2022?

From mothers to fathers, sisters to brothers, friends to co-workers, and everyone in between, have I got the perfect holiday gift idea for you!

It’s unique and inexpensive.

Easy to do.

And will brighten up the home, office, or classroom for the holidays and beyond.

Wait until you see my pick for the best gift idea for the holidays in 2022!

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The Best Gift for the Holidays in 2022

My 2022 holiday gift pick is something that I really enjoyed last year.

It’s a great gift idea that will brighten up a home, office, or classroom during the doldrums of winter.

And it’s perfect for anyone, almost any age, anywhere.

Ready to hear more?


Are you familiar with these flowers?

They may not look like much when you first get them.

But do they put on a show when they bloom!

Amaryllis requires minimal care.

Are fun to watch grow and bloom.

The flowers are AMAZING.

And seriously, anyone can successfully grow them.

The best gift for the holidays in 2021
Alfresco Amaryllis by Breck’s Gifts

All About Amaryllis

Amaryllis are super easy-care plants that produce big, gorgeous blooms indoors about 6-10 weeks after planting.

Last year, I grew several varieties and it was such a joy when they bloomed!

Plus the flowers lasted quite a while.

But the best part?

They grow with minimal care.

So amaryllis is a great indoor flower for beginner gardeners.

Experienced gardeners.


Even the self-proclaimed black thumb gardener can successfully grow an amaryllis flower.

They are that simple to grow!

Which is why amaryllis is my pick for the best gift for the holidays in 2021.

best gift for the holidays in 2021
Clown Stripe Amaryllis by Breck’s Gifts

What is Amaryllis?

Amaryllis are huge bulbs that produce gorgeous trumpet-shaped flowers that come in a variety of blooms.

They can be single or double-flowering varieties.

And the blooms can be pretty big!

My personal favorite is the double-flowering amaryllis.

They are beyond gorgeous!

best gift for the holidays in 2021
Flamenco Queen Amaryllis by Breck’s Gifts

How Long Does an Amaryllis Flower Last?

Typically, each bud blooms for about 3-7 days but there are usually a few buds per bulb so you get some flowering time out of them.

I was pleasantly surprised how long amaryllis flowers last.

Amaryllis Bulbs From Breck’s Gifts

This year, I’m LOVING the amaryllis from Breck’s Gifts.

I received a few that I want to show you how easy-care these plants are and why they make such a great gift for the holidays in 2021.

Once you start growing amaryllis, you’ll want to include them as part of your holiday and winter decor year after year.

Cause I know I am addicted!

best gift for the holidays in 2021
Christmas Gift Amaryllis by Breck’s Gifts

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front entry hall christmas tree 2023

About Breck’s Gifts

Breck’s Gifts offers the finest, high-quality, and unique items that fit every budget.

From live plants to seasonal decor, Breck’s gifts has lots of unique Christmas gift ideas to get you in the holiday spirit. 

When amaryllis are given as a gift and planted after the holidays, recipients will see blooms in mid-late winter and early spring.

beautiful brecks amaryllis plant
Aquary Amaryllis by Breck’s Gifts

So it’s perfect timing for those dreary winter days!

There is nothing quite like watching something grow and bloom in the middle of winter.

best gift for the holidays in 2021

As holiday gifts, I recommend the waxed or potted amaryllis.

They are easiest because they arrive with everything needed and the recipient doesn’t need to do almost anything once they unbox it!

breck's gifts

What I’m Growing This Year From Breck’s Gifts

If you want something you can literally set down and walk away from, you’ve got to try a waxed amaryllis bulb.

Seriously, remove it from the box, set it near a sunny window and the bulb takes care of itself!

best gift for the holidays in 2021

Isn’t that so cool?

I received this pretty silver wax bulb.

It might not look like much right now, but wait until it blooms!

three beautiful red amaryllis plants in bulb look pots
Waxed Amaryllis by Breck’s Gifts

Here’s what it will look like around the holidays.

In addition to the waxed amaryllis, I also received two potted amaryllis.

best gift for the holidays in 2021

And much like the waxed bulb, all I needed to do was remove it from the box and set them near a sunny window.

best gift for the holidays in 2021
Miracle by Breck’s Gifts

I received this plaid planter potted amaryllis and can’t wait for it to bloom!

The second potted amaryllis I received is THIS ONE.

Won’t that be so pretty blooming around the holidays too?

best gift for the holidays in 2021
Inferno by Breck’s Gifts

Stake the Amaryllis Before It Grows

If you’ve never grown an amaryllis before, it is important to stake them.

The waxed bulbs seem to stake themselves pretty well.

But other amaryllis get a little top-heavy and need help so they don’t flop over.

When adding a stake to the planter, be sure not to pierce the bulb.

best gift for the holidays in 2021

I strongly suggest staking BEFORE the stalk starts emerging.

It will look a little weird for a while, but trust me, you want them staked sooner than later.

I tried staking after the fact and propped a few up, but really regretted not staking when I first got them.

Breck’s Gifts has a variety of staking options too!

I received this one and added it to this amaryllis.

Isn’t that so cute?

I can’t wait to see the amaryllis flower with it when it blooms.

best gift for the holidays in 2021

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large red amaryllis flowers in plaid Christmas pot
best gift idea for the holidays wording over beautiful picture of red amaryllis plant

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

Stacy Ling

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  1. I am so in love with Brecks Gift’s amaryllis bulbs Stacy. I can’t wait to see how they look when they’re full grown. I agree, they are such a great gift idea.