Spice up your summer entertaining with a delicious low country boil feast! This guide offers a complete menu, including refreshing cocktails, savory appetizers, a classic boil recipe with variations, tasty side dishes, and sweet Southern desserts. Get ready to impress your guests with this flavorful and fun meal!

Get ready to host a low country boil party that will have your guests raving! This one-pot wonder is the perfect way to bring a taste of the Southern coast to your backyard.

With these mouthwatering recipes, you’ll transform your kitchen into a seafood-lover’s paradise. From classic shrimp and sausage boils to unique twists featuring crab, crawfish, and even lobster, there’s a recipe here to satisfy every craving.

From cocktails and appetizers to the main course, sides and desserts, this post has you covered for a tasty seafood boil dinner party. So fire up the burner, grab a bib, and prepare for a finger-licking feast that’s guaranteed to be a hit.

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Throw a Flavorful Feast: The Ultimate Low Country Boil Dinner Party Menu

Let’s transport your taste buds to the coastal regions of the South with a vibrant and delicious low country boil dinner party menu. This laid-back, hands-on meal is perfect for a casual gathering with friends and family where we’ll savor the flavors of fresh seafood, zesty spices, and sweet summertime produce. Here’s your complete guide to throwing a memorable low country boil feast!

Refreshing Cocktails to Kick Off the Seafood Boil Party

Start your evening off right with some tasty, refreshing cocktails that will set the tone for a great low country boil menu. Here are a few refreshing cocktails to try.

Classic Hurricane

Transport yourself to the heart of New Orleans with this iconic drink. A blend of light and dark rum, passion fruit juice, orange juice, lime juice, grenadine, and a simple syrup, it’s a sweet and tangy concoction that’s sure to put everyone in a festive mood.

Southern Peach Tea

For a taste of Southern charm, whip up this refreshing beverage. Combine sweetened iced tea with peach liqueur and a splash of lemon juice for a sweet and slightly boozy treat. If you prefer to go with something a bit stronger, this Long Island Iced Tea is always fun too!

close up of long island iced tea with lemon and mint for garnish on stone wall
Long Island Iced Tea

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

Muddle fresh strawberries with lemon juice and simple syrup, then top with sparkling water for a bubbly and refreshing mocktail. This is my favorite recipe for strawberry lemonade that I make every summer! And if you want a spiked version, you’ve got to try my good friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style‘s recipe for strawberry lemonade.

spiked strawberry lemonade by midwest life and style

White Wine Spritzers

For a lighter and refreshing alternative to beer or cocktails, white wine spritzers are an excellent choice to accompany your low country boil. Their crispness and effervescence perfectly complement the richness of the seafood and sausage, while the hint of fruitiness adds a touch of sweetness to the palate.

close up of white wine spritzer recipe with strawberry and limes
Wine Spritzer


For a festive and refreshing twist, consider offering a pitcher of fruity sangria at your low country boil. The sweetness of peaches or watermelon, combined with the crispness of the white wine and subtle spice of brandy, creates a delightful balance that complements the rich flavors of seafood. Sangria is also an excellent way to incorporate seasonal fruits into your party menu, adding an extra layer of vibrancy to the overall experience.

pitcher of Peach Sangria and peach sangria in ball jar glasses outside on table
Peach Sangria

Appetizers to Whet Your Appetite for Low Country Boil

Get your guests’ taste buds tingling with these savory appetizers:

Mini Crab Cakes with Remoulade Sauce

These bite-sized delights are packed with lump crabmeat, seasonings, and a hint of mayonnaise. Serve them with a zesty remoulade sauce for a burst of flavor.

Hushpuppies with Spicy Honey Butter

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, these deep-fried cornmeal fritters are a Southern staple. Drizzle them with a spicy honey butter for an addictive combination of sweet and heat. My good friend, Regina from Saved from Salvage, shared an amazing easy hush puppy hack that you’ve got to try!

easy hush puppy on table in bowl by saved by salvage

Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese (vegetarian)

Tangy green tomatoes coated in a crispy cornmeal crust and topped with creamy pimento cheese—a Southern classic that’s always a hit.

Carolina Caviar

My good friends Anne and Annmarie from Simply 2 Moms shared the best recipe for Carolina caviar that hits the spot. It’s great on it’s own but equally as good as an appetizer to start the party right.

carolina caviar by simply 2 moms

The Star of the Show: The Low Country Boil Recipe

This is the heart of your feast! A symphony of flavors cooked together in one pot that’s super easy to whip up!

Ingredients for a Low Country Boil

  • Large shrimp
  • smoked sausage
  • red potatoes
  • corn on the cob
  • onions, garlic
  • Old Bay seasoning
  • salt, pepper
  • lemons

Directions to Make a Low Country Boil

In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Add seasonings, then the potatoes and corn. After 10 minutes, add the sausage. Five minutes later, add the shrimp and cook until pink. Drain and serve immediately.

close up of Easy Shrimp Boil Recipe
Simple Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

Low Country Boil Variations

  • Spicy: Add hot sauce or cayenne pepper.
  • Garlic Butter: Sauté garlic in butter and toss with the boil.
  • Lemon Herb: Add fresh herbs like parsley, thyme, or oregano.

I make these shrimp boil foil packets all summer long. There’s not pot to clean and you can whip it up in less under an hour.

Speaking of variations, I’ve got a great clambake recipe that works well for a country boil. It’s got a ton of seafood in it that is so good! Get the recipe here.

My good friend Rachel from the Ponds Farmhouse’s has an incredible recipe for a low country boil that is super simple to make and tastes amazing. Wait until you try her version of this classic recipe.

close up of easy low country boil recipe by the ponds farmhouse

Side Dishes to Complement the Low Country Boil Menu

From salads to tasty vegetables, round out your meal with these delicious side recipe ideas.

  • Southern Coleslaw with Tangy Dressing: This creamy coleslaw, made with shredded cabbage, carrots, and a tangy vinegar-based dressing, is the perfect cooling complement to the spicy boil.
  • Buttery Corn on the Cob: Fresh corn slathered in melted butter is a summertime staple.
  • Additional suggestions: Cornbread, steamed rice, roasted vegetables.
  • Simple Salad with Cucumber, Tomato, and Onion Recipe: A light, refreshing, and super easy-to-make salad with fresh cucumber, tomato, onion recipe.
  • Easy Potato Salad with a Southern Twist: If you love potato salad, you will love my recipe for it! Wait until you see the secret ingredient!

Low Country Boil Menu Sweet Treats to End on a High Note

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Southern-inspired desserts to round out a delicious seafood boil dinner party.

  • Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream: Warm, bubbling peaches topped with a buttery, flaky crust, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream—pure bliss.
  • Key Lime Pie: Tart and creamy, this classic Florida dessert is a refreshing way to end your meal.
  • Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream (no-bake): Toss together seasonal fruits like watermelon, berries, and grapes for a light and refreshing dessert.
  • Old Fashioned Banana Pudding: For a sweet and comforting finish to your seafood boil feast, a classic Old Fashioned Banana Pudding provides a delightful contrast. Its creamy layers of vanilla wafers, banana slices, and rich vanilla custard are a nostalgic treat loved by all ages. My good friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs shared an incredible recipe that I know you’ll love!
old fashioned banana pudding served in jars by vintage home designs

Tips for a Successful Low Country Boil Party

To make your low country boil party a truly memorable experience, let’s dive into a few tips that will ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for you and your guests. From setting the scene to adding extra touches of fun, these suggestions will elevate your gathering to the next level.

  • Buffet-Style Spread: Lay out newspaper or butcher paper on a table and pile the boil in the center. Provide bowls, plates, and utensils.
  • Table Decorations: Use colorful tablecloths, lanterns, fresh flowers, and seashells to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Music Playlist: Create a playlist of upbeat Southern tunes to set the mood.
  • Fun Activities: Organize a cornhole tournament or a game of horseshoes.
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Bricks ‘n Blooms

Get Ready to Host Your Own Low Country Boil Bash!

With these recipes, tips, and tricks in hand, you’re well on your way to hosting a low country boil party that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

Embrace the casual, fun-loving spirit of this Southern tradition and create lasting memories around a table filled with delicious food and good company. So fire up the propane, spread out the newspapers, and let the good times boil!

close up of outdoor entertaining ideas for low country boil with red and white checkered tablecloth, brown craft paper, on farmhouse table with wicker chairs and honeysuckle in the garden

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Thank you so much for following along.

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