Wait until you see what I’m shopping for in this week’s in Friday Favorites!

With the new house, I’m doing lots of new projects both inside and outside my home.

And while I’m shopping around for stuff, I’m going to share my favorites with you from the week.

Because I’m doing A LOT of shopping and finding great stuff!

Oftentimes people ask me about what I’m using or decorating with, so I’m going to share it here with you first!

Some things I’m purchasing now and others may be saved in my cart for a future date because I’m still mulling it over.

But I’m finding SO MANY neat things that I’m going to highlight my top picks here thinking you’ll love them too!

And by the way, there is no particular order or genre of items – just random things I’m shopping around for!

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Here’s What I Found This Week for Friday Favorites!

This week, I’m on the hunt for new area rugs, some organization items, and a few other things for my home.

Because now that Christmas has been put away, I am focusing on what I need (and want) for the new house.

Wait until you see the cool things I found!

Giacinto Olive/Charcoal Area Rug

This one is my favorite.

Not that I’ve pulled the trigger on anything yet, but I want to go with less gray tones and more earth tones throughout my home.

And it starts with the area rugs, walls and in some rooms, the ceiling.

The lighting here together with the wood floor inlays warrants less gray tones.

I LOVE this rug, like a lot, and want to get it for my living room and design the room around it.

It’s a little bit vintage and looks very neutral.

I think it will go great with both my existing furniture and plants, don’t you?

CLICK HERE to see more of it.

neutral area rug
Photo from Wayfair

Petite Brass Adjustable Floor Lamp

With an old farmhouse, we don’t have much in the way of overhead lighting in some of the rooms.

So I need to find lighting.

And I’m really LOVING this standing floor lamp, don’t you?

The clean lines are really beautiful!

It’s simple, more modern, and takes up a lot less visual space than some other farmhouse lamps we have.

So much like the rug above, this lamp would also be for my living room.

CLICK HERE to see more of it.

gold metal floor lamp
Photo from Crate and Barrel

Loden Belgian Flax Linen Floral Quilted Bed

I haven’t shared a tour of the house yet (it’s coming soon!).

Our bedroom has this wall to wall vintage floral rug that I love.

But our current bedding REALLY clashes with it.

Much like my area rugs, my bedding has more gray tones and the carpet has more creams, greens and earth tones.

So I bought THIS bedding the other day and can’t wait for it to arrive!

Because I’ve been drawn to it for a while.

I love love love this color.

linen bedding from pottery barn friday favorites

Foldable Storage Containers with Labels

I am also loving these fabric foldable storage containers with labels for my new linen closet.

While I brought storage containers with me from the old house, I want to give my linen closet a facelift with THESE.

New house new vibe!

They are much prettier than the old junky plastic ones I have.

And I love that they are collapsible with labels.

foldable containers for storage with labels

Cushion Cover with Tassels

I am also lightening up the pillows in the family room.

We have a large sectional that’s a grayish green.

It’s pretty dark in a room that is also dark, so I want to lighten it up in there with a few neutral pillows like THESE.

They are a great price, have a boho vibe and will look perfect in the family room.

Just ordered them and a few others styles!

cream textured throw pillow with tassels

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    1. Right? I haven’t shown you the carpet yet in there – it is so cool. I wouldn’t pick it out but I really love it so I’m going with it! I’ve been eyeing that green for a long time!!!

  1. Loving the green’s ! The rug!!!!! I used green in my Christmas decor this year and I found it so soothing! I’m changing things up at my home and I really like sage green!