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What a week it was!

I had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend with my family. We shopped for a statue to add to the zen garden, went out to lunch, and bought more koi fish for the backyard pond.

We brought the fish home and then it got a little cold at night for them so they started looking a little lifeless. Chris bought a pond heater and created a small alcove for them with the heater in it and they perked right up!

They are still a little shy with people but seem to be adjusting well in the pond. They are a little larger than the fish we previously had so I think they’ll need a little more time to acclimate in their new surroundings. It is, after all, much different from a big blue tank in the shop!

While we were out shopping, we found two Buddha statues. Since I’ve gotten a few messages about them, I’m going to address it here.

Since we moved here, I’ve wanted to include two different Buddha statues in the zen garden. I wanted one that was meditating in one corner and a fat happy Buddha that I could see from the family room. He is supposed to bring good luck, joy, and good fortune. Plus, I love to see them!

A stone statue of a laughing Buddha sits in a lush garden surrounded by green plants and pink flowers. The Buddha holds a bowl and has a joyful expression. The background features a green fence and more foliage.

There is no religious meaning or reference to me aside from that, although it might mean that for some. I enjoy practicing yoga and believe these garden decorations for the zen garden promote mindfulness, peace, and relaxation. That’s it.

If you are following me and you are not a fan, that’s okay! We don’t have to like the same things. It’s my garden – I’m going to decorate and plant it how I see fit.

Moving on!

Speaking of the zen garden, I potted up some flowers and the space is really coming along! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

New for me, is a bougainvillea. I’ve never grown one before, have you? I planted one in the largest container I have near my new Buddha statue and I love it! The space is really coming along. This year I’m focusing more on calming pinks, purple, and whites in this garden.

A white stone Buddha statue sits in a meditative pose among lush green plants and colorful flowers in an outdoor garden. The background features a stone wall and green lattice fence, with the statue surrounded by several terracotta pots with blooming flowers.
A serene garden scene featuring a small cascading waterfall flowing into a pond surrounded by rocks and greenery. Varieties of plants, including blooming pink flowers and lush foliage, create a tranquil atmosphere. In the background, tall trees reach into the sky.
A tranquil garden features a small pond surrounded by stones and lush greenery. Potted plants with colorful flowers are scattered throughout. A stone lantern stands beside the pond, while a pathway of red gravel leads to a seating area in the background.

Koi Fish Drama

When we brought our new family of koi fish home last Saturday, they seemed pretty happy in the pond. But Mother’s Day turned pretty chilly and the pond water got cold so they got really nervous because they were cold and all started hiding.

It was really alarming after the experience we had in the fall, so Chris bought them a heater and created a little alcove for them so they could huddle around the heat. Adding that small heater helped them so much!

This pond is relatively small so even though we can’t heat the whole pond per se, just making a heated area gave them a place to warm, space place to hang while they acclimate.

These fish are bit larger than the ones we bought previously, so they are a little skiddish around people still. But the weather has warmed and they are coming out more. The are starting to eat so I think they will do okay! Stay tuned!

A serene garden path with large, flat stones leading towards a rustic birdbath. The path is surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant pink flowering bushes. The background features dense foliage, creating a tranquil, natural setting.
A vibrant garden scene with various blooming flowers in a large terracotta pot. Red bougainvillea tower above pink flowers, surrounded by lush green plants. The backdrop consists of a stone wall and a wooden lattice. Pebbles and more plants scatter the ground below.

With potting flowers, I spent the week shopping at the nursery as well as online for plants, flowers, and supplies! Here are some garden and home items I bought this week.

In the Garden

  • Potting Soil – seriously, I need more. I’m already out from the last several bags I bought! This should be it though – I think!
  • Deer Repellent – I’ve got a lot of new plants to protect.
  • Neem Oil – Some of my garden roses are a bit fussy and get black spot need it. I usually lean toward growing roses that are more resistant, but these are plants that were planted well before I moved in. They are much more work!
  • Slow-release fertilizer for my annuals – I am going through it quickly while I plant.

Around the House

  • Sunscreen – We are running low and need it! If you are spending more time outside you need it too. I’ve had a few friends recently who were diagnosed with skin cancer.
  • This drill brush accessory kit to help clean the outdoor cushions.
  • My dogs are shedding like crazy now. Just look at them and their fur is everywhere. This pet hair scraper is THE BEST for removing pet hair for from furniture, carpet…you name it.
A tranquil garden featuring a stone pathway and lush greenery. A white Buddha statue sits on a rock surrounded by various potted plants and flowers. Ornate stone planters with leafy plants line the steps next to a white railing. A green fence encloses the area.

It was a fun week on the blog!

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Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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  1. Love your Buddhas! Perfect for a zen garden, peaceful and joyful. A person can certainly enjoy things from other cultures without forsaking their own tradition. For myself, I have a “lucky” bamboo on the east side of my living room per feng shui practice because I love its curly green stalks. It doesn’t mean I have taken up any particular religion or philosophy.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Liz! I’m so glad you like them too. I’m really happy we got them!

  2. We live in the Palm Beach/Treasure Coast semi tropics so have had bougainvillea of every type and color always. There are three types-climbers, large shrubs and ground filler. They’re bloom in hot/dry seasons. We like to train them over an arbor or up in a tree form gains a palm because the thorns are vicious. There is a special bloom fertilizer that works well from the big box stores.