Before I started blogging, I had no idea how much time, effort and money goes into blogging. From website management and related costs, to equipment, to actually producing content and then marketing it…it is a ton of work!

Blogging is a great vehicle for creatives who want to share their passions and specialized knowledge, produce quality content and write. To be able to dump what’s in the brain and produce something meaningful is a privilege that takes a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

After blogging for nearly a year, I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone and everyone who blogs. It’s not easy to do and requires some mental toughness and grit to keep it up and running.

So how can you support your favorite bloggers?

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Like, Comment and Share a Blog’s Content

Blogging can be a very one-sided conversation. In general, bloggers write, produce and share content on a consistent basis to document, educate, expand their reach and grow their brand. They put the content out into the world and if no-one responds, its like talking to yourself.

Without feedback, it’s difficult to know whether what you are sharing is worthwhile to the reader or not. Thus, feedback is a huge compliment to someone who spent several hours creating content and motivates them to produce more.

While I write and share my passions and interests, I also love to follow other bloggers for inspiration too. I used to click on the pins on Pinterest then exit out without them ever knowing I was there. Which is fine because it’s not practical to comment on every blog we visit. But, if a blogger’s content was meaningful or helped me in some sort of way, I let them know I was there.

So, if you like something that a blogger shares, you can show support by liking, commenting and/or sharing their content with others on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Email. Let them or other’s know you tried something they wrote about or learned something from what they shared. It’s a huge motivating compliment and best of all…it’s free!

Ways to Support a Blog

Follow the Blog on Your Social Media

When you follow a blog on your social media, you are helping the blogger build their audience and grow their reach. When blogger’s work with brands, those brands look at their following and how that following engages with their content.

Following a blogger on social media is no cost to you, but significantly helps expand their brand and build their small business.

Subscribe to a Blog

If you are a fan of someone’s blog, consider subscribing to it. It is another way to give feedback to your favorite bloggers and costs nothing. Most, if not all blogs have a subscription box on their homepage and posts. Subscribing to a blog is an indirect way of saying, I love your content and want to hear more.

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Affiliate Marketing Links

Click on them. Seriously, it doesn’t cost you a cent. I used to feel very uncertain about this and hesitated on clicking those links that are embedded in the blogs.

But you know what? Those links help bloggers make a very small income at no cost to you, the reader. There is no price difference in products, should you choose to buy something. But the blogger receives a very small referral commission which is oftentimes pennies from one link. Although the commission is minimal, those pennies can add up and help support the work involved with running a blog.

So, if you are interested in a product the blogger references or recommends and are hesitant to click the link, know that you are helping that blogger earn pennies for the work they produce.

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Order Merchandise from the Blog

If your favorite blogger has an Etsy store, Amazon Storefront or they are selling merchandise, buy from them! While blogging is not the traditional mom and pop store on your local Main Street, they are the new small business of today that needs support from family, friends and the community to help grow their business.

The support received helps bloggers continue to do what they are doing. So if you are a fan of a blogger’s content, consider supporting them so they keep that blog up and running.

Ways to Support a Blog
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What Do You Think?

This is not to say that you have to do anything for me or any other blogs that you love to read. I’m not suggesting you go out and drop a ton of money on any blog or their merchandise. But because I am asked often, I am suggesting that if you love what you read, are inspired by the content and look forward to more, any level of support, no matter how big or small, is welcome, appreciated and helps keep a blog producing quality content.

Do you follow other blogs? I love to follow House on Winchester, My Vintage Porch, LizMarieBlog, Two Paws Farmhouse, Olive Branch Cottage, Garden in the Kitchen, Simply Two Moms and a few others.

I would love to know your favorites! Let me know what you think in the comments here. Be sure to follow me @bricksnblooms on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram where I share lots of the behind-the-scenes of my home, garden and personal life.

For those of you that have subscribed, regularly comment, share my work and/or purchase my merchandise – THANK YOU!!!! I could not do this without you and your support means the world to me.

Thank you for following along! xoxo

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