As an avid gardener and lover of all things green and floral, I love to bring the outdoors in this time of year with some real and faux plants. We don’t have to go crazy decorating for Valentine’s Day, but adding a few romantic touches will brighten the decor and bring on the cozy February feels.

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Valentine’s Day Bedroom Decor Ideas

I love incorporating faux fur pillows and blankets with my winter decor for extra texture and dimension. I keep them out from Thanksgiving until I decorate for spring. By using the faux furs as a winter neutral base, I can easily add small pops of holiday color.

To bring the Valentine’s Day vibe in to the master bedroom, I simply added some mauve pillows with some faux greens and florals. Tucking a little here and there, adds warmth and gives the space a little more life.

When we refreshed this room a few months ago, I purchased this sign from Etsy. While not a Valentine’s Day gift, it reminds me of our why.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom

neutral cottage bedroom using pillows for a pop of color for Valentines Day

While tweaking the master, I rummaged through the attic to see what we already have before I go shopping. It’s truly amazing what we can find when we look through the things we store for safekeeping! I could not believe the cool stuff I found in storage – things I forgot that I had, including special belongings from my grandmother after she passed.

I mixed some of her stuff with things I had laying around and it added a romantic, vintage vibe to the master. The sentimental value is priceless and the cost was zero. Love!

Vintage-Inspired Master Bedroom
How cool are these diamond shaped frames?
Vintage-Inspired Master Bedroom
I used to love these vintage diamond frames when they were displayed in my Grandmother’s bedroom and I am thrilled to incorporate them with my decor.

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

Nothings says Valentine’s Day more than roses. Whether they are fresh, beautifully scented roses or small faux bouquets, adding roses to your home will not only brighten your home decor, but will also boost your mood!

Faux Roses

Roses in the Snow
These faux roses look incredibly real. They do not have thorns and will always look this good!
Valentine's Day Tablescape
While I incorporated faux roses into this Valentine’s Day tablescape, they can also be tucked in around the house for a little pop of color.
Valentine's Day Tablescape
Valentine’s Day Tablescape idea for a small dinner party. I bought these small boxes at the local craft store and filled them with fresh chocolates. To see more, check out my blog Valentine’s Day Tablescape Idea.

Real Roses

Fresh roses are grossly marked up every Valentine’s Day. Don’t break the bank! Buy them a week or so earlier to let your significant other know you are thinking about them and give a gift from the heart on Valentine’s Day instead.

Valentine's Day Roses in the Sink
These roses are beautiful and smell wonderful! I love the different shades of pink and red.

Rose Care Tips: When you receive roses, it’s important to cut the tips on a slant before dropping them into a vase of water. This step will ensure the plants take in water. Also, be sure to change the water daily to help them last longer.

Red Roses in Kitchen Sink
If you take good care of roses when you receive them, they can last up to a week.

Valentine’s Day Gifts From the Heart

We get so busy living our day-to-day life, we don’t always express ourselves as much as we should to our loved ones. Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to do just that! Heartfelt quotes, meaningful song lyrics, poems or personal messages are inexpensive, thoughtful gifts that can go a long way in a relationship.

Successful Marriage Sign
Chris gave me this sign a few years ago for Valentine’s Day and it’s one of my favorites. Not only is it a beautiful, handmade piece, but the gesture serves as a great reminder to focus on the positives and what drew us in at the start.

Thank you so much for following along. I hope this post inspires you to brighten up your winter decor with some Valentine’s Day touches and celebrate the ones you love. Please leave your ideas, comments & more below or contact me here. Be sure to find me, @bricksnblooms, on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram!

Enjoy your day. Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

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