With some care, poinsettias can continue to thrive and possibly re-bloom the following December. They can be fussy to maintain, but if you are interested, here are some tips:

1) It is healthier for the plant to unwrap it from the foil and set in a plastic saucer or re-pot it in fresh potting soil. Keeping the foil wrapped around the plastic pot will retain water and rot the roots.

2) Ideal room temps to keep poinsettias in bloom is between 65-70 degrees F.

3) During the day, keep your plant in a room with lots of bright, indirect natural light. Place it near a sunny window where it will receive the most available sunlight. A window that faces south, east or west is better than one facing north. Keep away from drafts and appliances, and do not place on a hot or warm surface. Hot or cold drafts can cause premature leaf drop. Move the plant to a cooler spot at night if possible.

4) Water only when dry and do not let the plant sit in water or the roots will rot. To determine when to water, check daily. When the surface is dry to the touch, water until it flows from the drainage hole. Do not leave the plant standing in water.

If you are interested in encouraging the plant to re-bloom, please follow these recommendations from the following cooperative extensions: Rutgers Cooperative Extension and University of Illinois Extension.

How to Care for Poinsettias After the Holidays

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How to Care for Poinsettias After the Holidays

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