The holidays are almost here! Get organized for Christmas 2022 with 27 printables and ebooks for one low discounted price in the Holidays at Home Bundle.

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I know it sounds crazy to start getting organized in October for the Christmas 2022 but fall goes by quick and before you know it it’s December and you haven’t bought one holiday gift yet.

But not this year!

Thanks to the 2022 Holidays at Home Bundle, I plan to enjoy a stress-free Christmas season with these incredible tips, tricks, and inspiration.

My good friend Christin from My Homier Home pulled together an incredible line-up of experts to bring you the Holidays at Home Bundle for Christmas 2022 that includes 27 printables and ebooks full of decorating ideas, entertaining tips, organizing tricks, baking ideas, and more.

For the next few days ONLY, you can get access to over $600 worth of digital products at one low discounted price of $49!

And the best part?

This bundle includes my ebook 15 Easy Ways to Decorate With Fresh Greens for the Holidays which regularly sells for $19.99.

So this is a huge deal with big savings!

So What is the 2022 Holidays at Home Bundle?

The 2022 Holidays at Home Bundle is a collection of 27 home decorating, entertaining, and organizing experts’ tips, tricks, and inspiration that will streamline the holidays to make it feel less stressful for you!

From planning and hosting tips to pro decorating tutorials and festive printable artwork plus family-friendly DIY and crafts, you’ll find exactly what you need to make this holiday season one for the memory books.

So even if you’re only interested in 4 or 5 of these books, you’re still saving money because purchasing each individually would be well over the bundled price.

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Here are some of the incredible offers included in the bundle:

That’s over $120 and doesn’t even include my ebook which regularly sells for $19.99!

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But, let’s get real… When you are the main holiday prepper for your family, it can start feeling overwhelming pretty quickly.

You need to plan the parties, decorate the house, host the guests, and have creative crafts ready and waiting for when the kids arrive home from school.

It’s a lot I know!

And just when you think you’ve covered your bases, along comes Aunt Nancy suggesting we make the presents this year.

Oh my gosh – this happens almost every single year, am I right?

And before you know it, your love affair with celebrating the holidays becomes a headache, and an afternoon on the couch looks a whole lot better than even one more moment of rushing around trying to make everyone else’s holiday memorable!

That’s why this bundled offer just makes sense!

The Holidays at Home Bundle has your back with ready to go resources at your fingertips that addresses those last minute things that either came up or you forgot to consider.

15 Easy Ways to Decorate with Fresh Greens for the Holidays

About My Ebook

15 Easy Ways to Decorate With Fresh Greens for the Holidays offers beautiful, budget-friendly, and sustainable holiday decorating inspiration using fresh greens from the landscape.

This 40-page guide is full of simple DIY holiday decorating ideas that includes how to cut, care for, and design with fresh greens, as well as tips to purchase and incorporate faux greens with your holiday decorating style to create a cozy, beautiful, and organic vibe.

From porch styling to cozy centerpiece and tablescape inspiration, wait until you try these budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas using fresh greens for every room in your home.

My ebook regularly sells for $19.99, so getting it at a discounted rate here in the 2022 Holidays at Home Bundle bundle is totally worth it!

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But the Best Part About the 2022 Holidays at Home Bundle?

It’s the savings!!!

For just $49 you get over $600 worth of digital products that will help you plan, implement and enjoy the holidays this year and beyond.

Get 27 incredible resources written by experts to help you prepare for the holidays before things get a little hectic.

This bundle is only available from October 4, 2022 through October 8, 2022. So act now to get it while it’s here because the deal only lasts for a few days.

What you get in the Holidays at Home Bundle 2022

Let me know if you have any questions or want to learn more about what’s offered in the bundle or my ebook in the comments below.

Thank you so much for following along.

Enjoy a beautiful day! xo

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