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What a week it was!

I’ve been keeping a secret and it is MAJOR news that I’m sharing today. I’m not even going to drop it down at the end of sharing my gardens with you because I am so excited about this incredible opportunity!

I am taping a segment for the Live with Kelly and Mark Show this week!!!!! If you’re not familiar, it is a popular morning show on ABC that airs at 9 AM EST on Monday through Friday. This week, I’m scheduled to go in on Wednesday to tape my segment and it is scheduled to air on Friday at 9AM for Green Week!!!

So set your DVRs for Friday at 9AM when the show is scheduled to air and I’ll get some info on how to stream it later if you miss the live broadcast.

I was supposed to be on a flight to Florida Friday morning, but canceled my trip so I could watch it live! How fun will this be!!!

potager garden with tree sculpture and tulips in bloom

In the Garden

So much has been happening this week! We mulched all the gardens and they look so pretty right now! The cottage has been getting a facelift while we fix the tile (yes indoor tile that was used outside) walkway and created a stone path instead so it would be safer to walk on and look pretty too.

The tulips are blooming in full force and I am SO happy that we removed all that pachysandra groundcover outside the potager garden. It looks so much better and in the fall, I will plant it up with tulips so it finishes off the look.

The tulips in the potager garden are GORGEOUS right now. They are pink darwin hybrids that are really tall and beautiful. I didn’t plant them all around because I didn’t have enough. So in the fall, I will load this garden up with more because I love that pink with the green fencing don’t you?

The front pond garden is also in full bloom too with hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. The alliums are getting ready to bloom and I cannot wait to see it all come together!

I’ll be planting my summer flowering annuals soon and am almost done hardening off all of my seedlings. There are lots to plant so it’s going to a project after taping the show this week!

vibrant pink darwin hybrid tulips in flower garden

Upcoming Appearances

I’ll be at the following locations over the next few weeks. If you are local, come drop by and say hello! And if you’ve already bought a book, please bring it with you and I’ll sign it!

  • On Saturday, April 27, I’ll be doing a planting demonstration and outdoor living space glow-up at Blue Mountain Landscaping in Bridgewater, NJ at noon.
  • On May 9, I’ll be signing and selling books at Engraved Images in Far Hills, New Jersey.
beautiful brunnera with blue flowers in the shade garden in spring

This week, I did a lot of shopping to prepare for the segment on Live. Here’s what I snagged this week!

  • This dress
  • These shoes
  • This blazer
  • These jeans
  • This belt
  • I’m stocking up on neem oil to help control infestations depending on the issue. When using, only apply when pollinators are less active.
  • I’m also stocking up on my go-to bait for slug and snail problems with my hostas and dahlias. It’s almost time to apply it!
hellebores and daffodils

It was a fun week on the blog!

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salvia may night with purple flowers
May Night Salvia Close up

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light pink peonies in the flower patch

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vibrant zinnia flowers featuring queen lime zinnia with blush
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summer garden deer resistant flowers with butterfly bush and caryopteris
Butterfly garden with caryopteris, butterfly bush, hydrangeas, and more

I love finding cool inspiration from around the web and wanted to share some of what I’m loving right now.

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Garden Supplies I Use

Since I’ve been gardening for well over twenty-five years, I’m often asked about the garden supplies and tools that I use most. Here are some of my favorites that I use in no particular order.

dahlia kogane fubuki in the potager garden

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stacy ling cutting dahlias in her garden

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    1. Thank you for commenting because I wasn’t clear in the post – I am taping my segment on Wednesday but it airs on Friday. I edited my phrasing.

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    I’m so excited about your upcoming TV appearance. I’ll be glued to the TV. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing my concrete countertop guide. You are the best.

  2. Stacy, I’m so happy for you! I’ll be watching at 9 am Friday!! Good job, friend! So deserving! 🌸