Are you looking for super easy and fun Valentine Ideas? Here are 19 Valentine ideas for your home and celebrations, as well as gift ideas for him and for her.

I can’t believe it’s already February, can you?

January just flew right by.

Do you decorate your home for Valentine’s Day?

I typically don’t. Maybe just a few flowers or something, but I don’t usually do too much.

If I’m hosting a Galentines Day brunch or something I might set a pretty table. Or set something more intimate for Chris and I with a small wine and cheese date. But I digress.

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, did you shop for your significant other yet?

I found some cool stuff that’s in my shopping cart right now.

Wait to show you what I’m shopping for!

Oh and if you are looking for some delicious dishes that are Valentines Day inspired, head to the end of this post for menu ideas.

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Sometimes I find it hard to buy things for my husband. I mean, what do you get the guy that has it all?

I feel like I get a lot of the same things, so I’ve been trying to find things that are more useful or meaningful to him. Or maybe something he has that needs an update.

So here’s a few ideas!

Subscription Boxes

One of THE BEST gifts is this clothing subscription box. Seriously, my husband has never dressed so well and looks good all the time!

He’s been getting the clothing subscription box for a few years now and it has completely revamped his wardrobe. It’s awesome how they pull looks together for you based on your preferences and style.

Sometimes he gets very little and other times, he’ll get a little more depending on what he needs for a season. Both he (and I) highly recommend the clothing subscription box!

So if your significant other could use a wardrobe update, you can buy them for men or women here.

My husband is also into this subscription box as well.

I guess he likes to get a bunch of stuff in a box? hahaha.

It’s pretty cool. He loves the items he gets every month. CLICK HERE to check it out.

5 Easy Galentine's Table Decor Ideas - close up of box with red heart filled with chocolate

Fitness Watch

Also pretty popular with him these days is this fitness watch. My husband received it for Christmas a few years ago and he LOVES it!

He tracks his fitness goals and sees what me, my kids, and his friends, and family are all doing. It’s helped keep him on track and is another great gift idea.

And now, he’s gotta track his every movement all the time. Cause if he didn’t track it, it never happened. Am I right?

Golf Stuff

Does your husband or significant other love to golf?

Chris is obsessed with golfing anything golf-related is a go to gift from me.

I like to update golf shirts that are moisture wicking like this and this. So I typically get Chris a few per year. He doesn’t buy this stuff for himself so I know he appreciate it.

So I bought these a few years ago for Chris, but it’s time for a new pair. Shhhh, don’t tell him!

Most recently, I bought him this range finder. Had no idea he already had one but this one is much better than the one he already had, so we’ll put that in the win column for Stacy.


And of course, there’s nothing better than a box of chocolates for Valentines Day. I should probably list this as an everyone kind of gift, cause it is. But my husband loves his chocolates, so I always make sure I pick him up some when I buy for the girls too.

Most often, I stop at the local chocolatier for some fresh chocolates for my family. But when I’m behind and can’t spare the in-store shopping time, I order some online.

More Valentines Ideas for Him

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

With three young adult daughters, there’s no shortage of Valentines Day gift ideas for them.

But the best part?

These gift ideas are great for spouses, mothers, significant others, sisters, etc. too.


Flower flowers flowers!

Are there many people out there that don’t love flowers?

Since my daughters left for college, we’ve been sending them flowers to their dorms every month. It brightens up the bland cylander brick walls and brightens up their small living spaces.

But it’s not even just a great idea for them!

Cause I love getting fresh cut flowers too, especially during the winter when my gardens have nothing going on.

Instead of doing the usual red roses, why not try something a little different, like THESE!

And because I love vintage looking flowers, if the giftee has a vintage heart, these are perfect.

But of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic like these.

5 Easy Galentine's Table Decor Ideas - valentines day table decor idea with white box with red heart filled with chocolate red roses red linen napkin and lenox  on farmhouse table


Does she love to read? Check out this fun book idea that says it all.

For me, I would love this book about cut flower gardens. It talks about everything from starting from seeds to arranging them in containers.

My daughters have been into a few series lately.

If they don’t have a Kindle reader yet, check this one out. My friend has it and loves hers because it has wireless charging and auto adjusting front light with no lockscreen ads.

vintage chess table in the library with books and decor


When in doubt, jewelry is a great option. From costume to the good stuff, figuring out what’s best depends on your budget and the giftee’s preferences.

I don’t wear a lot of good stuff that often anymore. On occasions, I will but it’s not often. I lean more towards casual every day items from the following retailers.

But of course if you want to buy some beautiful pieces, check out these retailers for ideas. One year, Chris gave me a locket with our kids photos in them. And I cherish it to this day.

Check out Nordstroms because they have lots of beautiful stuff that will be forever cherished.

Galentine's Day Table Decor Ideas with black china cabinet and hutch filled with lenox and be my valentine sign


Another great gift idea are perfumes, body lotions and other fragrances.

Whether you pick something up at Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Macys, or Nordstroms, you can usually find some wonderfully scented items she may not buy for herself.

More Valentines Ideas for Her

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener

If You Love a Gardener, Shop for Garden Supplies

Beautiful Valentine Ideas for the Table

Here are a few table decor ideas to get you thinking about your own. Whether you are enjoying a quiet day at home with your family, hosting a Galentines Day Celebration, or sharing an intimate evening with your significant other, these beautiful table decor ideas will give you a great starting point of inspiration.

Galentines Day Idea

I love how my table and centerpiece turned out for our Galentines Day brunch. This Valentine’s Day table decor idea can be used for both larger and more intimate gatherings.

It’s simple with some red roses, winter greenery, berries and adorable white boxes with hearts filled with chocolates.

CLICK HERE to see more of this Valentines Day Table Decor Idea

5 Easy Galentine's Day Table Decor Ideas - close up of red roses, white berries, pinecones and winter greenery in vintage toolbox centerpiece
Galentine's Day Table Decor Ideas in farmhouse dining room with black china cabinet and hutch
Galentine’s Day Brunch

Intimate Wine Tasting Party for Two

While I shared this idea as part of a wine and cheese dinner party, it really is perfect for a cozy evening with your significant other.

Whether you create the dining atmosphere indoors or out, set a table with beautiful flowers, cozy candles, and a well though wine and cheese pairing.

And if you don’t want the alcohol? Go non-alcoholic and enjoy a light evening of cheese or appetizers instead.

wine and cheese dinner party for two in the formal garden at sunset in the gazebo with red roses, wine and cheese
close up of a wine and cheeses party tasting station in the formal garden at sunset with red roses, pinot noir, cheeses, candles, and wine glasses.

Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

If you are looking for food ideas for Valentines Day, wait until you see what my supper club and I cooked up for our Galentine’s Day celebration!

Click on the name of the item to read the post.

The BEST QUICHE You’ll Ever Have!

Zucchini Quiche and a Galentine's Day Brunch Menu - close up of zucchini quiche
Creamy Zucchini Quiche Recipe

The Best Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail by Anne and AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms

Valentine's Day Brunch with prosecco punch by simply 2 moms

Yummy Artichoke and Sundried Tomato Bites by Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse

Artichoke and sundried tomato bites by the ponds farmhouse - Valentine's Day Brunch

Simple and Classic Fruit Salad by Jen from Midwest Life and Style

Valentine's Day Brunch Menu - parfait

The Cutest Linzer Heart Cookies by Michele from Vintage Home Designs

Valetine's Day Brunch - linzer heart cookies by vintage home designs

Favorite Valentines Day Ideas

What is your favorite Valentines Day Idea? I would love to know more in the comments below.

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flatlay of wine and cheeses table with red roses, red wine in wine glass, cheeses, crackers and fruits on small bistro table

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19 Simple Valentines Ideas
19 Simple Valentines Ideas
19 Simple Valentines Ideas

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  1. Great post Stacy! Always looking for different gift ideas…thanks for sharing. Love seeing our tables and recipes again…so fun!

  2. HI Stacy, I just finished your indoor seed starter post. I loved it! We are in Colorado and it’s tricky timing anything around the last frost or a blizzard ;0)

    1. Thank you Laura! Same here – we used to have an earlier last frost date but it’s been pushed back in May. I usually watch the weather like a hawk come May 1! xo

  3. Such great gift ideas! I absolutely love your tablescape. It looks beautiful. Of course, the outdoor table is stunning. When the children were little, we use to put them to bed. I would set up a little table for two for us to have a lovely Valentine’s evening in. The littles would be sleeping and we would be sharing wine and dessert with soft music playing behind close doors. We still enjoy spending Valentine’s Day home together.

    1. That sounds perfect – and when the kids are small we make do! It feels strange to finally be in a place where we don’t have to do that anymore but we are embracing it! xo