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Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas for the Dining Table

Looking for holiday and winter centerpiece ideas for the dining table? Check out these budget-friendly design ideas using the same materials. 

While I LOVE to decorate, I want to streamline my efforts so I can tweak things without spending a lot of time or breaking the bank.

This transitional dining or kitchen table centerpiece idea hits the mark by using decor items that can be re-used throughout the winter.

Do you have a live or faux centerpiece on your dining room or kitchen table?

I love having a seasonal centerpiece in the dining room.

When you first walk into my home, the dining room is one of the first rooms you see.

Decorating the table with a gorgeous seasonal centerpiece warms up the room, adds some personality and makes me smile every time I walk.

Centerpieces do not have to be a stagnant piece of home decor.

They can be designed to transition through seasonal changes with minimal time, effort and investment.

Wait until you see how!

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Thanksgiving 2019 Centerpiece

Centerpiece Ideas for the Dining Table

When I started planning my Thanksgiving centerpiece for the dining table, I envisioned an arrangement that could easily be changed to suit the next few holidays.

Although it was still technically fall, I wanted to use winter greens as the base to have the ability to swap out seasonal decor items over the next several months.

Check out the photos below to see how this winter centerpiece transitioned through the season.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape
Christmas 2019 Centerpiece

Planters for Dining Table Centerpieces

We don’t have to use designated garden planters to create beautiful dining or kitchen table centerpieces.

There are so many neat ideas out there to use as vessels.

For this centerpiece, I used a vintage toolbox and love how it turned out.

I found this cool vintage toolbox in Vermont at an antique store for about $15.

When I first saw it, I knew it would make a great tabletop centerpiece!

Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece ideas
Winter Centerpiece 2020

To create your own, think about the things you love, that make you feel happy and inspires you.

See if you have anything laying around that can be used.

Consider the size of your table, how large and tall you want your tabletop centerpiece to be, as well as your existing decor.

Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas
Oh how I love this vintage toolbox! It was totally worth the $15 I paid at a Vermont antique store!

Oftentimes, I have items tucked away that can be used.

But sometimes, I buy new decor.

Ideas for vessels include baskets, crocks, toolboxes, crates, suitcases tins, teapots, trays, to name a few.

Think outside the box, find your inspiration and go for it!

There is no right or wrong.

Shop for Vintage Toolbox

Adding Greens

In addition to finding the right container for your taste and location, stocking up on faux winter greenery is a must!

I prefer to use faux greens because they last for several months without having to fuss with it.

It’s more of a set-and-forget approach to decorating.

Live greens dry out so quickly and are not budget-friendly if you want something long-term.

Can you make one using real greens?


Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas

But know that it won’t last as long and you’ll need to refresh your greens.

While faux greens can be costly upfront, you will get several years of use from them.

I stock up, use and re-use faux varieties all year long.

Faux greens warm up living spaces, always look good and are worth the initial investment because they last.

As much as I love my real plants, sometimes faux is the way to go!

first christmas in our home tour with vintage toolbox centerpiece

There are many shops, both big and small, where you can find good quality faux greens.

HERE are some great sources to purchase faux winter greens and florals.

While there are a lot of good quality faux greens on the market, there are also many that do not look authentic.


christmas dinner easy table decor ideas
Bricks ‘n Blooms

When shopping, ask yourself, “Does this look real?”

If the answer is no, walk away.

Arrangements don’t look half as good when faux florals and greens look fake.

Money Saving Styling Tip: Shop winter clearance sales to get more bang for your buck when purchasing faux greens and florals.

While the best selection can be found in the fall, if you hit the clearance sales right, you can stock up on a lot of essentials for half the price.

Watch this video for more tips to buying faux winter greens and florals.

YouTube video

Shop for Winter Greens

Adding Seasonal or Holiday Decor

Chances are, you already have seasonal and holiday decor laying around that you can tuck into winter table centerpieces.

To save money, I repurpose things I have.

If you don’t have anything laying around, then you’ll want to shop for a few key items.

Budget-Friendly Centerpiece Ideas
For a transitional Thanksgiving theme, I painted some faux and real pumpkins gold to tuck in with with winter greens.

Consider the size and scale of what you need.

If items are too small, they will look dwarfed in a container.

If they are too large, they will overpower the greens.

So it is important to find the right balance.

(To learn more about basic container design, see Container Gardening.)

For this type of arrangement, my rule of thumb is to find objects that are about the size of my fist for a centerpiece.

Rustic Farmhouse Holiday Home Tour
For Christmas, I removed all of the gold pumpkins and tucked in these beautiful Christmas Present ornaments.

Take a look at the photos and notice how the gold pumpkins, the Christmas gift ornaments, and textured balls are all roughly the same size without overpowering the small trees.

By swapping out a few seasonal items, the winter table centerpiece gets a whole new look with minutes of effort.

Styling Tip: While working, step back and take a good look at your work. Is it balanced? Is there symmetry? Does it look full enough? Do you need more color and texture?

I also take pics with my phone and look at my containers from that perspective.

It’s amazing how much I learn from taking photos!

Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas
When the holidays were over, I removed the Christmas present ornaments and tucked in these beautiful neutral, textured ball ornaments with additional pinecones and white berry sprigs.

Shop for Holiday Decor

Adding Natural Elements for Texture and Dimension

I like to add natural elements like berry sprigs and pinecones for additional texture and dimension in my winter centerpieces.

Sometimes I’ll add more.

Sometimes less.

It really depends on the look I’m trying to achieve.

Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas
I love how the textured ornaments and white berry sprigs resemble snow.

In addition to natural elements and textures, I love adding fairy lights!

They add just the right amount of twinkle on dark, cold winter days and really warm up a space.

Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas

There are so many varieties out there to use and they are very inexpensive.

I suggest finding one that works on a timer so you don’t have to turn them on and off.

Here is the one I am using on this centerpiece.

Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas

Shop for Seasonal Florals and Natural Elements

Want to Learn More About Designing Centerpiece Ideas for the Dining Table?

Learn how to design beautiful centerpieces.

Find seasonal centerpiece inspiration here.

Learn the basics of container design.

Design easy outdoor planters for winter with these great tips.

I love a centerpiece that can be easily tweaked to get a whole new look.

By stocking up on some simple greens, this centerpiece mirrors the season with very little money and effort.

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Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas for the Dining Table
Budget-Friendly Winter Centerpiece Ideas

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