Looking for ways to organize your bedroom closet? Wait until you see this before and after closet makeover!

Well, we finally did it.

After remodeling our home 15 years ago, we finally finished and organized the closet.

When we ripped the roof off of our small 3 bedroom ranch to add a second story, we included walk-in closets for each of the girls and ourselves.

And when the renovation was complete, we installed closet organizer systems in each of the girls’ closets.

We had every intention to do something similar in our own closet.

But kept pushing it back for other, more pressing projects.

So we never did much with it.

Do you do that too?

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Before and After Closet Makeover
We have a good size closet but it was difficult to keep organized and clean.

Our Bedroom Closet Makeover

Looking back, the main reason we waited, was the budget.

Our closet is roughly 8×10 and it would cost a lot more to create a custom closet there.

So instead, we made do with a few mismatched dressers, wire shelving, baskets and a shoe rack.

Because we got used to it, we just lived with it.

But then I completely renovated our kitchen.

And then I painted the living room.

Because I had paint leftover from painting the living room, I painted the dining room.

But then the front entry needed a makeover too, so I painted that.

Last year, we remodeled the bathroom as well as the laundry room.

So now, the closet was really starting to bother me.

It felt dingy, the lighting was not good and we were struggling to put things away.

After 15 years, we have a budget and the desire to makeover the closet.

Before and After Closet Makeover
Before the closet makeover, it was dark, dingy and in dire need of hep!

Choosing the Closet Organizer System

Before we started, we shopped online for organizer systems.

When we finished the girls’ closets, we used a closet organizer system from a big box home improvement store.

And while they were great for the last 15 years and reasonably priced, they did not stand the test of time.

Admittedly, my girls were hard on them.

But over time, the laminate started peeling, the drawers broke and weren’t fixable.

And it was difficult to find the right replacement parts 15 years later.

So we decided to go with a higher quality alternative that was pricier but well worth the additional expense.

Before and After Closet Makeover - Closet Organization
After we purged the closet and moved everything out, we painted the walls, ceiling and trim.

Designing the Closet

We connected with The Container Store, worked with one of their design consultants, and created the closet we’d always wanted.

At the end of the day, the price difference for our 8×10 closet is a few thousand dollars.

Before and After Closet Makeover

However, we looked at it as this is our bedroom furniture.

We don’t keep dressers and such in our bedroom, so the closet needed the right system.

We considered how we lived, what our needs are, and the best way to organize our stuff.

Ultimately, we chose to hang more, add more shelving, and include drawer organizers and shoe storage drawers.

Before and After Closet Makeover
Chris and his friend, Mark, working on the installation.

Purging the Closet

After designing our closet with this option, we started purging our closet.

We sifted through our belongings and made piles of what we wanted to keep, donate or toss.

After purging the closet of our belongings, we removed all the dressers and wire hanger systems.

To get rid of the dingy gold walls, we painted the closet walls with Benjamin Moore White Dove and Trim with Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Before and After Closet Installation
Although we had the space all planned out with the designer from The Container Store, we tweaked the shelving during the installation.

Installing the Closet Organizer System

Since Chris loves to DIY, he wanted to forego their installation and do it himself.

He asked his friend to help out with the install.

And it was done in less than a day!

Chris and Mark installed the brackets first, then added the shelves and drawer units.

It took some time to build, but it went up quickly and easily.

Before and After Closet Makeover
What a difference, right???

The Closet Makeover

Since the guys were done before dinner, I started moving us back into the closet that night.

But before I show you how it’s progressing, let me show you all the details that will help us live in a more organized way.

Before and After Closet Makeover

We ultimately decided on side of the closet for drawers and shelving.

And the other side of the closet would hold most of the hanging items.

To give you a closer look at some details, these are my shoe drawers.

Shoe Organizer Drawer with Closet Makeover

Aren’t these amazing? Each drawer fits about 6 pairs of shoes.

So now, I have a place to keep all my shoes.

My taller boots will go under the hanging side where they’ll have more space.

Now you might be wondering, well what about Chris’ shoes?

Don’t worry about him. He keeps all of his shoes in our mudroom because he likes to put them on before he leaves.

So we didn’t need space for them in our closet.

Jewelery Organizer in Closet Makeover

In the smaller drawers, we added these awesome organizers.

I’d say they are mostly for jewelry, but you can put whatever you want in there like sunglasses, etc.

Decorating the Closet

Now that the closet is organized it’s time to decorate!

To finish it off, it needs an area rug, light fixture, and window treatment.

Boutique Rugs

My favorite place for area rugs is Boutique Rugs.

Are you familiar with them?

They have a huge selection of high-quality area rugs at super affordable prices.

I have several of their rugs and have a great experience with them, so getting another from them was a no-brainer.

This one is my favorite outdoor area rug. I have it on both the upper and lower decks of my home.

I have this one in my dining room.

And now, Boutique Rugs gifted me this one for the closet.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

If you are updating a space and looking for an area rug, check out Boutique Rugs and use BLOOMS60 for extra savings.

After Closet Makeover

I love the color that it adds in an all-white space.

It’s perfect.

Lighting and Window Treatment

As of today, I am still looking for the right size chandelier.

But this is the look I am going for.

Or maybe this one.

I’m not totally sure yet.

For the window treatment, I want to order a woven shade like this one to add some texture and dimension.

But, I may go with a soft roman shade in white instead to soften the lines.

Let me know what you think would look better!

And that’s it!

Doesn’t it look great so far?

I can’t wait to finish the rest of it off.

I’ll update this post and let you know when the finishing touches are complete.

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Before and After Closet Makeover
Before and After Closet Makeover

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    1. Thank you! We have been waiting to do this for SO long! I’m so glad we finally did it! xoxo

  1. What an amazing transformation! Your closet looks great. I know you smile every time you open your closet door.

  2. Stacy, I would go with a white roman shade to pull it all together and not be distracting. As for the light fixture, do you really want to clean all those glass drops on the second one? I forget what they are called. I love the first one – it adds glamor to the closet and won’t be a pain to keep clean. Just my thoughts. Your closet is a dream come true.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara! Its so fun to decorate isn’t it? I agree…I love the idea of the roman shade too!

  3. Wow…just wow! I love it…so clean and organized. This inspires me to get my closet done. I did Chris’s last year but have yet to tackle mine.

    1. Thank you! That’s so nice you have separate closets! We share this one so it was a challenge keeping it clean! xo

  4. It’s amazing how pretty your closet is now! I love it! You could pull up a little table and chair and write your blog posts looking out the window! Can’t wait to see the chandelier you end up finding.

    1. The closet makeover turned out so awesome. I can’t believe how much more space we have to put things away! xo

  5. Stacy, I love the closet makeover. It really turned out amazing. I am like you where we don’t have dressers out in our room on purpose. My husband and I have organizers for socks, t-shirts, undergarments, etc. However, I do need more hanging space such as double rods. Thank you for the inspiration. Nice project!

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy! It’s nice having more space in the bedrooms without all the dressers right? xo

  6. Such a great closet Stacy, you must be thrilled. My husband and I are dinosaurs, we still use dressers. We each have our own walk in closets and they are filled too but very neat.

    Container Store is awesome isn’t it? My girlfriend is a Container Store junkie. She can’t help herself.

  7. The closet makeover is fantastic. So clean looking and to me a closet that when you get up in the morning you just feel your day is brighter.
    I would go with the crisp white roman shade just to keep the closet looking so crisp, bright. I used a light colored wood shade in my white kitchen – I quickly took it down as it just seemed to drag my bright kitchen down.
    I love bling (at 75 y/o) so I love the second chandelier.

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