Since I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to fall decorating, I was happy to keep it simple. Through the years squirrels have nibbled and damaged my pumpkins. So this year, I was praying they’d bypass mine and am happy to report, they still looked great about a week before Halloween.

For those of you that know me off the blog, know how much I love my dogs. Like my kids, they are the light of my life and keep me highly entertained all day long. Because my dogs love to be outside, we installed the invisible fence so they could enjoy my half-acre yard without wandering off.

A week before Halloween, they were a bit quieter than usual in the front yard. I had some things I was working on in the house, so I can’t say I minded that they were keeping themselves occupied. When I went to check on them…I saw my older lab, Bodie, chowing down on one of the smaller pumpkins! Yikes! I mean, I knew the squirrels would have a field day with them, but Bodie has never bothered my pumpkins before…which led to me to the conclusion that it was not his idea, but rather the idea of a precocious pup, AKA Koda. Of course she was sitting there all cute and pretty looking at me like, “Not me…I didn’t do anything”…so I gathered them together, snapped a quick guilt pic – lol – then cleaned up the pumpkin mess and carried on with my day.

pumpkin partially eaten by dog
The First Pumpkin the Dogs Ate
2 black Labrador Retrievers sitting next to the pumpkin they were snacking on
The Mugshot

A few days later, again…I was working indoors and they were eerily quiet again outside. I looked out the front door and saw Koda totally chowing down on one of the two huge jack-o-lantern pumpkins we bought way out in the garden! She had to knock and roll this thing off my front steps to get it going! Little Stinker! To say the pumpkin was ruined was an understatement…she gutted the thing. And where was Bodie? Sitting about 6 feet away from her looking at me like “I told her not to do that.”

front porch decor: mum, pumpkin, and cabbage plant
black Labrador Retriever next to snacked on pumpkin

Ok so what do I do with this now totally destroyed pumpkin that we were planning to carve for Halloween? It wasn’t easy carving it like this, but I finished off the big hole to make it look more like a mouth, carved some eyes and set it back on the front porch. It seemed to be missing something though. I hadn’t fully cleaned out the inside of the pumpkin (Koda did a pretty good job of that herself) and I recall Pinterest post with a jack-o-lantern styled with a bottle of wine. I quickly pulled out the insides to make it look like the pumpkin had a rough night, grabbed an almost empty bottle of Tito’s vodka and voila! Sometimes you have to roll with the punches and make lemonade from a lemon…or in this case…vodka!

pumpkin decor carved to look like it\'s throwing up next to empty bottle of vodka
Rough Night

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  1. I am so sorry about your ash trees and I thank you for the info.
    I guess your doggies didn’t get sick after consuming large amounts of seeds and pumpkins – so funny. You lightened my day. I had two Great Danes and what a wild crazy time we had enjoying their antics.

    1. Thank you Diana! No, they don’t get sick after eating pumpkins. They are too funny! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story! xoxo