Looking for ways to decorate your china cabinet and hutch? Here are some tips to organize and style your china cabinet for spring and beyond.

My dining room china cabinet and hutch are one of the first things you see when you walk in my home.

I recently re-organized and re-styled my china cabinet shelves for winter.

And loved it so much that I swapped the winter greenery out for spring greens and some pretty terracotta pots with faux florals.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love to decorate my dining room with faux greens and florals.

It’s not to say that I don’t love decorating with live plants and flowers, because I do.

But in the dining room, I prefer a set and forget approach that I don’t have to care for and always looks pretty.

Wait until you see how I decorated the china cabinet and hutch for spring!

Early Spring Table Decor

While decorating for spring, I cleaned and re-organized the china cabinet and hutch shelves.

I already did a big purge a few months ago, so this week, it was all about tidying up and decorating for spring.

Here’s how I decorated it for spring!

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Early Spring Table Decor Ideas

Arranging the China Cabinet and Hutch

Since sharing how I decorated this space for winter, so many of you asked how I arranged the shelves in the hutch.

I love how they look, don’t you?

CLICK HERE to learn how I arranged it or you can decorate it in real-time with me in the link below.

YouTube video

Rethinking “Special Occasion” Dinnerware

Before cleaning and re-organizing any space, it’s important to re-evaluate your needs.

What are they? Have they changed?

Since cleaning out my china cabinet and hutch a few months ago, it stayed pretty well organized.

I’m really glad I made more room to store table decor and linens because it is so much easier to access them now.

My Lenox still looks amazing displayed on the hutch shelves.

And I’m so happy I decided to display more of them instead of keeping them tucked away in storage.

Which got me thinking about how many of us have beautiful fine china and other dinnerware but rarely use them because we think we need a special occasion for it.

Early Spring Table Decor Ideas

We Should Use “Special Occasion” Dinnerware More Often

I have two sets of Lenox: one set that I received for my wedding and another that was passed to me by my grandmother.

Both are equally beautiful. But for years, I only used them when hosting Thanksgiving or some other holiday.

I mean, what is that about?

My sister-in-law introduced me to the idea of using them more often.

In fact, she uses hers every day.

So that inspired me to start using them more outside of holidays.


Because every day is special.

Spring Flowers Tablescape Idea

If the last few years has taught us nothing else, we’ve learned not to take things for granted.

Each day on this earth is a gift that should be celebrated.

And if we keep that special dinnerware tucked away in storage, we will miss out on the joys of using them.

So get them out of hiding!

Display them on a shelf.

Use them in your every day life.

Live for today, not the next holiday or special occasion.

Spring Flowers Tablescape Idea

Decorating the China Cabinet and Hutch for Spring

Have you started decorating for spring yet?

Before decorating the china cabinet and hutch for spring, I tidied up the drawers, cabinets, and shelves.

If you have open shelving like me, it’s a great spot to add some spring touches.

Before decorating for spring, consider what you love and want to display.

I wanted to showcase my Lenox, so this is how I styled them.

Once shelves are styled with the things you love and want to display, it’s time to decorate for the season.

For me, I love to keep my seasonal decor to faux greens and flowers with lots of natural and organic textures.

I prefer to use faux because there is no upkeep, it always looks good and I don’t risk damaging the china cabinet and hutch with water.

Decorting the China Cabinet and Hutch For Spring

Since it’s spring, I added some pretty spring greens and flowers with a few organic elements.

I tucked in some beautiful faux fern sprigs between the dinnerware to green it up and soften the lines.

farmhouse black hutch display of cream china and greenery in terracotta pots

Then tucked in some small terracotta pots with pretty faux kalanchoe plants and mini boxwoods to add some texture and interest.

It’s not much but it feels like spring!

Spring China Cabinet and Hutch Decor

I started playing around with adding more terracotta.

Are you a fan of terracotta too?

I love it when it has a weathered look.

These are new so I’m thinking about aging them.

spring china cabinet and hutch

Do you like it with more or less terracotta?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

About My China Cabinet and Hutch

I’m often asked where I found this gorgeous china cabinet and hutch.

It’s truly amazing because it is oversized and holds so much.

When we renovated our home 15 years ago, I wanted one just like this.

My friend found something similar a few towns away at a vintage country shop.

Inspired by hers, I shopped our local antique stores and found this one.

I had to have it! 

Because it was the perfect statement piece for our dining room.

And I’m glad I scooped it up when I did, because the store closed a short time later.

While I haven’t seen anything quite like mine in a while, I found a few online that look similar.

Shop for Dining Room Decor

Shop for Spring Decor

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Decorating the China Cabinet and Hutch for Spring
Decorating the China Cabinet and Hutch for Spring
Decorating the China Cabinet and Hutch For Spring

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  1. So many beautiful ways to celebrate Spring, Stacy! From the flowers in the centerpieces to the place settings to the way you’ve styled your gorgeous hutch, every detail is perfection. I just love it all! Hugs and happy spring, CoCo

      1. Hey Dee Dee! They are from Pier 1. Not sure if they sell them anymore but I’ll look around for something similar!

  2. While I think the juxtaposition of the fine china with the rustic terracotta provides interest, in this case I think less is more.

  3. I always love to see how you style your gorgeous china cabinet and hutch Stacy. And the tulips are the perfect touch! Beautiful!

  4. It’s beautiful, Stacy. Your Lenox is gorgeous. I need to use ours more often. The pops of green are so fun for spring.

    1. Thank you so much Katie! When I’m more mindful of using them, even pizza nights feel a little more special! Have the best weekend Katie! xo

  5. I can see why you wanted a cabinet like that. It’s fantastic! I especially love the color. The way the dishes pop off the color and the added greenery make it look so fresh. I think I like it better with less terracotta but both are pretty.

    And I agree with your SIL, we should use the “special” plates more than just on holidays. I tried putting ours in the same cabinet on top of the everyday dishes and everyone just kept digging out the everyday plates from underneath. It was crazy. I think I’m the only one that really uses them. Ayi yi yi.

    Glad you could join us. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! That’s so funny that they gravitated to the everyday! I haven’t put them in my kitchen yet – I should though. My SIL has them in her kitchen cabinets and she literally uses them every day! Thanks so much for organizing this hop, Cindy! I really enjoyed it! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  6. I LOVE that you use your special dishes on a regular basis. The addition of greenery is perfect for the spring!

    1. Thanks, Laura! It was eye-opening that my SIL had that perspective and I’ve adopted my own version of it. Someday I’ll add them to my kitchen as an everyday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi Stacy, your hutch and cabinet are so gorgeous and it makes a totally fabulous statement. Loving that beautiful Lenox, the gold rim really sets off a tablesetting and stands out against that black badkground. Oh my, that huge tool caddy with tulips is over the top perfect for Spring. I always love coming to visit. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much, Debra! Likewise! I enjoy dropping by and visiting your beautiful home as well. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! xoxo

  8. Wow!!! I am completely loving these gorgeous white dishes inside that black cabinet!!! So very beautiful!!!!

  9. I totally agree with the china! We use our formal china more and more. Gone are the days of just using it for holidays. It can totally be mixed with casual as well. Your hutch gets me every time I see it. You truly are a master of the tablescape!

  10. I like the clay pot texture with the greens mixed in, personally. Kind of that high/low thing going on, terra cotta and lenox. Plus your chargers are a little terra cotta color, too. Your light colored dishes look so awesome in the black cupboard. Love how you simply swapped up the seasonal greens:)