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Soup Party Ideas for a Potluck Luncheon

By stacy ling

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Want to make a soup bar for your next party or throw a potluck luncheon with a buffet of cozy chowders and delicious soups? Here's how to do it!

Ask Guests to Bring Their Favorite Soup or Chowder Seems kind of obvious for a soup party, but as the host, don't be afraid to ask guests to bring a dish. When guests bring their soups or chowders, ask them to bring it in a pot or better yet, a slow cooker so you can keep it warm during the potluck luncheon.

Set Up Tables With a Soup Bar Station You'll want to set up a few tables or a station where guests can mill about and sample the soups! Set up tables with electricity options and be sure to include small labels for each soup or chowder so guests know what they are enjoying.

Don't Forget the Toppings When hosting a soup party, it's important to offer different soup toppings so guests can garnish their soups. Depending on what soups or chowders will be served, adjust the toppings accordingly.

Serving Soups or Chowders for a Party When hosting a soup party with a variety of soups, it's best to serve them in mugs, small bowls, or recyclable cups so guests can walk around and sample different dishes. This also allows for guests to go back and get more of their favorite soups as well.

Decorating for the Season For a fall soup party, consider decorating it for the season with an autumn color palette and lots of fall decor.

Label the Soups Be sure to label each soup so guests know what they are tasting.

Make It a Friendly Competition Tasting chowders and soups are fun, but why not make it a friendly competition to see which recipe guests love the most? I love the foodie aspect of this theme and how fun will it be to taste everyone's soups and choose their favorites?

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Follow along to learn more about soup party ideas for a potluck luncheon or dinner party.

Quick and Easy Recipes

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