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Rustic Elegant Table Decorations for an Italian Dinner Party 

By stacy ling

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Create a cozy dining experience with rustic elegance using these effortless yet stunning table decoration ideas. 

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While there's no right or wrong way to style a table, there is an overarching theme to keep in mind where an Italian dinner party is concerned. Abundance.

Create a Gorgeous Centerpiece and Include Organic Decor Think fresh fruits, flowers, greenery and organic textures.

Set the Table by Creating Cozy Layers Add lots of character, texture and dimension using different textiles, dinnerware and linens to help create a warm and welcoming look. 

Include Lots of Flowers and Display Them in Unique Ways Consider using wine bottles as vases.

Mix and Match Antique or Rustic Dinnerware and Flatware Don't be afraid to mix and match your dinnerware to create a cozy, unique look.

Include Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Use an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables to create a sense of abundance on the table. Arrange  them around the centerpiece or scatter them along the table. Their various shapes and colors will add depth and interest to your decor.

Add Ambiance Creating a cozy ambiance is a must, so incorporating a soft warm glow creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Follow along to learn more about setting a rustic elegant tablescape for an Italian themed dinner party.

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