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How to Get a Pottery Barn Christmas Look for Less

By stacy ling

Christmas Ideas

Have you ever wanted a designer look for less? Learn how to shop and get the Pottery Barn look for less with these simple tips.

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Embrace Neutrals and Warm Tones Pottery Barn’s Christmas collections often feature neutral colors and warm tones that create a sense of comfort and elegance. Shop around for throw blankets, pillows, etc that will transform your space without the higher price tag.

DIY Pottery Barn-Inspired Ornaments Pottery Barn ornaments are beautiful but can be pricey. Consider making your own DIY ornaments to capture the same aesthetic.

Cozy Textiles on a Budget Pottery Barn is known for its luxurious textiles that add warmth to any space. Check their sales and clearance section or look for budget-friendly alternatives like faux fur and knitted blankets at discount stores or online retailers.

Create a Rustic Tablescape Pottery Barn’s table settings are often adorned with rustic and  festive elements. Achieve a similar look by incorporating natural elements like Christmas greenery, pinecones, twigs, and berries from your own landscape.

Scour Sales and Clearance Sections Pottery Barn frequently offers sales and discounts, especially during  the holiday season. Keep an eye on their website and in-store  promotions, but don’t forget to explore the clearance sections for  hidden gems.

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Follow along to learn more about decorating with a designer look for less this Christmas.

Christmas Ideas

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