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Upcycle Ideas to Make a Ceramic Bowl Look Like Stone

Got an old ceramic piece that doesn’t match your decorating style anymore? Don’t toss it! Flip it with these upcycle ideas.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time1 hr
Total Time1 hr 5 mins
Cost: 10




  • To start, clean the bowl well first to get all dust and debris off. Lightly sand if desired.
    Washing the ceramic bowl before refinishing it to look like stone
  • Next, mix some paint and baking soda in a cup or bowl. I mixed a few different colors together and just added baking soda to thicken it up.
    Mixing acrylic paint with baking soda in a disposable cup to create a stone look
  • Then, apply the first coat of paint mix and allow it to dry completely.
    applying the first coat of paint - upcycle ideas for making over a ceramic bowl to look like stone
  • For the next coat, I remixed paints with acrylic to get a stone color and reapplied.
    upcycle ideas - making over a ceramic bowl to look like stone
  • Allow the second coat to dry completely and do a third coat if needed.
    upcycle ideas - ceramic bowl madeover to look like stone after second coat
  • For the third coat, make a new mixture of paints, but mix them a little darker to layer a different tone on top and apply it a little thinner so the first two layers show through.
  • Allow to dry overnight to ensure it is fully dry before adding more texture and dimension.
  • Next, use a sea sponge with a darker shade of brown. Blot most of the paint off first, and then lightly go over the bowl in different spaces to add some texture and age.
    Applying a darker shade to add texture and dimension to the bowl - upcycled ideas to make a ceramic bowl look like stone
  • When you get the desired look, use a dark wax to age it some more.
  • Then go over it with a light clear wax to protect the finish.
    upcycle ideas ceramic bowl after the makeover to look like stone in dining room decorated for fall with greenery and pumpkins on dining table as centerpiece
  • Allow to cure before decorating with it.
    Upcycle ideas to make a ceramic bowl look like stone finished in dining room as a centerpiece with greenery and pumpkins for fall


  • I used a mixture of colors that resemble stone to get the look I was going for.
  • There is no specific ratio I used when mixing acrylic paint with baking soda but I make the consistency thick that resembled chalk paint or similar.
  • While you don't need to presand, if you are impatient like me and want to work before the paint is completely dry, I'd presand first.
  • If you don't want to presand, make sure each coat of paint is completely dry before moving on to the next coat or it will blot off.