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How to Strip Wood With Oven Cleaner

Looking to strip wood stain from a piece? It's easy to strip wood furniture. If you've got wood furniture or a piece that you want to refinish, follow these tips to clean it up and strip it down!
Prep Time20 mins
Active Time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 20 mins
Cost: 10



  • Grab a tarp and lay it down on a concrete surface or driveway. If you are doing this outside, do it on a dry, windless day.
    Raise wood furniture off ground before stripping wood with oven cleaner and set up on a large tarp
  • Place your piece on a surface raised off the ground so it's easier to work with.
    Close up of the finish before stripping the wood on this fireplace mantel
  • Wipe the wood piece down with a clean, dry cloth. Then spray one even coat of oven cleaner on the entire piece
  • Allow the oven cleaner to sit on the piece for about an hour
    Spraying wood furniture with easy off oven cleaner to strip the wood
  • After about an hour, scrub the piece with a brush and soapy water. Wipe off the excess finish with a paper or shop towel to minimize runoff.
    making soapy water in a bucket with dawn dish soap
  • Repeat this process until the wood furniture is completely stripped. I did mine twice to get the final result.
    Scrubbing the mantel down after allowing the oven cleaner to dry
  • When you are finished, give the piece one final wash and allow it to fully dry before refinishing.
    fireplace mantel in dining room after stripping the wood finish