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Rustic Elegant Christmas Table Centerpiece Tutorial

By stacy ling

Easy Christmas Ideas

Rustic charm meets elegant style in this easy Christmas centerpiece tutorial that will add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your holiday table.

Supplies Needed – Container vessel  – Floral foam or a floral frog  – Christmas greenery mix  – Pinecones, holly berries, etc.  – Small ornaments or decorative elements  – Twine or ribbon  – Pruners or wire cutters – Waterproof liner 

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Select the Container Choose a container that fits your rustic-elegant theme. Wooden crates  or vintage toolbox can provide a rustic touch, while galvanized metal  troughs offer an industrial look. Metallic or vintage ceramic bowls can  add an elegant flair.

Prepare the Container If your container isn’t waterproof, line it with plastic or a  waterproof liner to protect your table. This is really important if you  use something like a crate or vintage basket.

Secure the Greens Place your floral foam or floral frog at the bottom of the container. If using fresh greens, soak the foam in  water until it’s thoroughly saturated. If your foam block is larger than your container,  cut it down to size.

Create a Base Layer Start by arranging your base layer of greens. Use longer branches  around the edges of the container and shorter pieces in the center to  create a layered effect. Mix different types of greens for texture and depth.

Add Variety Layer in additional greens with different colors and textures to create interest, depth and dimension.

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Decorate with Pinecones, Berries and Other Christmas Decor Distribute pinecones, holly berries, or other seasonal embellishments  throughout the arrangement. These touches add a festive and charming  element to your centerpiece.

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Follow along to learn more about how to make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece.

Easy Christmas Ideas

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