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Propagate Pothos in Water 

By stacy ling

Gardening Tips and Tricks

Clone your pothos plants for FREE! Learn how to propagate pothos in water with these simple tips. 

Supplies Needed to  You don’t need much to multiply your pothos plants and this process could not be easier to do.   – sharp pruners – pothos plant  – bud vase with clean water

Cut Clippings from the Pothos Plant Determine where to cut pothos to  propagate from the main plant. If possible, find the pothos node. To do  this, look for a mature vine and find a small brown bump before making  any cuts. Try to keep a pothos node or two with the cutting.

Using clean, sharp garden snips (I love these by the way) or pruners, cut about 1/4″ or so below the pothos node. Remove any leaves that are below the root node or that will be in the water.

Add pothos clippings to water Fill a jar or bud vase with room temperature water and drop the  pothos cutting in. Be sure to cover the nodes with water because that is  where the roots will grow.

Place in an area that gets bright indirect light. I have been growing mine on my kitchen ledge near the windows.

Change the Water Regularly Replace the water every few days or top it off if it’s running lower. If the water looks dirty, change it.

How Do You Know When Pothos is Done Propagating? It can take a few weeks to a few months for pothos roots to grow, so  keep an eye on the cuttings. You’ll be planting pothos cuttings when the roots grow about 3-5″.  

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Follow along to learn more about how to propagate pothos.

Gardening Tips and Tricks

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Gardening Tips & Tricks