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Peach-Inspired Summer Tablescape Ideas  

By stacy ling

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Looking for some pretty tablescape ideas for summer? Wait until you see these peachy table decorating ideas for your next dinner party. 

Choose a Peachy Color Palette Choose a color palette inspired by peaches. Shades of peach, blush pink, magenta, soft orange, yellow, and hints of green work wonderfully together. There’s a range of color in the fruit so  it’s OK to be liberal with your table if you choose.

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Fresh Flowers and Fruits Add fresh flowers and fruits as table decorations. Use them whole or slice them up for an organic touch.

Peachy Tablecloth or Runner Drape your table with a peachy tablecloth or a table runner to create a solid base layer for your decor.

Creating Ambiance Add a soft warm glow with candles, fairy lights, and string lights.

Beautiful Table Linens Add an elegant touch with beautiful linen napkins that have a peachy hue or neutral peach-themed designs. While you can go with disposable paper linens, they don’t look as elegant or feel as special, so I suggest going with linen.

Fresh Herb Sprigs Incorporate the refreshing aroma of herbs by placing small  sprigs of mint, basil, or rosemary in tiny vases or mason jars. But you can also tuck a few bunches in with the napkin rings for an organic touch.

Peachy Beverage Station Create a dedicated area for refreshing summer beverages. Set up a  drink station with pitchers of peach-infused water, fruity iced teas, or  peach-flavored cocktails.

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Follow along for more peachy table decor ideas for summer.

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