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Insta-Worthy Christmas House Decorations That Wow 

By stacy ling

Easy Christmas Ideas

Make your home the envy of friends and family with these crazy beautiful and Insta-worthy Christmas house decorations that will make your feed pop

Festive Foliage Garlands Bring the outdoors in with different evergreen branches the garden. Then  combine these with colorful berries, pinecones, and dried flowers for a rustic look. Then create beautiful garlands,  and wreaths, or fill something like a vintage crock or doughbowl. 

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Christmas Room Decor: Potted Plant Perfection Don’t forget about your potted plants because they can be dressed up  for the season too! Add some twinkling fairy lights, tiny ornaments, or  some pretty ribbon to give your already green decor a festive touch.

Rustic Wreaths Design your own wreaths using grapevines, twigs, and dried flowers like sedum autumn joy from your garden. Incorporate festive accents like pinecones, red berries, and cinnamon sticks. Hang throughout your home to give a warm, welcoming touch.

Herbaceous Holidays If you have an herb garden (or you  can run to the market), put those aromatic treasures to good use! Bundle  up some rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves to create fragrant herbal  wreaths. These not only look great but smell wonderful too.

DIY Ornaments Get crafty with some DIY ornaments made from garden-related items.  Painted rocks, clay plant markers, or mini terrariums make unique and  personalized tree decorations. If you’ve got children or grandchildren,  this is a great way to get the whole family involved.

Holiday Scents Fill your home with the fragrance of simmer pot with cinnamon sticks, orange peels, and cloves on the stove. Or use scented candles or essential oils from your garden herbs like lavender or mint  to infuse your space.

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Outdoor Lighting Illuminate your garden and walkways  with outdoor string lights and lanterns. Hang them on trees, trellises,  and shrubs for a magical atmosphere. Don’t forget to include some natural elements like pine garlands in your outdoor lighting displays.

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Follow along to see more Insta-worthy Christmas decorating ideas.

Easy Christmas Ideas

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