How to Flip a Thrift Store Find 

for the Front Porch

Stacy Ling

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Do you love shopping for bargains and repurposing your finds? Wait until you see this beautiful vintage thrift flip idea that became a planter for the front porch!

What to Look For at the Thrift Store

When shopping at the thrfit store, look for unique items that can be repurposed as a planter.

Here are 9 Garden Treasures You Should Never Leave Behind at the Thrift Store

•Baskets •Vintage Crocks •Sough Bowls •Vintage Tool Box •Metal Pails, Bins and Buckets •Vintage Tins •Vintage Watering Cans, Jugs and Milk Bottles •Old Wood Crates and Trunks •Vintage Dishes and Tea Sets

How to Make a Simple Thrift Flip Planter for the Front Porch

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The Thrift Store Find

Let's pot it up!

Step 1

Measure the Inside. determine how many plants or pots are needed, the approximate size, and then shop for plants, containers, and saucers. How you pot them up depends on what you find at the nursery and the look you want.

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Step 2

Protect the inside.  Use a plastic liner or plant saucer to protect the inside from water damage. 

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Step 3

Plant it up!!! Drop the plant(s) into the thrift shop find. Make sure it looks full and you don't see any gaps. I'm using a hanging basket of scaevola because it fills the baby carriage with one spilling plant that will drape over the sides.

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Move it to the front porch.