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How to Decorate an Easter Buffet

By stacy ling

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Looking for ways to dress up a table for the spring holiday season?  Learn how to decorate an Easter buffet with these simple tips.

If you are hosting a buffet for Easter this year, here are some ideas for decorating the table.

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Choose a color scheme. Pastel colors or pretty neutrals are perfect options for creating a beautiful Easter table.

Select a tablecloth or table runner that complements your color scheme.

Add a centerpiece to your buffet table. This can be a vase filled with  fresh flowers, a birdhouse, a bunny figure, or an Easter-themed  arrangement.

Use tiered serving dishes to add height and dimension to your buffet  table. This will make it easier for guests to see and reach the food.

Add Easter-themed decorations that can be placed around the table or used as part of the centerpiece.

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Use festive plates, cups, linen napkins, and utensils that pair with your color palette or are decorated with Easter designs.

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Follow along for more Easter table decorating ideas.

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