Looking for ways to make your own fresh flower arrangements? Save money at the florist and create your own budget-friendly bouquet. Learn how to arrange flowers with these simple tips.

Supplies Needed to Arrange Flowers

 – Fresh Flowers – Plant Food – Vase, Container, Bucket, or Other Vessel – Floral Tape, Floral Frog, or Wet Floral Foam – Water - Sharp Snips or Scissors

Gather Supplies


Before getting started, gather everything you need to arrange flowers. Some grocery stores have amazing selections!

How to Make Cuts


Before making fresh cuts, measure the flowers against the container to see where you want to cut. Make fresh cuts on a diagonal.

Prepare the Container


Use floral tape, floral frog or foam to help secure flowers. Fill the container with fresh water halfway and add fresh flower food.

Create a Base


Start with fresh foliage plants first and make a base that will hold the flowers.

Add Flowers


Next add the flowers that will be the focal point like roses or hydrangeas. Then add in filler or smaller flowers like baby’s breath or chrysanthemums.

How Does It Look?


Step back as you work and see if you need to rearrange to get the right look. Is it symmetrical? Is there enough texture?

Keep Tucking 


Add flowers and greens until you get the right balanced look to YOU!

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