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Hosting Tips for an Unforgettable Cocktail Party

By stacy ling

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Looking for ideas to host a fun summer gathering? Learn how to host an unforgettable cocktail party with these simple tips.

Hosting a cocktail party requires a thoughtful approach to ensure  your guests have an enjoyable experience from start to finish. From the initial planning stages to the final farewell, every detail  counts. So get ready to become a master host and impress your guests  with your hospitality skills.

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Prepare the Essentials Set the date and time, create an amazing guest list, send out the invitations and plan the menu.

Setting the Scene Choose the decor to coordinate with the theme, arrange a bar, set up seating areas and add some mood lighting.

The Art of Mixology Offer a variety of drinks, add a signature cocktail,  provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options and consider hiring a bartender.

Creating a Delightful Culinary Experience Serve an array of finger foods that coordinate with your theme, consider dietary needs of your guests, and whether or not you want to cater or DIY your party.

Entertainment and Activities Create a music selection that coordinates with the party vibe. Include some cocktail demonstrations or a tasting. Add a photo booth and selfie station to create long lasting memories.

The Art of Hospitality Make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated throughout the event. Greet them upon arrival, be attentive and thank them when they leave.

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Follow along for more cocktail party ideas plus some themes you may want to try.

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